NIVEA, the World’s No. 1 skincare brand hosted a “NIVEA Luminous Skin Journey” celebratory event with one hundred NIVEA well known celebrities and beauty influencers who are the NIVEA LUMINOUS⁶³⁰ users today. Amongst the one hundred attendees at the event are celebrity beauty KOLs Yana Samsudin, Emma Maembong, Elfira Loy, Mayho and Miko who took to the stage to share their own victory stories of how the World’s No.1 Anti Dark-Spot Serum helped them overcome their deep rooted dark spots.

Over 100 beauty influencers and celebrities celebrated the victory of NIVEA LUMINOUS⁶³⁰ as a trusted innovation that is effective against dark spots at the NIVEA Luminous Skin Journey Event.

Local singer Atilia Haron performs 2 NIVEA songs that showcases what the brand stands for and how NIVEA is a brand that cares and celebrates women empowerment.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Ng Hock Guan, Country Manager of Beiersdorf Malaysia & Singapore thanked the guests for believing in NIVEA and trusting the world’s No. 1 skincare brand with their fight against dark spots, one of the biggest skincare challenge faced by millions all over the world. “With our vast experience of more than 100 years and our heritage of introducing products backed by years of extensive research, NIVEA prides ourselves in our knowledge and understanding of skin, be it female or male, and skin type. The NIVEA LUMINOUS⁶³⁰ Anti Dark-Spot Serum is a breakthrough anti dark-spot creation formulated to reduce dark spots, fine lines and improve skin luminosity in just 2 weeks without harming the skin. The groundbreaking key ingredient, LUMINOUS⁶³⁰ was discovered after filtering through 50,000 compounds after more than 10 years of extensive research by skin scientists in Germany. We are thrilled to bring this breakthrough innovation to our customers so that they can begin the journey to unveil their spotless, youthful & luminous skin!”

Mr. Ng Hock Guan, Country Manager of Beiersdorf Malaysia & Singapore shared the history of NIVEA and how it is connected to why the NIVEA brand is always backed by extensive scientific research. The patented NIVEA LUMINOUS⁶³⁰ Anti Dark-Spot Serum is a breakthrough innovation that took 10 years to be discovered.

Dr Shazril Shaharuddin breaks down and simplifies the science on dark spots and its causes.

Mayho who has been using NIVEA LUMINOUS⁶³⁰ for three years has this to say about her journey towards radiant, glowing skin, “With my busy schedule as a YouTuber and content creator, I constantly look for skincare that is effective and simple. I tried using NIVEA LUMINOUS⁶³⁰ three years ago and I could see visible results within less than a month, particularly on dark spots that have emerged due to long hours of shooting. It also helps prevent the formation of new spots. I am so pleased I discovered NIVEA LUMINOUS⁶³⁰ and it has become part of my permanent skincare routine to maintain spotless luminous skin.”

Dr Nicholas breaks down and simplifies the science on dark spots and its causes.

[L-R: Fara Fauzana (Emcee), Emma Maembong, Elfira Loy, Yana Samsudin, Miko, Mayho and Emely Poon (Emcee)] Celebrity testimonial session by NIVEA LUMINOUS⁶³⁰ REAL USERS which further emphasized the success of the world’s breakthrough anti dark-spot creation that reduces deep rooted dark spots, fine lines and improve skin luminosity in just 14 days without harming the skin!

Malaysian actress Elfira Loy added, “I decided to try NIVEA LUMINOUS⁶³⁰ one year ago and today it has become an essential part of my skincare routine. The patented innovative LUMINOUS⁶³⁰ which was a result of more than a decade of research provided me the confidence to keep using this product. What’s more, the effectiveness is proven from my own experience! With a newborn to care for, lack of sleep has given me dark circles and tired eyes. But I was so pleased that the NIVEA LUMINOUS⁶³⁰ not only helps my dark spots concern, but the LUMINOUS⁶³⁰ eye treatment has been effective to combat the problem areas around my eyes too.”

Well-known makeup artists KF Bong and Syed Faizal demonstrate the difference between putting on makeup on a skin with dark spots vs. luminous skin. The result shows that skin with dark spots can’t be entirely covered with makeup and thus it is not a solution.

[L-R: Dr Shazril Shaharuddin; Dr Nicholas; Izzue Islam; Benjamin Yuen; Ng Hock Guan, Country Manager of Beiersdorf Malaysia & Singapore; Mayho, Miko; Yana Samsudin; Emma Maembong; KF Bong and Syed Faizal] NIVEA Luminous Skin Journey Event celebrated the victory of NIVEA LUMINOUS⁶³⁰, a trusted and proven innovation for dark-spots solutions.

An expert sharing session by Dr Shazril and Dr Nicholas provided greater insights into the science behind NIVEA LUMINOUS⁶³⁰. “Dark spots are an extremely common skin condition that the industry has spent billions to resolve. It is caused largely by the production of melanin which happens during prolonged exposure to the sun and UV rays; hormone imbalance and post inflammation. Tyrosinase inhibitors are the most common and safe solution widely available in the market. However, most of these are ineffective or slow to show results due to the fact that the actives are tested on mushroom enzymes, which mostly do not work on human skin. This is what sets NIVEA LUMINOUS⁶³⁰ apart. The breakthrough innovation ingredient was tested with human tyrosinase for inhibitor screening and has proven to be 10x more effective in reducing dark spots than other renowned brightening ingredients in the market.” The patented and clinically proven LUMINOUS⁶³⁰ is endorsed by the Institute of Dermatology and published in the world-renowned Journal of Investigative Dermatology, JID.

Elfira Loy shared on how NIVEA LUMINOUS⁶³⁰ Anti Dark-Spots Serum becomes her go to solution in fighting against dark spots and tired eyes due to intense exposure to UV rays (both indoors and outdoors) and a busy schedule running mum duties for her 2 kids.

Emma Maembong shares her journey with NIVEA LUMINOUS⁶³⁰ Anti Dark-Spot Serum as an actress who is constantly on the move and how much she loves the texture of the product as it instantly absorbs into the skin. 

A live make-up demonstration provided visual proof of the fact that covering dark spots with makeup is not a solution and highlighted the importance of treating the root cause of this skin condition. Finally, guests were feted with an experiential NIVEA LUMINOUS⁶³⁰ journey via experiential booths, skin tests and a fun 360 camera photo booth!

Yana Samsudin has been a loyal user of NIVEA LUMINOUS⁶³⁰ Anti Dark-Spot Serum for 2 years. She has seen tremendous results in the reduction of dark spots and it also increases her skin luminosity.

Miko shared her experience as a content creator who has tried many products and NIVEA LUMINOUS⁶³⁰ Anti Dark-Spot Serum’s breakthrough innovation really impressed her with the extensive amount of research that went into it making it the World’s No. 1 Anti Dark-Spot Serum.

These 100 well known Malaysians have ‘tested & proven’ the effectiveness of NIVEA LUMINOUS⁶³⁰! What about you? Experience the efficacy of NIVEA LUMINOUS⁶³⁰ for yourself and witness the remarkable results within two weeks! The NIVEA LUMINOUS⁶³⁰ Anti Dark-Spot Serum and its full range is available at all Watsons outlets and Online at NIVEA Official store. The range consists of day and night skincare, as well as eye treatment products.

Mayho has been a user of NIVEA LUMINOUS⁶³⁰ for 3 years and it has helped her skin to regain luminosity despite her busy and late-night schedules.

NIVEA Luminous Skin Journey Event also welcomes Benjamin Yuen, a popular Hong Kong star and Izzue Islam as the mystery guests to share their skincare tips.