Home Samsung Galaxy Technology Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4: Using the Cover Screen Smartly
Home Samsung Galaxy Technology Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4: Using the Cover Screen Smartly

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4: Using the Cover Screen Smartly

With the Galaxy Z Flip4, Samsung is taking a soberingly conservative approach, opting to make significant improvements under the hood rather than completely overhauling the device's aesthetic. Don't get us wrong though; the Galaxy Z Flip4 still holds its own against the typical Android flagship on key metrics and even outperforms it in a few.

The Cover Screen is one of the Galaxy Z Flip4's best features. Samsung kept the same 1.9-inch screen size as its predecessor but improved upon its functionality. Users can do more than just view the time information. In addition to that, we can check our notifications, make the content more engaging, and even change its appearance to ensure that it is always captivating.

The Galaxy Z Flip4's cover screen serves as a notification list, so you won't need to flip it open to check your messages. Instead, just check out the Cover Screen.

You can access the app drawer using just a right swipe on the Home Screen's main display. This phone's foldable screen will display a string of incoming notifications in a flash. For a complete list, please use the scroll bar.

Receiving and Making Calls
In the event that you get a call, the Cover Screen will display the caller's information. To accept or decline a call, simply swipe the green or red button, respectively.

Cover Screen calls route audio through the speaker or any connected Bluetooth headphones or speakers. That way, it's more convenient because you don't have to pick up your phone to talk to callers physically.

If you own a Galaxy Z Flip4, you can use the Cover Screen to snap pictures and record video in the following way:
  • To access the Camera app from the Cover Screen, press and hold the side power button for two seconds.
  • Simply swipe left or right to switch between still and moving portraits.
  • To switch between a wide and ultra-wide perspective, simply swipe up or down.
  • Moreover, before taking a picture, you can zoom in or out by double-tapping the screen.
  • Touch the screen to start taking pictures or making a video.
  • Your picture or video will be taken after a brief countdown.
  • There's a volume control you can use, too.
  • After taking a picture or video, you can check it out by opening your phone and selecting the Gallery app from the bottom right.

It is possible to alter the Cover Screen's aspect ratio. Simply launch the Camera app and choose an option from the drop-down menu to take a picture, record a video, or create a portrait. At the very top of the screen, you'll see an icon that looks like a letter A; tap it, and tap the aspect ratio you want, such as 3:4. Next, open the Camera app by folding your phone in half and pressing the Power button twice. The chosen ratio can be used right away.

You can access a collection of Samsung-made widgets by swiping right and left on the Cover Screen. Display the time, track your steps, and check the calendar—all with the help of handy widgets! You aren't restricted to using only the predetermined widgets or the presets order. By tapping the plus sign at the bottom of the Cover Screen, we can add widgets there and then.

However, the Widget settings can be easily accessed by going to the Z Flip4's Settings app. If you haven't already, select Widgets from the app drawer, then scroll down to where you'll see Cover Screen and tap it. In this view, we will be presented with a catalogue of all widgets that can be placed on the Cover Screen.

Each Widget can be activated with a simple swipe of a button. Alternatively, you can click Reorder in the top right corner, then drag and drop the Widget options to rearrange them.

Cover Screen

The Cover Screen can be customized so that it looks better. With the Galaxy Z Flip4, the Cover Screen can be customised in terms of colour, appearance, and even background image by opening the phone and going to the Settings app.

Select Cover Screen > Clock style from the menu that appears. There are a number of styles from which to select. If you select the "Basic" option, we'll show you a background image, such as a photo from your phone's gallery. Plus, the text colour can be changed to suit your preferences. The second visual option has a captivating and lively animation that plays whenever the Cover Screen is activated. Make your colour selection by clicking the Customize button.

Changing the phone's settings, like turning on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or switching to aeroplane mode, can be done without opening the main screen. Because anything you need to do can be handled by the Cover Screen.

The trick is to only use the swipe down gesture while the Cover Screen is showing. There will be three tabs on each page; to navigate, we'll use the swipe gestures to the right and left.

Cover screen clocks on the Galaxy Z Flip4 are now available in a wide variety of designs, allowing the user to express their everyday emotions and sentiments through their phone in the same way they would through their wardrobe.Taking into account the wide variety of modern lifestyles, the device's clock face customization options now span from the most basic to the most intricate graphics.

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