Home DAdvance Agarwood Solutions Health Nan Yang Chen Xiang Embracing Aromatherapy for Mental Wellbeing: NYCX Champions Agarwood in Malaysia’s Mental Health Movement
Home DAdvance Agarwood Solutions Health Nan Yang Chen Xiang Embracing Aromatherapy for Mental Wellbeing: NYCX Champions Agarwood in Malaysia’s Mental Health Movement

Embracing Aromatherapy for Mental Wellbeing: NYCX Champions Agarwood in Malaysia’s Mental Health Movement

  • NYCX advocates for mental wellbeing, actively promoting awareness of the benefits of Agarwood in enhancing mental health and overall wellness.
  • Agarwood is used in aromatherapy, known for its stress-alleviating, relaxation-promoting, and meditation-enhancing properties.

Photo (L-R) Mr Wilson Tok, Psychologist, Professor Dr Looi Chung Yeng, Associate Professor, Taylor’s University, Dato’ Lewre Lew, Founder of Lewré Bespoke, David Liew, Founder & Group Managing Director of DAdvan

As mental health concerns increasingly weigh on Malaysia’s workforce, a fragrant, natural solution rises to prominence. DAdvance Agarwood Solutions Sdn. Bhd. (“DAAS”) - leading Agarwood agritech player and its brand, Nan Yang Chen Xiang (“NYCX”), intertwine the calming properties of agarwood with a proactive approach to mental health, offering both nature’s therapy and a path forward for corporate responsibility.

The economic and societal impact of Malaysia’s mental health crisis cannot be understated. It's not merely an issue of individual well-being but a significant economic concern that, if unchecked, according to EMIR Research, could drain approximately 1% of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP).

“The ripple effects of mental health challenges touch not just the individual but the very fabric of our nation, impacting our economy. At NYCX, we are deeply concerned about the 1% gross domestic product (GDP) impact and believe in harnessing the therapeutic benefits of Agarwood to make a difference.”, stated David Liew, Founder & Group Managing Director of DAAS.

Earlier this year, a study reported that a percentage of 51% of the workforce in our country, Malaysia, had expressed experiencing work-related mental stress. However, winds of change are evident. At Government levels more conversations are taking place on the topic meanwhile, selected insurance companies are also including mental health coverage as part of their plans. Yet, this is merely a start and NYCX believes it too can play a contributory role towards these efforts.

In conjunction with World Mental Health Day 2023, NYCX unveiled a captivating campaign titled, ‘World Mental Health Day: Empowering Employees’ Well-Being’. This initiative resonated with the essential belief in nature’s therapeutic capabilities, notably the aromatic tranquillity of agarwood, serving as a beacon of solace. Championing the intricate bond between mental well-being and our natural surroundings, NYCX took a robust step in spotlighting the imperative of mental health discussions.

The initiative culminated with a grand Mental Health Awareness event at KL Wellness City Gallery. Attracting over 100 participants, the session transformed the space into a hub of stories, support, and the therapeutic scent of agarwood. Speakers and guests alike shared their self-care rituals, mental health tales, and personal encounters with agarwood.

Emphasising the significance of their efforts, Liew added, “Our World Mental Health Day campaign is more than just an event; it’s a testament to our commitment. We have proactively kindled meaningful dialogues, underscoring the necessity for the workplace to evolve into spaces where mental health discussions transition from being exceptions to norms. Through the profound tranquillity offered by agarwood, we aim to remind everyone that peace is within reach, and together, we journey towards mental resilience. With that, the company has increased its distiller to 100 units by batches and expected to fully deploy by early 2024. Thereafter, we are able to produce 40kg of agarwood oil worth RM2.4 million per month”

At the event, NYCX was privileged to host three distinguished speakers who shared their invaluable insights: Dato’ Lewre Lew from Mi Qi, Wilson Tok from Thinkfast, Queenie Chin from NYCX and Associate Professor Looi Chung Yeng from Taylor’s University. Dato’ Lewre touched on the benefits of qigong while Wilson Tok delved into the intriguing world of photobiomodulation. Queenie Chin will guide us through the “Agarwood Fragrant Journey to Emotional Well-Being: Empowering Employees’ Well-Being”, while Associate Professor Looi will enlighten us on “Enhancing Mental & Physical Well-Being with Kynam Agarwood Tea” respectively.

“In line with our focus on mental well-being this World Mental Health Day, Kynam Agarwood Tea offers both mental clarity and revitalising wellness. Kynam tea is a caffeine-free brew that fortifies both mind and body. The antioxidant-rich ingredient guides Malaysians towards enhanced mental well-being and a brighter future”, said Looi.

Agarwood, with its rich history in Southeast Asia, has emerged as a key player in the aromatherapy sector. Its potential for mental well-being, especially against the backdrop of World Mental Health Day, is increasingly evident. The future promises growth, with the agarwood essential oil market projected to reach USD 64 billion globally. NYCX, through its innovative approaches and partnerships, aims to lead this growth, ensuring that agarwood’s calming properties reach those in need.

Beyond its economic potential, agarwood’s therapeutic essence offers relief from the modern world’s stresses - a fragrant solace that promises peace and mental clarity. In these challenging times, as mental health casts a growing shadow over Malaysia’s corporate world, DAAS through NYCX presents a unique fusion of nature’s tranquillity and proactive corporate responsibility for a brighter and mentally healthier future, scented with the calming of agarwood.

Founded in 2019 by two visionaries, Mr. David Liew and Mr. Davidoff Lim, DAAS infuses traditional Agarwood cultivation with cutting-edge bio-vaccine engineering. Born amidst global upheaval in 2020, their brand, NYCX, offers nature’s soothing touch in a range of products, bridging ancient wisdom with modern needs.

To take part in the conversation around mental health and agarwood use hashtags #nycx, #南洋沉香,#worldmentalhealth and #mentalwellbeing.

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