• Launched on 1 October, Burger King®’s latest flavour is available until November and offers a creamy, garlicky twist to fan-favourite meals, with each set meal accompanied by regular fries and a soft drink.
  • Customers who opt to upgrade their Garlic Mayo set meal with any NESTLÉ® drink between 1 October to 4 November 2023 will stand a chance to win an iPhone 15, or vouchers worth RM100.00 in cash, as part of Burger King®’s latest collaboration with NESTLÉ®.

Calling all burger lovers — Burger King® is thrilled to introduce an all-new twist to fan favourites with its latest addition to the menu; the Garlic Mayo Burger. Packed with creamy, garlicky goodness, their latest flavour is set to tantalise the taste buds by tapping into Malaysia's deep-rooted love for garlic, and all its byproducts.

A kitchen staple in homes across Malaysia, garlic has an aromatic allure that is hard to resist — especially when factoring in its versatility. Enhancing every dish it is added to without fear or favour and regardless of cuisine, the latest offering from Burger King® combines the rich essence of garlic with the creaminess of mayo, blending them in perfect harmony to create an explosion of flavours that will tempt even the most stubborn foodie.

But there’s more! Recognising the universal appeal of garlic mayo sauce, the garlic mayo menu also offers a twist to some classic crowd-pleasers, including;
  • Garlic Mayo Whopper: The classic Whopper burger with 100% beef elevated by the addition of a Garlic Mayo twist, creating a unique and satisfying taste.
  • Garlic Mayo Tendercrisps: Juicy, tender chicken (change to 100% muscle chicken) fillets coated with the luscious Garlic Mayo sauce.
  • Garlic Mayo Chick’N Crisp: Everyone’s favourite crisp, flavour-packed chicken strips drizzled with the signature Garlic Mayo goodness.
  • 5 Pieces of Nugget with Mayo Sauce: On the run and need a quick snack? Bite-sized nuggets paired with a delectable Garlic Mayo dipping sauce, offer a delightful option.
  • Mayo Fries: Crispy French fries generously smothered in the creamy Garlic Mayo sauce, delivering a delightful fusion of textures.

A taste that transcends borders and blends seamlessly into a wide range of dishes, the Garlic Mayo menu is a celebration of the diverse and rich culinary traditions of Malaysia, and one Burger King® is excited to introduce to their customers. Beyond their all-new flavours, Burger King® is also looking to amp up the fun for local foodies through their latest collaboration with NESTLÉ®.

In collaboration with NESTLÉ®, customers who purchase the Garlic Mayo set meal will stand a chance to win an iPhone 15, or vouchers worth RM100.00 in cash, when they upgrade they upgrade their set meal with any NESTLÉ® drink. A total of five grand prize winners, and 25 consolation prize winners will be selected each week between 1 October to 4 November 2023. NESTLÉ® drinks available for the upgrade include Iced MILO®, Iced SJORA®, Americano (Hot/Iced), Latte (Hot/Iced), Mocha (Hot/Iced), Teh Tarik (Hot/Iced), Chocolate (Hot/Iced), Hot Cappuccino and Tea.

Burger enthusiasts are invited to visit their nearest Burger King® outlet and embark on a flavour-filled journey with the Garlic Mayo Burger, embracing the aromatic allure of garlic and the creamy goodness of mayo in every bite.