Delivery partners have the opportunity to pursue tertiary education in business management

(L-R Shubham Saran, Head of Logistics, foodpanda Malaysia; Gopinath Ramakasinan, panda rider; and Prof. Dr. Jason Fitzsimmons, Vice-Chancellor, Manipal International University)

foodpanda, one of Malaysia’s leading food delivery platform signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Manipal International University (MIU) to collaborate and provide riders with the opportunity to pursue tertiary education. This initiative aims to help delivery partners enhance the skills and qualifications they need to advance their careers.

Through the collaboration, five industrious riders have been chosen to embark on a two-year sponsored journey to complete their Diploma in Business Management, comprehensive courses offered by MIU. In equipping them to ensure that they can fully focus on their studies, foodpanda will provide the riders with a free laptop and a complimentary hostel stay for the entire two-year course.

“At foodpanda, we are committed to nurturing and investing in the future of our delivery partners, who are the heart and soul of the business. We are always proud of their dedication and hard work, which is why we are excited to support and see their success in achieving a better future and quality of life,” said Shubham Saran, Head of Logistics, foodpanda Malaysia.

(L-R Shubham Saran, Head of Logistics, foodpanda Malaysia and Prof. Dr. Jason Fitzsimmons, Vice-Chancellor, Manipal International University)

"We are honoured to welcome the foodpanda riders into our campus and provide them with such a unique opportunity to transform their lives. This partnership exemplifies the power of education to drive positive change. We hope what we have started today will pave the way for more strategic partnerships in developing the people and overall ecosystem for Malaysia’s gig economy,” said Manipal International University’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Jason Fitzsimmons.

The collaboration aligns seamlessly with the commitment that foodpanda has given to the Malaysian government, following a dialogue with Prime Minister YAB Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim. The session emphasised the need to increase national funding for upskilling, training programmes, and other initiatives aimed at improving the social safety net for the parcel-hailing (p-hailing) rider community.

One of the recipients of the scholarship out of 60 applicants is R. Gopinath, a 41-year-old single father who has been a foodpanda rider for four years. “I had dreams and aspirations, just like everyone else. I wanted to go to university, so I could have a better life for myself and my family. But my dreams were shattered when I couldn't afford to continue my studies after SPM. My parents were already struggling to make ends meet, and I didn't want to burden them any further," he said.

"Being a foodpanda rider has helped me earn the ability to take care of my parents and kids. It's hard work, but I'm determined to stretch my limit. I'm very thankful to foodpanda and Manipal International University for giving me this opportunity. I'm excited for my future and I hope that this will equip me with the knowledge and skills to open my own restaurant," added Gopinath.

“Through our partnership with MIU, the participating riders can tap into the quality and comprehensive education that the institution has been offering for over six decades. This initiative will complement the many benefits and programmes we have already set in place to grow and upskill our delivery partners,” added Shubham.

Over the years, foodpanda has enhanced and extended various benefits to support delivery partners in many ways. A strong emphasis has been placed on growth and learning paths, where foodpanda has created various reskilling and upskilling courses for riders.