Home AirAsia Travel Portable Electronic Devices now allowed on Malaysia AirAsia flights
Home AirAsia Travel Portable Electronic Devices now allowed on Malaysia AirAsia flights

Portable Electronic Devices now allowed on Malaysia AirAsia flights

Continual Improvement And Innovations By World’s Best Low Cost Airline To Take Guest Experience To New Heights

Malaysia AirAsia (AK) announced today that the usage of personal portable electronic devices (PED) is now allowed onboard its flights. Guests are no longer required to switch off their devices throughout all AK flights except during the taxi out phase.

Prior to this, PEDs - which include the likes of tablets, iPads and smartphones - could be used only after take off and were required to be switched off before landing. Today’s announcement allows guests to make full use of their own personal devices and the airasia Super App all the way throughout the flight except during taxi out. Guests are allowed to use the full functionality of the PED on the ground and must turn on the flight mode function whilst in the air.

The safety and wellbeing of our guests remains the top priority and AirAsia’s award-winning Cabin Crew will guide guests via onboard announcements of all changes to any previous restrictions.

Bo Lingam, Group CEO of AirAsia Aviation Group Limited said: “We’ve had a number of big wins this month including winning World’s Best Low Cost Airline for the 13th time and achieving our largest post Covid sales days last week. Being the World’s Best Low Cost Airline yet again by consumers is truly humbling but we won’t stop in our quest to be even better than ever.

“Our main goal when we pioneered low-cost travel nearly 21 years ago, was to enable everyone to not only fly affordably but to enjoy a seamless and enjoyable experience throughout their flight journey and hence we’re thrilled to announce usage of PEDs today. Our brand is all about providing the best value and choice with a commitment to continual improvement in all that we do. So the provision of allowing guests access to PEDs from gate to gate, further strengthens our efforts to digitalise and enhance our guests’ flying experience - delivering the same accessibility in the air as is available on the ground.

“Since many of our aircraft are equipped with our AirAsia WiFi, we’re pleased that this gives our guests the option of browsing the internet for business or leisure while onboard. We encourage everyone to adhere to safety standards when onboard our flights, and to bear in mind the usage of these devices are only now not permitted during taxi out.

“While this initiative is only applicable to flights by Malaysia AirAsia (AK) for now, we hope to introduce this exciting feature to our guests in all other airlines within our Group in the near future. As the people’s airline, we take all guest feedback very seriously and have many more guest experience innovations and enhancements already under development which we will announce very soon, so stay tuned!”

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