Aesthetics Reimagined: Dazzling Diamond Silver and 200MP Super Sensing Camera

HONOR has announced renowned Chinese actor Yang Yang as the brand’s global ambassador for its highly anticipated HONOR 90 Series. The unveiling showcases the Yang Yang in a stylish beige suit and an HONOR staff card, embodying the calm elegance parallel with the new Diamond Silver color of the HONOR 90 Series.

A captivating promotional image reveals the HONOR 90 Series' striking diamond design, featuring contrasting textures and colors that symbolizes the brand's unwavering commitment to ultimate aesthetics in smartphone design. Yang Yang’s appointment and the stunning new design and color will sure bring a delightful surprise to fans around the world.

Notably, the HONOR 90 Series raises the bar in terms of imaging prowess with its remarkable 200MP Super Sensing Camera, an impressive upgrade from its predecessors and tipped to raise the standards of a phenomenal smartphone.