Home Beauty Skin Master Medi-Spa Raya Glow: Skincare and Beauty Treatments To Indulge In Before The Celebration
Home Beauty Skin Master Medi-Spa Raya Glow: Skincare and Beauty Treatments To Indulge In Before The Celebration

Raya Glow: Skincare and Beauty Treatments To Indulge In Before The Celebration

Raya is almost approaching, and it's time to acquire the Raya-ready glow to create an Instagram-worthy shot with the least amount of makeup with Skin Master Medi-Spa. But first, it's essential to hydrate and pamper one's skin with the right facials and treatments in order to get a healthier, and more radiant skin before the festivity.

Skin Master Medi-Spa offers some of the top skincare treatments in the town and a wide range of medifacial and other aesthetic services that restore a youthful appearance, from face lifting to body sculpting for both men and women. Skin Master Medi-Spa can help anyone get ready for the holy month of Ramadan with their latest technological innovation that gives a seamless and painless method for any individual. With that being said, Skin Master Medi-Spa is offering incredible Raya Glow offers up to 35% on all facials and High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) service from 1 April until 30 April 2023 for men and women.

From redefining aesthetic skin treatments to skincare facial services, hop on to know what are the special deals for Raya at Skin Master Medi-Spa.

The Raya deal that is eagerly awaited this month is HIFU, a non-surgical and painless facelift innovation aesthetic treatment that targets the layers of skin, encouraging the cells to generate more collagen. It uses ultrasonic waves for the production of collagen, giving the skin a tighter appearance. The treatment of malignancies is the most well-known application of HIFU. The operation may result in overall facial rejuvenation, lifting, tightening, and contouring. The normal price of HIFU treatment is RM 1,299, however it is now only available at RM 844 for the month of April.

“Whether you’re looking to get your Raya glow on, or in need of a quick skin fix for a special occasion, give the newly designed HIFU for V shape, Jawline, Double Chin, and Face Contouring Treatment a go. It’s a non-surgical face lift, and the result is instant – so look at the mirror to see the difference. This will improve over the next 2- 4 weeks. If you are under 30, your collagen does not breakdown as quickly as it does when we are 40 or 50 or even 60 years old”, said the Co-Founder and Director of Skin Master, Dr. Ravinpreet Kaur.

A variety of facial treatments are available at Skin Master Medi-Spa, including Carbon Peel Laser, Oxygen Infusion, Acne Facial, Dermaplaning + Hydrafacial, Hydrocarbon Facial, The Signature Facial, Gentleman’s Facial and Salmon DNA Facial. These services are among the easiest ways to indulge oneself, also to resolve any skin imperfections or clogged pores and wrinkles. The aestheticians will do a thorough skin evaluation before scheduling an appointment to identify any potential treatments one's skin may need. All treatments are subject to terms and conditions that apply.

Get in touch or visit Skinmaster’s official website and follow their Facebook and Instagram page to RSVP a spot to join their anniversary bash, and for more details on latest promotions, or walk in to their outlets at Q Sentral, Klang Valley, Ipoh, Seremban and Johor Bahru for a personal no-commitment consultation.

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