Home HONOR Technology Magic Experienced: HONOR Magic5 Pro expected to be the popular choice of high-end flagship smartphone!
Home HONOR Technology Magic Experienced: HONOR Magic5 Pro expected to be the popular choice of high-end flagship smartphone!

Magic Experienced: HONOR Magic5 Pro expected to be the popular choice of high-end flagship smartphone!

The HONOR Magic5 Pro has secured two world-first accolades from DXOMARK for its exceptional screen and camera, further cementing its position as an undisputed leader in the high-end flagship market. Since the HONOR Magic5 Series launch at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona 2023, the powerful flagship device is leading the way through groundbreaking technology features in imaging, screen, communication, and battery life.

Ahead of its official release in Malaysia this April, HONOR has handpicked a select group of Malaysians to be the very first to experience the hotly anticipated HONOR Magic5 Pro. These lucky few, known as the HONOR Magic Experiencers, have been given the opportunity to dive deep into the product development process and are among the first to explore the innovative Magic OS 7.0 system. Check out what these early adopters have to say about their game-changing experience with the HONOR Magic5 Pro!

HONOR Magic5 Series is leading the way through groundbreaking imaging technology
Smartphone users over the years have been experiencing a subpar photography experience due to the lag or freeze time that occurs after pressing the shutter button, resulting in a rather “delayed shot” that is not fancy from a snapper’s perspective. However, HONOR has addressed this pain point by equipping its Magic5 Series with a Millisecond Falcon Capture that boasts a double cache, reducing lag time to a maximum of 1500 milliseconds.

To make things better, the camera's AI technology selects the best image from a continuous stream of photos captured within a second before and 0.5 seconds after the shutter button is pressed, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted photo capture process, resulting in a shot that users are hoping for in a high-end smartphone camera.

One HONOR Magic Experiencer, Wildan Toh, was thoroughly impressed with the Falcon capture feature, stating, "This incredible phone turns your every movement into an action movie snapshot, capturing moments with stunning clarity in the blink of an eye." He even shared a photo he had taken with the HONOR Magic5 Pro, which perfectly captures a cat jumping off a chair mid-flight. Now that’s some pet action camera right there!

Another satisfied user, Alan Ong, dubbed the HONOR Magic5 Pro's features as "magic," noting that he was blown away by the level of detail captured in every shot. "This phone provides a simple way to capture professional-quality photos," he added.

Edmund JP was impressed with the AI-assisted Falcon Eye feature of the HONOR Magic5 Pro, as it captured high-speed motion and flawlessly froze the motion of the fan blades in exceptional detail. In comparison, flagship from other brand fell short as their cameras produced blurry images of the fan blades. "The HONOR Magic5 Pro is not only great in low-light situations but also excels in high-speed photography. I can't wait to explore what else this camera can do!" he exclaimed.

Another Experiencer Wira Hidayat amazed with the Falcon Capture Algorithm of the HONOR Magic5 Pro automatically detects motion and captures the perfect moment, all thanks to an AI network trained with more than 270,000 images. The AI Motion Sensing Capture feature enables the camera to recognize a range of scenarios with pinpoint accuracy, identify the focal point in each scenario, and automatically capture the best possible moment, such as when running, jumping, or smiling.

With the enhanced Ultra-Fusion Computational Optics, the HONOR Magic5 Pro improves image clarity by up to 29.5% and enhances imaging capabilities from 3.5x-100x. The result? Be marveled by stunningly detailed and clear images across the full focal length.

After taking a series of zoom photos at night, Edwin Liew proclaimed the HONOR Magic5 Pro as the ultimate flagship smartphone of 2023. He was particularly impressed with the smartphone's 50MP Periscope Telephoto camera, which supports 3.5x optical zoom and 100x digital zoom. "No matter how far away the building was, the HONOR Magic5 Pro captured every intricate detail with ease," Edwin claimed.

All-day battery life, HONOR Magic5 Series got the ultra-long battery life among flagship smartphones
The HONOR Magic5 series stands out beyond its Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip as a strong standard, offering a new ultra-high-density battery after careful balancing works between the weight and body thickness. With a large 5100mAh battery and 66W HONOR SuperCharge, the series delivers unparalleled battery life that is sure to satisfy even the most power-hungry of users.

Foo Tzen Fung, another delighted HONOR Magic5 Pro user, shared that he drove from Bukit Mertajam to Kuala Lumpur while streaming Spotify and using Waze throughout the journey. Despite the heavy usage, the HONOR Magic5 Pro impressed him with its exceptional battery life, delivering a remarkable 7 hours and 43 minutes of screen-on time. "I have erased my fears of low battery thanks to what the HONOR Magic5 Pro can do," he exclaimed. Ahmed Khamis also applauded the smartphone's battery life, declaring that it had unlocked the full potential of the HONOR Magic with its strong battery performance. "Goodbye to overnight charging!" he said.

Apart from the HONOR Magic5 Pro, HONOR Malaysia is introducing their latest foldable smartphone - HONOR Magic Vs - to the Malaysian market. The HONOR Magic Vs aims to address the major design challenges faced by foldable smartphone users and is assured to become a global game-changer.

The eagerly anticipated launch of HONOR Malaysia's latest flagship devices will be announced very soon! Tech enthusiasts and fans can expect a showcase of the latest cutting-edge technology and innovative products at this highly anticipated event.

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