Home F&B FnB W Kuala Lumpur YEN, W Kuala Lumpur Debuts Its New Menu Featuring Modern Chinese With Fusion Twist
Home F&B FnB W Kuala Lumpur YEN, W Kuala Lumpur Debuts Its New Menu Featuring Modern Chinese With Fusion Twist

YEN, W Kuala Lumpur Debuts Its New Menu Featuring Modern Chinese With Fusion Twist

Tradition reimagined by Chef Tan Kim Weng

YEN, the accomplished Cantonese Restaurant, Chinese classics redefined, located at W Kuala Lumpur offering you an imperial ambiance with equal parts of being authentic and charming is proud to debut its new menu featuring modern Chinese cuisine with fusion twists. YEN which offers a balanced dining experience that is both convivial and elegant, made even more interesting with the inclusion of modern oriental elements.

Design components at YEN encased in dark oak flooring with contemporary lighting that features an enticing Oriental pattern of antique elements. With four big private dining rooms tastefully decorated with royal elements and combining modern furnishings with delicate Chinese details.

YEN serves a diverse array of avant-garde designs with a twist, as well as revamped traditional Cantonese dishes. For a thrilling experience, meals are complemented with Chinese tea. At YEN, every dish is unique in its own manner because there are no traditional boundaries.

Creating the smorgasbord of dishes is simple, but maintaining quality control is the most challenging part. Chef Tan Kim Weng, Executive Chinese Chef of W Kuala Lumpur's cooking philosophy, passion, and attention to detail is impeccable. "With each uniquely crafted dish and dessert at YEN, we want to be able to offer our guests and customers an exceptional dining experience."

With extensive knowledge in the culinary industry, the mastermind of YEN's excellent food is always ready to dive into the kitchen battlefield. His meals are meticulously layered, blended, and incorporate ingredients such as mushrooms, curry leaves, and seasonal vegetables.

Unveiling YEN's reimagined new menu, the inspiration and creatives that sublime through the spark of flavors, textures, and colors combining with premium ingredients that elevates YEN to another level of culinary masterpieces - offering about 23 options of the finest Cantonese and Chinese delicacies.

Some of the dishes that are a must – “The Golden Duck”, one of the highlighted dishes and most sought after at YEN with its rich flavor, moist duck meat, and crispy duck skin. With the emerging trends in the culinary world, YEN focused on driving towards more eye-feasting dishes but healthy and balanced at the same time.

Pick the one that is right for you and let’s bond over our dim sum order! YEN, the A-grade cuisine with explosive flavors.

YEN New Menu Highlights:
Highlights from the menu include the Braised Premium Fish Maw with Chicken Sauce and Air Dried Caviar on top; Pan-fried Japan Miyazaki Beef with Asparagus, Tomatoes and Oyster Mushroom; Pan Fried Foie Gras, Silky Bean Curd, Vintage Vinegar Pearl, Lemon Foam that are must have’s.

YEN’s Golden Duck (Whole Duck with 2 courses) – While Yen's luxurious, avant-garde setting will likely raise customers' expectations, the biggest joy will undoubtedly come when they order one of YEN's hallmark dishes, The Golden Duck. Whole duck coated with gold, crispy, paper-skin texture, just enough crunch, and tasty meat.

Cantonese Fried Sea Prawn tossed with Crispy Oats and Curry Leaves – Pan-fried, coated prawns rolled with oats leaving a buttery flavor along with assorted curry leaves. Giving the tasteful impact of a lightly crispy, chewy and flavorful oats that goes well with prawns.

Dim Sum
Serving a cultural experience in not only traditional bamboo steamer baskets, the newly launched Dim Sum menu consists of authentic and creative Cantonese dim sum specialties. Using traditional techniques and carefully selected ingredients, the authentic dim sum dishes are made to maximize the taste and freshness from Pan Sears Lamb and Cabbage Dumpling with Vinegar Sauce to Fish-shaped Prawn Dumpling and Lobster Ball and bird’s nest with Organic Vegetables Sauce and a variety of scrumptious and delectable Dim Sum’s.

Snowflake Chinese Pancake filled with Avocado paste – sprinkled with silky, fluffy icing sugar. A crispy deep-fried pancake with avocado paste served as the concluding course, often known as dessert. The pastry skin is formed from a dough comprised of water and oil, giving it the appearance of puff pastry.

Crispy White-Swan-shaped puffs stuffed with juicy Durian flesh - mostly made of puff pastry and sweet but not greasy durian fillings. As a lovely delicacy in YEN, and if you enjoy Durian, this is the one to try.

Milk Pudding paired with hints of truffles, and chilled Aloe Vera, honeycomb on the sides – A glass bowl served on a black plate with a swerve of banana leaf as its setting. Topped with chilled Aloe Vera, and a small black mound of truffle. Honeycomb sitting nicely on a teaspoon by the sides. A dessert with the right amount of sweet to wrap up your whole dining experience.

  • Tues – Sun
  • Lunch: 12PM – 2:30PM
  • Dinner: 6PM – 10PM
  • Monday Closed

  • YEN, Level 11, W Kuala Lumpur

Guests can enjoy high-quality delicacies in a unique dining experience with family and friends in one place. YEN Restaurant at W Kuala Lumpur is now available for bookings at bf.wkualalumpur@whotels.com or via WhatsApp https://wa.me/60123574788

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