Home HONOR Technology Winners of HONOR Magic Moments Awards 2022 Announced
Home HONOR Technology Winners of HONOR Magic Moments Awards 2022 Announced

Winners of HONOR Magic Moments Awards 2022 Announced

The contest received over 300,000 submissions worldwide

HONOR Malaysia recently announced the winners of the HONOR Magic Moments Awards 2022. Centered on “The Beauty of Malaysia”, it sets a platform for smartphone photography to create and explore their talents through the lens of mobile imaging technologies setting into a global scale.”, said Justin Li, Chief Executive Officer of HONOR Malaysia.

The announcement brings a proud moment to our nation, as Malaysian born Muhd Fuad took the Recommendation Award grand for his When Sun Goes Down snapshot, while his grand prize-winning photo submission also caught the attention from the judges, granting him national recognition for his Stranded Ship photo.

The HONOR Magic Moments Awards 2022 has received over 300,000 entries – its highest number since its inception in 2021 - since May 2022 and is judged by a list of seven renowned veteran and award-winning photographers in their respective fields. Muhd Fuad’s highlights can be seen below.

Title: When Sun Goes Down
Phone Model: HONOR Magic 4 Pro

Story: The sea gypsies are true masters of the sea, having roamed the waters of the Coral Triangle between Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia for many generations. Even today, a sizable population still lives in wooden houseboats or stilt huts built atop coral reefs near Semporna’s islands. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to capture the daily life of themby using a smartphone from honor that has a fast response and smart AI.

Muhd Fuad inspires Malaysians to be bold
The announcement also revealed the local winners of the Malaysian scene, with Muhd Fuad taking the grand prize with his Stranded Ship submission, followed by Andie Anthony and WildanT as the second and third spot respectively. All podium spot winners were using the HONOR Magic4 Pro as their choice of smartphone in their submission of this contest. The results also revealed 15 consolation winners. The top 3 winning photos can be seen below.

Title: Stranded Ship
Phone Model: HONOR Magic 4 Pro

Story: I'm going out at sunset with a friend at the beach. There was a large ship that was stranded on the beach because of nightfall. Even though I have a DSLR, it has limitations in terms of flexibility. Here HONOR Magic4 Pro takes an advantage For this shoot, I used ultra wide mode, with a super low angle perspective. By inserting a rope in the foreground as a leading line to the ship.

Title: The calamity of nature
Phone Model: HONOR Magic 4 Pro

Story: When there's a lot of burden on my shoulders from work stress and daily life, the only way for me to let myself calm again is to be with nature. The calmness of nature helps heal the heart. There is nothing wrong if one wants to cry witnessed by nature to ease the burden. And this picture is representing my magic moment.

Title: Curiosity
Phone Model: HONOR Magic 4 Pro

Story: Feline are mischievous at times, but somehow, they're adorable too. One of the things that make them special are their behavior that make you wonder what's their next move is. This led to me to capture the curiosity moment while I was playing with my cat. She was going in and out under the lazy chair, planning the next move to counterattack with the toy on my hand. It was a cute moment to be captured in frame as they don't always come by.

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