Home Health MEDICOS A New Breakthrough in Face Mask Towards Sustainability
Home Health MEDICOS A New Breakthrough in Face Mask Towards Sustainability

A New Breakthrough in Face Mask Towards Sustainability

MEDICOS Introduces XÙ, the 1st Natural EcoFiber Surgical Face Mask Made with Renewable Material

There’s no denying that Covid-19 has changed the world, as evident from the rapid advancement of innovations to accommodate new ways of living especially in the area of medical and personal protection equipment. To date, Malaysians generally are still practising masking in crowds as health precaution, although we are now in endemic. While personal precautions are being practised, there has been consistent requests from the public for an environmental friendly disposable face mask, which is consistent with global concern on environment sustainability and the need to reduce carbon foot prints on earth.

This sparked an eco-inspiration for MEDICOS, Malaysia’s leading face mask brand. Backed by over 30 years of expertise in helping millions live and work safer, MEDICOS is dedicated to raising the standards of healthcare and infection control solutions. Today, MEDICOS introduces XÙ HydroChargeTM Surgical Face Mask, the first-ever Natural EcoFiber surgical face mask* in Malaysia made from renewable and biodegradable material!

The name MEDICOS XÙ (pronounced “she”) is derived from a Chinese character: 续, bearing the meaning of “continuity”. Designed with sustainability, protection, and comfort in mind, MEDICOS XÙ is made of a renewable Natural EcoFiber. Large volume of wood pulp fiber is blended together with binding agents, forming a sturdy, naturally-derived material that is stronger than paper. Natural EcoFiber is also hypoallergenic, making it gentle towards sensitive skin types.

MEDICOS XÙ is the brand’s lightest face mask yet, providing 55%** better breathability without compromising on safety or performance. With 3 layers of protection, the signature HydroChargeTM filter delivers 99% filtration efficiency against viruses and bacteria as small as PM0.1, achieving an industry gold standard. For additional peace of mind, MEDICOS XÙ has also passed the EN 14683 Type II Test by Nelson Labs, USA.

William Wong, CEO of MEDICOS Malaysia, stressed the importance of sustainability: “At MEDICOS, we care beyond providing protection to safeguard families. We also want to be accountable and do better for Mother Nature. With this in mind, our Research and Development team worked on renewable material which is the Natural EcoFiber. Made from a blend of wood pulp fibres, Natural EcoFiber can biodegrade over time under landfill conditions, thus reducing the carbon footprint towards the environment. By producing renewable options for our customers, we are able to support our vision of driving sustainability within our ecosystem.”

In conjunction with the launch of MEDICOS XÙ, the brand invites customers to take a collective step towards sustainability! Partnering with the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), MEDICOS will support the NGO’s Seed Bank Project, which nurtures the practices of protecting the natural environment. For every box of XÙ HydroChargeTM Surgical Face Mask sold from January to April 2023, RM1 will be channelled to MNS to support its eco-efforts.

“There are many benefits to the environment when we plant a tree and one of it is the reduction of greenhouse gases or carbon dioxide emission, which causes global warming and climate change. In line with MEDICOS XÙ vision of reducing carbon footprint, MEDICOS pledges to germinate 1,500 seeds of forest species at MNS nursery this year,” added Wong.

Join MEDICOS XÙ in its journey of continuity – be part of a global effort in practicing better eco-choices! Together, we can do so much more for Mother Nature.

MEDICOS XÙ Natural EcoFiber Surgical Face Mask (RM21 for 30 pcs) is now available at MEDICOS’ official website (https://shop.medicos.com.my/), Shopee, Lazada, and Watsons online store (https://bit.ly/3BMrbHa).

*40% by weight made from sustainable fibre.
**Compared with standard surgical masks

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