Home Samsung Electronics Technology Are You Storing Your Food Safely?
Home Samsung Electronics Technology Are You Storing Your Food Safely?

Are You Storing Your Food Safely?

People who are often busy with work but still need to cook for their families, tend to buy groceries for the entire week. Some ingredients, such as meats and vegetables, need to be stored in the refrigerator to maintain their freshness. However, if you don't handle your ingredients properly, you may be at a higher risk of foodborne illnesses. Therefore, the functions of the refrigerator are important to ensure that your food is stored at the correct temperature. Let’s find out how our BESPOKE Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator can help you.

Optimal Fresh + with four modes

Samsung’s BESPOKE TMF Refrigerator, which creates a beautifully unique kitchen with colors that match your personal taste and interior design, ensures that the food that you freeze stay fresh for twice as long. The Optimal Fresh + drawer of Samsung’s BESPOKE TMF Refrigerator can let you switch between four modes at any time to store different food.




Fridge Mode

3oC & Min

For everyday food

(milk, bread)

Meat & Fish Mode

3oC & Max

Meat & Fish without freezing them.

(Can store up to 7 days)

Soft Freeze Mode

1oC & Max

Meat & Fish with longer time & maintain food texture.

(Can store up to 14 days)

Power Cool & Max

Chill food or drink faster

(2 hours)

All Around Cooling

The All-Around Cooling system of Samsung’s BESPOKE TMF Refrigerator will cool each compartment evenly from corner to corner. So, when you put any items on the shelf or even in the box, they will also keep at the optimum temperature. Don’t worry that the temperature will run away after the door has been opened; it will quickly restore the ideal conditions to make sure all items are kept at the best and optimum temperature.

Active Fresh Filter

With the Active Fresh Filter of Samsung’s BESPOKE TMF Refrigerator, it had an activated carbon filter that was constantly sterilized and deodorized to make sure the food isn’t damage by the virus. Zeolite coated anti-bacterial mesh also can eliminate bacteria.

Check out BESPOKE Top Mount Freezer’s Retail Recommended Price with capacity ranges from 404L to 476L are as below:

Product Name

Model Code


BESPOKE Top Mount Freezer


476L, RT47CB66448A


476L, RT47CB66448C

476L, RT47CB66448J

476L, RT47CB664422

427L, RT42CB66443P


427L, RT42CB664412

427L, RT42CB66443V

427L, RT42CB6644C3

404L, RT38CB66448A

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