Home Beauty Maybelline New York Maybelline launches live beauty shopping channel on TikTok Shop
Home Beauty Maybelline New York Maybelline launches live beauty shopping channel on TikTok Shop

Maybelline launches live beauty shopping channel on TikTok Shop

The beauty brand is on track to build closer ties with Gen Z through content and social commerce

Maybelline New York, part of the L’Oreal Group, the number 1 Cosmetic brand in Malaysia, officially goes live on TikTok Shop with daily live shopping hosted on the platform.

Maybelline Marketing Director Julian Tan said, “TikTok has become an essential instrument in the marketing toolbox to keep our brand top-of-mind and close to customer’s hearts. As the app has become the primary search engine for Gen Z’s hunt for new trends & content, it is imperative that we keep closely connected and relevant to its target audience.”

Momentum Commerce, an eCommerce enabler and TikTok Shop Partner is the official eCommerce agency for the brand and is tasked to drive brand engagement, customer loyalty and online shopping for Maybelline through meaningful content alongside daily livestreams.

Momentum Commerce Chief Executive Officer Hans-Peter Ressel said, “It is our honour to work with the biggest beauty brand name in the world and use our skills to help the brand live and breathe on a global social media platform where they can create and connect with new and current customers in ever evolving ways. We take great pride in also enabling a seamless shopping experience from desktop to doorstep for every beauty lover through our eCommerce fulfilment services.”

Nearly half (48%) of TikTok users are interested in making a purchase on or from TikTok in the next 3 months and half of TikTok users have bought something after watching TikTok LIVE. LIVE Shopping allows brands the ability to connect directly with their community in real-time and showcase products at the same time. This is a unique way to grow their community while also providing a way to showcase their products and boost sales.

Momentum Commerce appointment as agency-on-record for Maybelline’s TikTok Shop operations will see them in charge of cultivating Maybelline’s brand persona on the platform through community management, 360-degree marketing solution, TikTok Shop operations and distribution, short video production and live streaming production. The agency which currently manages a huge portfolio of livestreaming celebrities, personalities, influencers and content creators will channel these talents into the brand.

All video content will be developed at the Momentum Commerce in-house production studio that specialises in producing short video content and live streaming, equipped with a strong production team able to deliver high frequency, trending and niche content in-built with a strong sales mechanism.

Kaibo Technology is infused in the live streaming for Maybelline on TikTok Shop. Kaibo is an automated analytics tool that enables brands and streamers to plan, measure and produce live commerce more effectively. The tool uses AI to automatically optimise live streams across multiple platforms to enhance ROI in real-time. Live commerce will be as important to brands as TV or programmatic advertising within the next 5 years. Today it is seen as just a sales channel, we know it has a higher power as an engine for sustainable brand growth.

They will also utilise their proprietary Smart AI Technology Solutions via its technology arm, Sellercraft. The solution helps streamline order and inventory management, track order fulfilment across multiple channels and provide data driven insight to monitor and optimise business performance on the fly.

Over the last 3 years since inception, Momentum Commerce has become one of the most trusted global eCommerce enablers. They have built the most comprehensive end-to-end eCommerce solution in the industry while growing best-in-class creative, marketing and technology arms through strategic partnerships and acquisitions.

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