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Catalysing The Plant-Based Revolution - One Meal At A Time

New Plant-Based Meat Products by The Vegetarian Butcher Now Available to Malaysian Restaurants

(L-R) Vangie Hu, Marketing Director, Southeast Asia & South Asia at Unilever Food Solutions; Dhillon Ng, Head of Country for Unilever Food Solutions Malaysia; Dr Satvinder Kaur, Associate Professor, Department of Food Science and Nutrition, UCSI University Malaysia; Emil Fazira, Insight Manager, Food, Asia Pacific at Euromonitor International; Raheel Ahmad, Culinary Director, APEC, Asia Pacific excluding China at Marriott International, and Chef Eric Chua, Executive Chef for Unilever Food Solutions (Malaysia & Singapore) at the official launch of The Vegetarian Butcher by Unilever Food Solutions, a new and innovative plant-based meat brand now available in Malaysia

A food revolution is upon us! The increasing concern of food security, made even more dire with inflation and the recent pandemic, has increased the cost of food supply and production worldwide, even in Malaysia. Meanwhile, the production and consumption of food around the world over the years have been exhausting the earth’s natural resources.

Yet, there remains hope! This situation has prompted an unprecedented global pursuit to find alternative sources of food. This is where the food revolution comes into play – a revolution that will fundamentally change the way people perceive meat by transforming the meat industry into a plant-based one, thereby reducing the dependency on animal protein to create a better planet.

Here to drive this revolution and transform the food supply industry in Malaysia is The Vegetarian Butcher by Unilever – a plant-based meat brand now available to a variety of restaurants in Malaysia.

The introduction of the new brand locally is part of its Future Foods ambition, aimed at helping people transform towards wholesome living by consuming nutritious plant-based food alternatives that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Unilever believes that delicious plant-based food is better for the health of the people and the planet. This belief forms the core of Unilever’s business strategy.

Raheel Ahmad and Chef Eric Chua speaking to the audience comprising chefs and food service industry players on the latest trends and observations surrounding plant-based products during the event’s panel session

As one of the largest food manufacturers in the world, Unilever carries the responsibility of shaping the global food system. In line with their initiative, the company aims to reach €1 billion in sales from plant-based meat and dairy alternatives between 2025 and 2027, reduce food waste by half, thereby achieving zero waste to landfill, and ensure no ‘good food’ is destroyed to lower greenhouse gases.

Made by meat lovers for meat lovers

While food-related consumer habits often come and go as fads, plant-based alternatives are here to stay – and grow, with more meat eaters turning towards a vegan or flexitarian diet. In 2021, Euromonitor International’s Voice of the Consumer survey revealed that 49.5% of consumers chose to follow a flexitarian or mostly plant-based diet. The survey indicated that about 37% of consumers opted for plant-based alternatives in a bid to feel healthier.

“Consumers are increasingly becoming conscious that plant-based food consumption is in fact a more sustainable and ethical option. However, in order to help fuel this transformation, it is crucial for those in the food industry including restaurant owners and manufacturers to make plant-based products more easily accessible to all,” said Vangie Hu, Marketing Director, Southeast Asia & South Asia at Unilever Food Solutions.

To spur the shift towards plant-based meat, The Vegetarian Butcher has invested behind technology and chefmanship expertise to offer a broad range of products for meat lovers who do not want to sacrifice flavour, texture and nutrition.

By working with chefs, product developers and food scientists who understand the specific qualities of meat, The Vegetarian Butcher is able to create an entirely new generation of plant-based meat alternatives that will appeal to all meat lovers – from vegans to carnivores.

Embark on a journey of plant-based culinary variety
As the plant-based diet picks up in trend among meat lovers, more and more eateries are now offering meat-free options to their diners. Food operators can join the food revolution together with Unilever to drive positive social impact by providing healthier plant-based options.

Guests had the opportunity to try a spread of finger foods that showcased the new plant-based meat products by The Vegetarian Butcher

With The Vegetarian Butcher, restaurants and chefs can meet diner’s demands for wellness and well-being while playing their part to be a force for good in the world by solving issues that have plagued the food industry for decades. Meanwhile, meat lovers need not sacrifice quality, taste and most importantly, nutrition, towards a more hearty, sustainable meal. This comes as part of Unilever’s commitment to consumers and food service operators alike. The Vegetarian Butcher in Malaysia allows chefs to deliver their best with delicious and easy-to-use products while marrying the mouth-watering flavours of the country’s many local cuisines together with the benefits of plant-based meat alternatives.

Now available in Malaysia to all restaurants, The Vegetarian Butcher offers a selection of delicious plant-based meat, including NoBeef Burger, NoChicken Burger, NoMeatballs, and NoMince, making it easy for restaurants to offer meat-free alternatives to all Malaysian diners. Indeed, a food revolution is upon us. Thanks to Unilever and The Vegetarian Butcher, sustainable dining is now a valid option, without sacrificing quality, nutrition and most importantly, taste!

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