WATER is a musical. Tiger calls the animals for a meeting to discuss man's act of deforestation which leads to the pollution of rivers. All the 7 animals affirm the sacredness of Mother Earth. The musical is interactive. The audience are invited to sing and dance!

At the unveiling of poster for WATER:  A Musical to debut on 21 September, with music composer Joanne Poh and playwright/director Chin San Sooi (in the foreground) surrounded by cast members, from left:  Ricky Kee (Elephant), Hilda Looi (Elephant), designer Khang Nanyao, and youngest cast member Kirsten Wong (Monkey).

A collaboration between playwright/director Chin San Sooi with music by Joanne Poh of Somerset Music, the audience can look forward to 60 minutes of memorable engagement with the cast.

San Sooi said at the official media launch of WATER at Warung Old China in Kuala Lumpur: “I was contemplating writing a play on the topic of conservation when I read of the deforestation that was taking place at the National Park in Pahang many years ago. I was too earnest and the muse eluded me, till now.”

At the official media launch of WATER:  A Musical (to debut on 21 September), in the foreground, music composer Joanne Poh, playwright/director Chin San Sooi, designer Khang Nanyao with cast members, from left, Hilda Looi (Elephant), youngest cast member Kirsten Wong (Monkey) and Ricky Kee (Elephant).

When the covid lockdown began, San Sooi spent four very productive months occupied, with the end result of finishing 8 scripts: 2 satires, 3 musicals, 2 monologues and an operetta.

[from left] Sporting their specially 3D-designed headwears - Hilda Looi (Elephant), youngest cast member Kirsten Wong (Monkey), with designer Khang Nanyao and cast member Ricky Kee modelling tiger and mousedeer headwears respectively.

And that is how WATER: A Musical is flowing out to the Malaysian audience in this post-covid environment.

San Sooi said: “A musical is more difficult to realise as it is very challenging to compose a piece of music to lyrics written by another person.

“I approached Joanne to compose the music. Joanne in her own right is a piano teacher, runs a music school and has sung in choirs and performed on stage. I gave her a year to work on the music. I am glad that Joanne Poh took up the gauntlet with our 3 musicians.

“WATER is a combined effort by us in an act of creativity with the members of the cast. The oldest is 61 year old Hilda Looi going on to 16, and the youngest is school girl Kirsten Wong, 13.

“Together with designer Khang Nanyao, we have set the stage with the different cast of characters through specially created headwear for Mousedeer, Tiger, Elephant, Monkey and Wild boar!

Designer Khang Nanyao here with tiger, one of his specially designed animal headwears, explains his design concept.

“In a small but significant way, we hope that WATER: A Musical would make people be more aware of the environment and treat it with respect and concern. The play could lead to larger issues like conservation of the seas and oceans,” said San Sooi.

The Environmental Protection Society Malaysia (EPSM) is excited with this musical which highlights the growing consciousness in Malaysia and worldwide on the protection of the environment, and is pleased to support raising the realisation in a creative form.

[from left] Somerset Music composer Joanne Poh, playwright/director Chin San Sooi and designer Khang Nanyao wearing tiger, one of his specially designed 3D headwears for the musical.

The musical is also proudly supported by Warong Old China, GTM Art and Stationery Suppliers, Yudimama and Little Heritage House.

The musical debuts Wed 21 Sept with shows daily till Sunday 25 Sept 2022 at DPAC in Petaling Jaya.