Home Samsung Electronics Technology Reimagining Immersion: Samsung Electronics Launches Samsung OLED in Malaysia
Home Samsung Electronics Technology Reimagining Immersion: Samsung Electronics Launches Samsung OLED in Malaysia

Reimagining Immersion: Samsung Electronics Launches Samsung OLED in Malaysia

Samsung brings all-new OLED technology to its extensive line-up of Smart TVs, now offering screen options for consumers in pursuit of the very peak of home entertainment

Samsung Malaysia Electronics has recently unveiled the launch of Samsung OLED — the brand’s very first entry into the exciting world of OLED TVs. Boasting exceptional visuals, pristine sound design, and a sleek, sophisticated look, Samsung OLED harnesses Samsung’s status as an industry leader in vivid display technology to provide a screen that pushes the boundaries of home entertainment.

“Samsung has always pushed to reinvent the wheel, and the launch of the new Samsung OLED is a culmination of our relentless commitment to crafting unforgettable experiences with our immersive TV displays. As a global leader in the TV industry, we are constantly looking to deliver quality and innovative products in accordance with consumer needs,” said Edward Han, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics. “Now with Samsung OLED’s Neural Quantum Processor 4K technology, we’re confident that our product will once again raise the bar for cinematic experiences at home.”

Bringing Colour to Life
The new Samsung OLED is equipped with absolutely stunning picture quality, made possible by Samsung’s new Neural Quantum Processor 4K. The TV’s multi-model neural networks optimize screen brightness at the pixel level through cutting-edge AI processing, which allows viewers to experience incredibly clear contrast in visuals. Enjoy immaculate colour reproduction which makes black deeper, light brighter.

Additionally, Samsung OLED’s built-in AI processor also automatically upscales whatever is on screen to a high definition 4K that would make any film buff jealous. With the power of 20 different neural networks working together behind-the-scenes, the Samsung OLED automatically gathers data scene by scene, and optimizes the picture to various viewing condition[1].

For avid gamers, Samsung OLED also features an unrivalled 4K@120 Hz refresh rate that will ensure you don’t miss a single moment of your favourite game. All four ports of the TV also support HDMI 2.1 connections, which means you can plug in your preferred gaming console in a snap of your fingers. Whether you’re having a fun competition with the family, or going for gold-ranked online matches, rest assured that Samsung OLED is a no-lag, no-frills display that can keep up with your lightning-quick reflexes.

A Soundscape to Remember
Of course, no home theatre experience would be complete without an immersive soundscape to complement the breath-taking visuals. To provide consumers with the ultimate TV audio experience, Samsung OLED has adopted industry-leading Dolby Atmos® technology for an extraordinary, lifelike 3D soundscape that travels around the screen.

Unlike conventional TVs which only feature virtual support for Dolby Atmos, Samsung’s Dolby Atmos technology is powered physically by dedicated multi-channel TV speakers all around the screen. Forget going to the theatre to experience surround-sound when you can have it in your own living room! The dedicated speakers also enable Samsung’s powerful AI motion tracker technology, Object Tracking Sound (OTS), which analyses each scene to find the optimal soundscape for each scene. With four speakers at the upper and lower sides, orient yourself perfectly in the action with this full-range sound system — never before has home entertainment felt this real.

Samsung OLED can be upgraded even further with Samsung’s exclusive Q-Symphony, which utilizes the Samsung Soundbar to further deepen a viewer’s immersion. This wireless speaker is designed to work with Samsung TVs to boost audio so that it fills up the entire room. With automatic activation and effortless setup, bask in the sweet orchestra of a well-oiled home theatre system without even walking out your front door.

Built for the Refined at Heart

With decades’ worth of experience in polishing and fine-tuning products, Samsung OLED boasts the very pinnacle of aesthetic functionality. Its premium, ultra-slim body far outclasses the form factor of other existing OLED TVs, but with no compromise on the TV’s functionality and ease-of-use. Featuring a minimalistic bezel, slim flat back profile with flush-fit wall-mount solutions as thin as 7.5mm, Samsung OLED makes a perfect, no-hassle accompaniment to any interior.

Effortless Setup, Endless Entertainment
If you’re worried about a complicated TV setup process, Samsung OLED also comes with an all-new Smart Calibration[2] feature, which provides an automatic calibration service tailored to your everyday needs. With just 30 seconds of setup, you can perfectly calibrate the TV to your surroundings and environment using Samsung’s innovative SmartThings home system. Now anyone can enjoy accurate image settings and a cinema-like experience, all with the tap of a button.

Pricing and Availability
The pricing of Samsung OLED starts at the Recommended Retail Price of RM10,499 for the 55” and RM14,499 for the 65”. In conjunction with the launch, Samsung fans who pre-order either the 55” or 65” Samsung OLED from 21 November to 4 December 2022 will receive a free Soundbar HW-Q600B[3] worth RM2,599.


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HW-Q600B Soundbar



Be one of the first to experience the next level of home entertainment today! Samsung fans can make their way to pre-order Samsung OLED at their website https://www.samsung.com/my/offer/tv/2022-oled-tv-pre-order/.

[1] Viewing experience may vary according to types of content and format. Upscaling may not apply to PC connection and Game Mode.
[2] Smart Calibration will work with both Android and iOS.
- Android: Galaxy S, Note, Z Fold, Z Flip models that were launched after 2019
- iOS: devices that were launched after 2019 and has Face ID
[3] While stocks last. Terms & Conditions apply.

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