Home Agoda Travel From flipped shipping containers to indoor golf: 11 remarkable Value for Money accommodations
Home Agoda Travel From flipped shipping containers to indoor golf: 11 remarkable Value for Money accommodations

From flipped shipping containers to indoor golf: 11 remarkable Value for Money accommodations

Planning your next trip and looking to get the best bang for your buck? Online travel platform Agoda has you covered with a selection of 11 quirky, unique and/or breathtakingly beautiful properties that are each in their own way remarkable, loved by travelers and all score 9+ out of 10 in ‘value for money’ reviews.

From luxury retreats and creative hubs, to lodging above a Belgian beer café and even inside a shipping container, these properties are unbeatable when it comes to combining character and comfort with affordability.

So, whether you're planning a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a solo adventure, read on to discover traveler’s favorites for mostly budget-friendly, yet unforgettable, stays that are sure to delight, surprise, and inspire.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: KLoe Hotel
Value for Money rating: 9.2
Room rate: RM 392.35

KLoe Hotel was recognized as the top choice by Agoda travelers in Kuala Lumpur last year. Scroll through the images on Agoda and you’ll get an idea why. This boutique hotel positions itself as a hub for creative nomads and has given a lot of care to its interior design, making sure the central courtyard and the open walkways unleash creativity within every guest. With special rooms for reading, listening, and drawing, there’s a place for any potential artist. And any writer’s block is sure to disappear with a plunge in the courtyard pool.

Singapore: Shipping Container Hotel @ Haw Par Villa
Value for Money rating: 9.0
Room rate: RM 741.54

We all know true beauty comes from within, and boy does that hold true for this Singapore favorite. The Shipping Container Hotel @ Haw Par Villa is exactly what the name implies: A shipping container turned hotel room. Doesn’t sound that appealing? Think again! The interior is surprisingly cozy and comfy. ‘An experience’, but a pretty good one given the 9 out of 10 ‘Value for Money’ rating.

Hanoi, Vietnam: Smarana Hanoi Heritage
Value for Money rating: 9.2
Room rate: RM 340.04

Even before setting foot in the Smarana Hanoi Heritage hotel, its distinct exterior will put a smile upon your face. It surely stands out, with vibrant colors, lively plants, and charming French balconies. Once inside, odds are you’ll by now have fallen completely in love with this hotel: It’s authentic, stylish, and welcoming. Everything just feels right. Truly a unique and reasonably priced 5-star in a prime Hanoi location.

Bangkok, Thailand: Feel Good Bangkok Hostel
Value for Money rating: 9.8
Room rate: RM 113.13 (with private bathroom)

The Feel Good Hostel & Cafe, the only hostel in this list, more than deserves its spot. Guest reviews mention comfy beds, clean rooms, great service, and the location isn’t bad either with backpacker’s favorite Kao San Road or the splendor of the Grand Palace just on the other side of the Chao Phraya river. Oh, and for those wanting a bit more privacy: Rooms with private bathrooms are also available, often for less than 900 Baht per night!

Perth, Australia: Nightcap at Belgian Beer Cafe
Value for Money rating: 9.0
Room rate: RM 444.67

Attention all beer lovers! In the heart of Perth there’s a hotel where you’ll never get thirsty: The Nightcap at Belgian Beer Café. It will be of no surprise that the vibrant, Flemish-style pub above which the hotel is located offers a wide selection of Belgian and international brews, and tasty pub food. And the rooms are pretty good too, with king beds and modern bathrooms, making this the ideal value for money stay in Perth.

Manila, Philippines: Seda Residences Makati
Value for Money rating: 9.2
Room rate: RM 392.35

Strategically situated on Ayala Avenue, the Seda Residences Makati more than deserves its top value badge. This four-star hotel radiates class and is a sure bet for anyone who wants to a stress-free stay in the Philippines. You’ll feel right at home in one of the comfy rooms and will be awed by the unparalleled views from the Sky Lobby on the 19th floor or the roof deck bar on the 35th floor.

Tokyo, Japan: Nohga Hotel Akihabara
Value for Money rating: 9.4
Room rate: RM 844.86

From the lobby and the cocktail bar to the bed light design and the shower head: Every detail has been given the utmost care in Nohga Hotel Akihabara. This hotel scores higher than 99% of other properties in Tokyo, not just in terms of value for money but also when it comes to cleanliness and service score. The location is great, with amazing restaurants and train station at walking distance, but you’ll be perfectly happy to just spend time at this urban retreat.

Seoul, South Korea: Union Hotel
Value for Money rating: 9.1
Room rate: RM 392.35

The first thing you’ll notice about the newly renovated Union Hotel in Seoul is how much everyone working at the hotel cares about the place. The staff take a lot of pride in the hotel’s exquisite modern design and keep the rooms and facilities sparkling clean. Talking about facilities: In addition to the fitness center, there’s a garden, a yoga room, an indoor golf center and even an indoor tennis court! All of that for room rates that are available for as little as 3000 THB per night.

Bali, Indonesia: Desa Hay Canggu
Value for Money rating: 10
Room rate: RM 1,458.24

At 11,150 THB per night the Desa Hay Canggu resort in Bali might not fit everyone’s budget, but if you do want to splash some cash you’ll experience a stay that guests describe as nothing short of exceptional. It’s rated 10/10 for ‘value for money’ by over a hundred verified guests, a perfect score! The rooms are huge, and some include private pools, which you’ll probably have to free up some space in your phone’s gallery because of how photogenic everything is. From the lush gardens and the tranquil pool to the rice fields just outside the resort. Highly recommended for romantic getaways.

Goa, India: Casa Severina
Value for Money rating: 9.1
Room rate: RM 209.25

Casa Severina, got awarded ‘top choice’ in Goa last year in the 3-star hotel segment. The remarkable service level contributes greatly to Severina Hotel’s value for money rating, but so do the lush grounds, the swimming pool and the fitness facilities. And don’t forget its prime location near the beach. All of that can be enjoyed from the comfort of a sizable 40m2 room with a king bed and a balcony, for as little as 1600 THB per night. Value for money indeed!

Taipei, Taiwan: Cho Hotel 3

Value for Money rating: 9.2
Room rate: RM 396.93

Sure, Cho Hotel 3 is located in the heart of Taipei, close to the sights, public transportation and all that, but you’ll fall in love with this little gem because of its heart. Guests call it a home away from home, and for good reason: There’s a piano in the lobby, a wall full of drawings and messages from previous guests, and there’s a relaxing lounge with free mineral water and instant noodles. The friendly, multilingual staff at the reception solidifies Cho Hotel 3’s reputation as a travelers’ favorite.

About the data
Value for Money ratings – selected from customer reviews, scoring 9+
Room rates and images sourced from Agoda.com between 25-27 April 2023 for stays in May 2023. Prices may change based on availability and date of travel.
The room rates are based on the current exchange rate of 0.13 against Thai Baht.

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