Home Huawei Technology Have You Ever Thought Where Your Smart Devices Will Be In The Next 10 Years?
Home Huawei Technology Have You Ever Thought Where Your Smart Devices Will Be In The Next 10 Years?

Have You Ever Thought Where Your Smart Devices Will Be In The Next 10 Years?

Here’s a future problem that we need to think of now.

Electronic devices have become an integral part of our lives. We navigate our daily traffic with it, find recipes on it and even use it to capture memories around us. However, with the rapid advancement of technology comes a significant environmental challenge – the e-waste epidemic.

E-waste refers to obsolete electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, game consoles, and their components. Malaysians alone produce over 365,000 tonnes of e-waste annually, which amounts to more than 10 kilograms of e-waste per person each year. Malaysia, like many other countries, is grappling with the increasing volume of electronic waste generated each year and we should take immediate action to reduce e-waste and preserve the environment for future generations.

Approximately 70% of overall toxic waste is contributed from e-waste, which contains hazardous substances like lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and flame retardants. It can pose significant risk to human health and environment due to improper disposal of e-waste in landfills and incinerators leading to the release of these toxins into the air, water, and soil.

Hence, we should be more conscious of the gadgets that we have and be aware of where they will be in the next 10 years. Here are a few ways we can be ahead of this future problem:
  1. Several major brands offer convenient recycling options with special programs for recycling electronic goods through their trade-in programs – allowing you to exchange your outdated equipment for gift cards or discounts on new purchases. One such initiative is the Huawei Trade-In Programme, offered by Huawei where you can trade in any of your old smartphones for the HUAWEI MATE 50 Series or the latest HUAWEI P60 PRO with additional RM500 rebates and freebies on top of the value of the old smartphone. This program is ongoing from now until 31 July 2023, so visit your nearest Huawei Experience Store to get your special rebates and discounts now!
  2. Consider donating them to friends, charities, or community outreach programs. Many individuals or organisations can still benefit from the use of your old smartphone, computer, or television. By doing so, you not only prevent hazardous e-waste from ending up in landfills but also contribute to the well-being of others. It's a win-win situation that will not only give a new life to your devices but also lessen the burden to the environment.
  3. Set a purchase limit – by setting a limit for yourself, we are able to control the need for additional gadgets per person. Which can encourage mindful consumption and maximizes the use of existing devices, contributing to a more sustainable future.
  4. An effective strategy to reduce e-waste is to give preference to products that bear an environmentally-friendly seal on their packaging, signifying their manufacturing process involving recycled materials or materials that can be easily recycled.

By addressing the e-waste epidemic, it will allow for collective action at both individual and societal levels which will allow us to better understand the significance of reducing and recycling e-waste. Through initiatives like donation, mindful purchasing, and trade-in programs, Malaysians can take concrete steps to pave the way for a sustainable, cleaner and greener future.

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