Home Technology vivo vivo and Perry Kuan Unleash ‘Double Fun’ through Music with vivo Y35
Home Technology vivo vivo and Perry Kuan Unleash ‘Double Fun’ through Music with vivo Y35

vivo and Perry Kuan Unleash ‘Double Fun’ through Music with vivo Y35

The vivo Y35 is the latest addition to the brand’s Y-Series. Catering to the modern consumer trends of today’s youth, vivo aims to meet its user’s daily practical needs by offering consumers uncompromised features with the vivo Y35. Aspiring to bring the ‘Joy of Humanity’ to young consumers in Malaysia, vivo collaborates with Perry Kuan, a local DJ, entrepreneur and budding social media influencer to share his experience as a young slash youth in Malaysia and the capabilities of the vivo Y35 in helping him through the journey.

Commonly known in the music scene as ‘DJ Perry K’, Perry Kuan plays multiple roles in his career. He prides himself on his fast-paced ‘uncompromised’ lifestyle, juggling his streetwear clothing business which he runs alongside his two sisters and his love for DJ-ing. Staying true to his approach to life, here’s why Perry Kuan when given a choice, always chooses ‘Double Fun’.

Perry started playing music when he was only 14. At the time, he was given an opportunity to handle the sound system for a prom night event. That experience marks the start of his journey in pursuing a role as a DJ. He continued to learn from watching DJ videos online and that's where he fostered a love for music. He is seen on stage and making a presence online. He has since become an avid vlogger and content creator, sharing positive vibes to a growing audience of GenZ that resonate with the concept of ‘Double Fun’.

Perry is known for his positive energy and youthful content. He documents most of his life on Youtube using his phone, which is precisely one of the reasons why Perry likes the Y35 so much with its double storage capacity. His phone is always rolling to capture his life’s little moments that otherwise would be forgotten.

As a DJ, Perry enjoys engaging with and performing for high-energy crowds. He shared that one of his most memorable shows was one he did in China, performing on an international stage and experiencing first-hand the roars of thousands of party-goers. That moment was amazing and a totally different experience, commented Perry.

Now, Perry doesn’t think of himself as an ‘influencer’, but more of a creator with a simple agenda of sharing positive content across all his social networks. He feels today’s GenZ are the same overall with how they consume content. He said, “There’s more of a balance today than before in terms of what is possible for types of content created and what’s accessible.”

His sentiments towards the GenZ are concurring with vivo’s ambition for the Y35 – the choice to be uncompromising. According to Perry, “we’ll always have different activities to explore and experience.” So, why limit yourself when you can have more or do more? As a person who loves to explore and learn new things, Perry told us that he is “always looking for opportunities to create more good memories and gain more experience.”

All in all, Perry Kuan strives to have ‘Double Fun’ in everything he does as a DJ, entrepreneur and content creator. Reflected in his ambition to do more is his choice of phone, the vivo Y35. The vivo Y35 helps capture every moment of his life, utilising technologies from longer battery life, quality camera and added storage for a quick, seamless and worry-free experience. The audio booster, a key feature which produces powerful sound for serious playback, is also something Perry finds essential when listening to mixes directly from the phone. Whether in the studio producing music or out vlogging for fans, the vivo Y35 is always with Perry.

As Perry’s influence continues to grow, he hopes to continue sharing more positivity and inspire more people with his content. To Perry, “it’s important to ‘choose a phone that suits your daily activities and is convenient for you.” Throughout Perry’s journey as a content creator, the vivo Y35 has helped unleash the ‘Double Fun' lifestyle for Perry. How will you unleash the ‘Double Fun’ in your own life?

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