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Celebrate The Organic Life with Alce Nero™

The First Step To A Healthier, More Earth-Friendly Diet

Ready to embrace a more organic lifestyle? Alce Nero™, the leading organic brand in Italy is here to help you celebrate your first steps to a healthier, more earth-friendly diet.

There are many benefits to organic food and organic farming including greener, cleaner food, reduced exposure to pesticides, sustainable agriculture practices and helping to combat climate change, and maintaining biodiversity.

All Natural Is Not Organic – Here Are The Differences
‘Natural’ and ‘Organic’ are often used interchangeably but they are very different.

Organic food is defined by the USDA as food that is produced without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, or pesticides. To be labelled ‘organic’ a product must meet specific requirements, and be tested by certifying bodies. Organic farming methods are kinder to the environment, and are more labour intensive than conventional farming with the prices of organic food often being higher than conventionally grown food.

Alce Nero™’s farm-to-table concept is made possible by working with its network of organic farmers, making the produce much healthier as they are grown without pesticides or synthetic chemicals, non-polluting and with no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) to meet global organic certification standards. All Alce Nero™ products are certified organic displaying European Organic Certification and the Japanese Organic Certification.

‘Natural’ in terms of agriculture means that the product has not been chemically treated. The use of the word ‘natural’ on labels is not regulated by the FDA, so it is used more loosely and more frequently compared to products certified and labelled ‘organic.’

Research points to the benefits of a balanced diet that includes certified organic foods as it is absent of chemicals from pesticides, that may affect our bodies. Even low levels of pesticide exposure in an extended period of time can affect young children’s neurological and behavioural development, with evidence showing links between pesticide exposure to neonatal reflexes, psychomotor and mental development, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorders[1]. Switching to an organic diet reduces exposure to organophosphates, a type of neurotoxicant pesticide that can cause significantly lower activity in the central and peripheral nervous system. It can be found in many commercially produced non-organic foods[2].

Take your first steps to a healthier, more earth-friendly diet with organic Alce Nero™ products including pastas, pasta sauces and tomato purees, vinegars, extra virgin olive oil, honey, jams and spreads, among others. The wide range of Alce Nero™ products add intense natural taste, organic goodness and proven health benefits to any meal.

Alce Nero™ Pastas
Made from durum wheat, Alce Nero™ pastas are rich in folic acid, iron and lutein, high in protein and dietary fibres while having a low glycaemic index[3].

Folic acid is an essential nutrient during pregnancy for the development of the baby as it prevents neural tube abnormalities in newborns. Iron deficiency can lead to anaemia. The non-heme (plant-based iron) found in durum wheat helps to fill iron deficiency. Lutein is a carotenoid that is necessary for eye health. It is found in durum wheat an can help to reduce the degeneration of tissue inside our eyes. A lutein rich diet is especially beneficial for the elderly who may have age-related degenerative eye-sight issues.

Alce Nero™ pastas contain up to 12g of protein, 4.0g of dietary fibre per 100g while having 0mg of cholesterol and just 1.2g of fat per 100g.

Try Alce Nero™ Organic Tricolore pastas that include tomatoes and spinach for the distinctive orange and green strands for the added goodness of organic vegetables.

Select the Alce Nero™ Organic Pasta that suits your meal of the day including Alce Nero™ Organic Fusilli, Organic Fusilli Tricolore, Organic Macaroni, Organic Penne Rigate, Organic Spaghetti, Organic Spaghettini, Organic Vehicle Shape Pasta, Organic Alphabet Pasta among others.

Alce Nero™ Pasta Sauces
While tomatoes form the basis of many pasta sauces, according to a 2017 EWG Dirty Dozen report[4], tomatoes rank in the top ten most pesticide laden crops. This is more reason to select a delicious organic pasta sauce from Alce Nero™.

Tomatoes are rich in vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A,K, B1, B3, B5, B6 B7 and Vitamin C[5]. They also contain potassium, folate, iron, magnesium, chromium, choline, zinc and phosphorus. Vitamin C makes tomatoes promote healthy skin, while manganese and potassium help build healthier bones, and relieve muscle cramp. The Vitamin A in tomatoes helps improve vision especially night blindness and macular degeneration.

Enjoy authentic Italian Pasta Sauces including Alce Nero™ Organic Pasta Sauce with Basil, Organic Pasta Sauce with Chilli, Organic Pasta Sauce with Onion and Basil, or Organic Pasta Sauce with Vegetables.

For an organically healthy and delicious quick meal, fix yourself a pack of Alce Nero™ Organic Pasta topped with Alce Nero™ Organic Pasta Sauce. Simply stunning.

Alce Nero™ Jams
Alce Nero™ Organic Jam are made from more than 100 grams of fruit per 100 grams of finished product; without pectin, artificial flavouring or food colouring. The organically grown and harvested berries are cooked using the vacuum-pan method that uses low temperatures and extremely short cooking time to preserve the aroma, flavour and conserve nutrients.

Alce Nero™ Organic Jams have numerous benefits. They are made with high quality fruits untainted with pesticides, herbicides or other chemical agents. They contain more fruit and less sugar for a higher antioxidant, fibre and vitamin content. The high fruit, low sugar content helps to regulate intestinal transit, absorption of other nutrients and improves satiety, the feeling of fullness that helps to curb appetite.

Choose from Alce Nero™ Organic Strawberry, Organic Apricot, Organic Blueberry, Organic Plum, Organic Peach or Organic Mix Berries Jam. Add on bread, pancakes, yogurt, ice-cream, cakes, cookies and more for so many delicious and healthy possibilities.

Malaysians can use Alce Nero™ products with confidence as it is certified Halal by official certification bodies recognized by JAKIM.


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