Home Lifestyle Shieldtox Shieldtox Supports The Ministry Of Health To Safeguard Malaysians From Harmful Pest Related Diseases
Home Lifestyle Shieldtox Shieldtox Supports The Ministry Of Health To Safeguard Malaysians From Harmful Pest Related Diseases

Shieldtox Supports The Ministry Of Health To Safeguard Malaysians From Harmful Pest Related Diseases

Shieldtox, the leading aerosol pesticide brand in Malaysia, joined the Ministry of Health at the launch of Madani Afiat State Programme to enhance public awareness about dengue, providing Malaysians with the education needed to prevent its spread. This collaborative effort seeks to equip Malaysians with the knowledge needed to prevent the rising infection and death rates, reflecting Shieldtox's commitment to promoting pest-free environments and safeguarding public health.

Dengue fever remains a significant health concern, primarily transmitted by the Aedes mosquito. Malaysia has witnessed an alarming 139% increase in dengue cases due to rising temperatures, floods, and the reopening of all sectors, creating a conducive environment for Aedes mosquito breeding. This trend is expected to continue in 2023 and peak in the next two years.

In response to the pressing issue of the rapid spread of dengue, Shieldtox has taken proactive steps to mitigate its impact through extensive educational initiatives and community outreach programs. Their active involvement in a nationwide outreach campaign underscores their unwavering commitment to their mission of fostering pest- free environments that safeguard lives from the perils of pest-borne diseases. Additionally, the brand is making a significant contribution to the fight against dengue by generously sponsoring insecticides for communities grappling with high dengue infection rates. By being at the forefront of this battle, they aspire to completely eradicate the public health threat posed by mosquito-borne diseases.

Tiffany Tang, the Marketing Director for Health Malaysia & Singapore at Reckitt Malaysia, passionately expressed, "Through our partnership with the Ministry of Health, we aim to heighten awareness regarding dengue prevention and foster a pest-free environment. Our commitment to combating dengue in Malaysia is unwavering, and this mission is a continuous endeavor. We call upon communities to unite with us and actively contribute to dengue prevention efforts while spreading awareness to safeguard your loved ones."

With its longstanding presence in the market, Shieldtox plays a vital role in educating the public about the importance of using effective pest-repellent solutions to maintain a clean and livable environment. In 2018, Shieldtox organized community clean-ups in 15 dengue-prone areas throughout Malaysia. Additionally, as part of ASEAN Dengue Day, Shieldtox's Fight Dengue Campaign furthered educational efforts, featuring health lectures and exclusive roadshow events highlighting the importance of combating dengue fever. In 2020/21, due to the Movement Control Order implemented in the country, Shieldtox adapted its message, 'No Aedes, No Dengue,' to a digital platform through a partnership with TV3.

The fight against dengue continues with Shieldtox Multi Insect Kill, the brand’s newly launched aerosol-based insect repellent. This innovative pesticide is the first of its kind in Malaysia, revolutionizing pest control by eliminating both flying and crawling insects, including Aedes mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, and ants. With its advanced formula, consumers can now place their trust in a single aerosol-based insect repellent to effectively manage household pests. This not only simplifies pest control but also translates into substantial cost savings, offering consumers an all-in-one solution for their insect-related concerns.

In addition to Shieldtox's efforts, renowned brands Dettol and Harpic have also joined the fight against dengue fever. Dettol, known for its expertise in hygiene and disinfection, brought its extensive knowledge and products to educate the public about proper sanitation practices and maintaining a germ-free environment. By promoting the importance of maintaining clean and mosquito-free environments, as well as providing effective hygiene solutions, Dettol is making significant strides in safeguarding public health and contributing to the fight against Dengue. Their commitment to this cause reflects their dedication to creating a healthier, safer world for all.

Harpic, a trusted name in toilet hygiene, contributed its expertise in ensuring clean and sanitized toilet facilities, playing a crucial role in preventing the breeding of disease- carrying mosquitoes. Together, these brands are dedicated to raising awareness, providing education, and promoting hygienic practices to combat dengue in a relentless pursuit of a cleaner, healthier world.

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