Home AirAsia Travel Developing Loyalty through Data with airasia rewards
Home AirAsia Travel Developing Loyalty through Data with airasia rewards

Developing Loyalty through Data with airasia rewards

Retaining loyal customers is critical to growing your business. You earn loyal customers by paying attention to the things that matter most to them. Loyalty programs alone do not create loyal customers, but they can be effective. And the best way to ensure their effectiveness is to segment your customers by gathering and analysing their data.

Do you ever wonder how AirAsia, in airasia Super App, utilise their consumer data in developing their members’ loyalty?

Here is a breakdown of their journey toward driving membership loyalty, beginning with consumer data collection.

Data-driven Loyalty Program

The airasia Super App’s loyalty program, airasia rewards, is a data-driven loyalty program where they utilise their data from their members’ transactional and non-transactional activities, such as consumer engagement. These data are collected for analysis and segmentation, then translated into strategies and implementation.

airasia rewards aims to drive stickiness among the members to continuously keep them in the ecosystem, eventually contributing to sales. There are two types of members' activities where consumer data is involved in the data collection process:
  • Commercial
    • The data of every transaction via the purchase of all airasia Super App products and services, such as buying a flight ticket, booking a hotel room, ordering food via airasia food, booking a ride with airasia ride, as well as airasia credit card and rewards+ subscriptions will be collected and analysed.
  • Non-commercial
    • Another way of collecting their consumer data is through consumer engagement activities where they reward their users, such as their in-app games that everyone can discover in BIGGIE Wonderland - playing these games gets you FREE airasia points every day!

Data Collection & Analysis

To engage the right audience, airasia rewards uses high-quality behavioural data and incorporates real-time hyper-personalisation into its marketing strategy. By analysing behavioural data, they will segment members based on their level of loyalty, which leads to conversions— truly moving the business forward.

With high-quality data and machine learning (ML), they can develop a data-powered member journey that covers the following:

Putting Data into Action

Once the data is collected and analysed, it is time to put all the efforts into action!

All marketing campaigns are executed towards the segmented target audience with personalised messaging through the following platforms to pique interest and purchasing activity, which eventually leads to retain loyalty among existing consumers.
  • Website and app banners
  • App push notifications (APNs)
  • Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
  • Electronic Direct Mail (EDMs)
  • Paid Digital Advertising (GDN banners, FB sponsored posts)

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