To serve up UTme! featuring hotpot ingredients with Japanese cultural influence!

A series of T-shirts featuring adorable and cute mash up of hotpot ingredients and Japanese culture is exclusively available at UNIQLO Fahrenheit and DA Square starting today. This collection is the latest UTme! collaboration between UNIQLO and Beauty in The Pot, a hotpot restaurant brand known for its nourishing soup bases with health and beauty benefits.

UNIQLO x Beauty in The Pot: Kawaii Friends UTme! series comes in 4 creative designs:

Mount Fuji reinterpreted as Beauty in The Pot’s Ebiko Prawn Paste.

Imagine Japanese futon or sleeping pads rolled up like fried bean curd skin.

Picture having koinobori, a streamer of carps that is hung up to celebrate Children’s Day in Japan, dangling from a pair of chopsticks for your hotpot.

Enjoying a hotpot is like having a good time in a Japanese onsen.

BITP UTme! T-shirts are priced at RM79.90 for adults and RM59.90 for kids. Customers who purchase the collaboration merchandise at all BITP outlets will enjoy 10% off the original price at RM79.90 (UTme! adult T-shirts and tote bag).


Tofu & Wakame Seaweed Miso Broth

Ebiko Prawn Paste with Bonito Flakes

Special Hotpot Dish
In addition to unique T-shirt designs, UNIQLO and BITP have specially created two dedicated dishes for this collaboration, which will be available at all BITP outlets from September 18 to October 16.

Customers who wear the T-shirt and dine at all BITP outlets will enjoy 20% off the exclusive Tofu & Wakame Seaweed Miso Broth, originally priced at RM45.90 (KL) and RM49.90 (Genting); and 50% off for the exclusive Ebiko Prawn Paste with Bonito Flakes, originally priced at RM45.90 (KL) and RM48.90 (Genting).