Home Technology Xiaomi Introducing the new Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock: Keeping your home safe
Home Technology Xiaomi Introducing the new Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock: Keeping your home safe

Introducing the new Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock: Keeping your home safe

Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock is now available in Malaysia at RM 1,899 with amazing deals and freebies for early birds

Xiaomi introduces the high-end and fully automatic lock, Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door, in Malaysia. Featuring multiple safety protection features to keep your family safe while sporting a minimalist and fillet design, the smart door makes opening and closing the doors to your homes simpler, more convenient, and faster[1]

Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock is designed with a high-strength alloy material that provides the utmost sturdy build and features an LED light indicator that automatically locks and unlock doors securely and promptly with multiple options, including fingerprint verification, PIN code, NFC[2] and voice control via Apple’s Home app and Siri[3] to lock and unlock.

For added security[4], the Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock features a 20-digit scrambled PIN code to prevent snooping, one-time temporary passwords and periodic temporary passwords for visits from cleaners or babysitters. Xiaomi has also added an extra layer of security with 10 safety protection features including 5 major malfunction alarms, dual sensor unlocking, and armed with one touch, among others, to closely protect your homes.

Additionally, the Xiaomi Home app allows homeowners to monitor the safety of their homes by keeping tabs on the Door lock status view, adding and deleting users or changing permission status with the User management, or checking the unlock history at any time[5].

Allowing a new generation of smart technology, the Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door is priced at RM1,899 and can be purchased at Authorised Xiaomi stores and other official retailers in Malaysia, as well as on Lazada and Shopee. Every purchase of Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door comes with free installation. Additionally, there will also be an early bird special deal*, where every shopper who purchases before July 15 will receive a free Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW200 (worth RM 149) and Xiaomi Smart Hub 2 (worth RM 199), while stocks last.

* Early bird special deal is applicable with every purchase from now till 15 July, 2023 on a first-come-first-serve basis, while stocks last. Terms and conditions apply.
[1] Locking within 0.8 seconds after closing the door is the time when the main lock latch driven by the motor is completely advanced after the door is closed. This was measured by 鹿客实验室 when the sample was installed on a test rack according to the installation specifications at an ambient temperature of 25°C, using 8 original batteries in combination with the lock body.
[2] Devices that support NFC unlocking: Xiaomi NFC Card, Aqara Smart Door Lock NFC Card.
[3] Devices supported: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and so on. The latest version of iOS or iPad OS is recommended. When unlocking with Siri, you need to unlock the iPhone screen first.
[4] Scrambled PIN code: You can enter a scrambled PIN code of up to 20 digits. As long as it contains the correct password of 6 consecutive numbers, you can open the door and prevent onlookers from snooping. Long-term valid password and periodic temporary password: Can only be generated when a mobile phone is locally connected with the door lock through Bluetooth. One-time temporary passwords can be generated remotely.
[5] Remotely view reminder and door lock status: The function needs to be used with a device with a Bluetooth gateway function, which is to be purchased separately.

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