Home Lifestyle Shopee Malaysia Together We Grow: Shopee Bintang Sellers empowers local sellers nationwide
Home Lifestyle Shopee Malaysia Together We Grow: Shopee Bintang Sellers empowers local sellers nationwide

Together We Grow: Shopee Bintang Sellers empowers local sellers nationwide

21 successful Shopee sellers levelled-up local sellers with the Bintang Komuniti Club

In 2018, Mohamad Hassaidi started a futsal court business and lost RM160,000.

“It was the biggest and most expensive lesson in my life,” he said, adding that the most important thing when starting a business is to understand market trends and carry out the idea validation process.

Bintang Komuniti Club Session in Kelantan

The former Senior Engineer decided to pursue his entrepreneurial dream again when the pandemic first hit Malaysia by supporting his wife’s part-time Children’s Fashion business on Shopee in April 2020. They achieved five-figure sales within three months and managed to expand their warehouse from a small room to two shop lots manned by five employees in less than 18 months.

Understanding the challenges of self-learning, today Hassaidi wants to give back to the community by sharing the tips and tricks he learned with aspiring sellers to succeed.

“When I first started with Shopee, I learned a lot from Shopee’s webinars. When there were things that I was uncertain about, I raised questions on the ShopeeUni Malaysia Facebook Group.”

“It can be questions like where to purchase packaging boxes or asking innovative suggestions on how to make the operation process smoother, sellers in the group do not hesitate to share their experiences. Many sellers helped me when I faced challenges, so it is now my turn to give back to the community through my sharing.”

Hassaidi is now a full-time seller and currently expanding his target market to Muslim Fashion. He was elected as a Bintang Seller in 2021 because of his generosity in guiding others and providing insightful knowledge to sellers through the ShopeeUni Malaysia Facebook Group.

Another seller who is eager to give back to the community is Mickey Li Hua Hia, an e-commerce manager of a distribution company selling gadgets and technology products. She is also a Bintang Seller and believes customer insights on the platforms are the seller's key to success.

Mohamad Hassaidi, Shopee Bintang Seller

“Data insights are important to decide on which product to advertise to gain more visibility on the platform while optimising the return on every advertising dollar.”

“I helped increase my company’s online revenue from RM500 to RM50,000 within six months after learning different ways to optimise the shop’s engagement with customers and increase shop traffic with the platform’s features to maximise sales.”

Together, Hassaidi, Mickey and 19 other sellers joined forces with Shopee under the banner of Bintang Komuniti Club to empower sellers across the country to succeed on the platform.

Mickey Li Hua Hia, Shopee Bintang Seller

The Bintang Komuniti Club is an extra initiative formed to support sellers across the nation through tip sharing and networking sessions. Since May 2022, the Bintang Komuniti Club has successfully held sessions in Kuala Lumpur, Kota Bharu, Kuantan and George Town, and will continue bi-monthly in various cities across Malaysia.

Various physical activities are carried out, such as community gatherings, focus groups and offline classes conducted by Bintang sellers to provide further guidance to sellers on picking up advanced skills to boost their sales.

On the tour, Hassaidi said, “Offline classes are more effective, especially for those who are not used to virtual learning. Sellers have more time to ask questions when they are unclear during the classes. Bintang Sellers can also provide practical demonstrations on how to set up a specific marketing tool if needed.”

While Hassaidi focuses on sessions in Bahasa Malaysia and English, Mickey supports Chinese-language training sessions for sellers who face language barriers. Both of them also shared that apart from being driven by the passion of giving back to the community, they benefited by learning more about e-commerce through passing the knowledge.

Shopee representatives from respective departments were also present in the focus group sessions to understand the sellers’ pain points and enhance their selling experience on the platform.

Up-and-coming sellers interested in advancing their sales can learn more about Shopee’s Bintang Komuniti Club by joining the ShopeeUni Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/shopeeuniversity.

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