Home Epson Technology Epson Introduces Orange Ink in their SurePress L-6534VW to offer more colour possibilities in the UV label and packaging market
Home Epson Technology Epson Introduces Orange Ink in their SurePress L-6534VW to offer more colour possibilities in the UV label and packaging market

Epson Introduces Orange Ink in their SurePress L-6534VW to offer more colour possibilities in the UV label and packaging market

Epson, the global technology provider behind leading digital inkjet label presses in the market, has bolstered its digital UV label press series with the introduction of the SurePress L-6534VW with Orange Ink. The SurePress L-6534VW with Orange Ink offers a wider colour spectrum to bring business printing needs to the next level, allowing the production of beautiful prints that pop via on-demand colour label printing.

The latest digital UV label press solution from Epson is catered to businesses which require vibrant and accurately coloured labels at fast production speed. The SurePress L-6534VW with Orange Ink is able to meet converters’ demand in using different width substrates, utilisation of assorted label materials such as metallic and clear film, with branding needs that cut across major international markets of FMCG, industrial, beauty & cosmetics, wine & liquor labelling.

Outstanding Print Quality
The SurePress L-6534VW with Orange Ink incorporates Epson’s PrecisionCore™ TFP Linehead Inkjet technology for market-proven higher quality print labels. The PrecisionCore™ Linehead utilizes the next generation Micro TFP PrecisionCore™ print chip and Variable Sized Droplet Technology that accurately controls the ink placement at super-fast speeds. This allows for high resolution images of up to 1200 x 600 dpi to be rendered, with the addition of orange ink – which contains a high concentration of pigment particles – providing a widened colour gamut and a more vivid orange to ensure perfection is delivered in the details. This guarantees the reproduction of sharp printouts with smooth gradations, even for micro text labels.

With the inclusion of Orange and High Opacity White Ink alongside the colours of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black (CMYK) Ink, the digital UV label press expands the function of printing multiple variations of coloured, crisp and sharp labels on a wider colour gamut to showcase vivid brilliance and enhanced print quality.

Optimised Productivity
Hardware efficiency is vital to maintain productivity in everyday business operations, especially for label converters dealing with high value and time-sensitive short run job requirements. The SurePress L-6534VW with Orange Ink boasts an ultra-fast single pass print out speed of up to 50 metres per minute for general labelling of mono- and multi-coloured print jobs, with three other print speeds offered to suit variable data printing requirements, including 30m/min for full colour labels, 15m/min for high density labels and 7.6m/min for reverse white mode.

An in-line corona treatment – a surface modification technique to increase surface energy on substrates to achieve optimal chemical bonding with ink – is also carried out to enhance productivity. With that, business owners are able to print out their labels on typical substrates like PE and shrink films with better ink adhesion without any re-application downtime.

To prolong the printhead life, the SurePress L-6534VW with Orange Ink has an inbuilt Auto Head Maintenance feature that uses Nozzle Verification Technology (NVT) which can clean the printhead nozzles if they are clogged. The digital UV label press also comes with web cleaners that helps to remove dust on the substrate and subsequently prevent nozzle clog scenarios. The embedded ionizer further neutralises static electricity build up on substrates, ensuring capabilities of inkjet technology are kept stable.

Meet Sustainability Needs With Maximum Performance
Designed to ensure hyper accurate printouts on substrates, the SurePress L-6534VW with Orange Ink comprises of a centre drum platen that holds substrates tightly to prevent meandering and skewing of the web. The narrow platen gap between the printhead and the substrates are kept to only 0.7mm, to facilitate colour to colour registration and ensure accurate ink placements, clear texts, and fine lines.

Furthermore, the digital UV label press offers clear sustainability benefits compared to traditional analogue label printers – an important consideration for all businesses operating in today’s eco-conscious society. No printing plates are required in the SurePress L-6534VW’s label production process, hence reducing e-waste and corresponding water usage due to the elimination of the plate washing process.

“The incorporation of orange ink in the SurePress L-6534VW helps our customers to meet endless UV label printing possibilities with a wider range of colour gamut, allowing vivid images of the highest quality to be produced at a fast and consistent rate. Upon direct customer feedback, we listened to their requests for more colour inks beyond the usual CMYK ink cartridge offering. I believe that our best-in-class digital UV label press printer goes above the capability of a widened colour gamut, but also vastly expands our customers’ potential applications for label experimentation that best fits their branding needs.” said Ng Ngee Khiang, Managing Director of Epson Malaysia.

The new Epson SurePress L-6534VW with Orange Ink Digital Label Press Printers will be available for sale in the region starting February 2023.

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