Home Agoda Travel Agoda Reveals New Horizons List for Malaysia's Travel Landscape
Home Agoda Travel Agoda Reveals New Horizons List for Malaysia's Travel Landscape

Agoda Reveals New Horizons List for Malaysia's Travel Landscape

Agoda, the digital travel platform, unveils its inaugural “2024 Malaysia’s New Horizons” list, featuring five destinations that have captured the imagination of travelers in recent years. This list, derived from search data comparisons, accentuates the growing appeal of emerging destinations in the country that have witnessed substantial growth in interest from both local and international travelers.

Enric Casals, Associate Vice President Southeast Asia at Agoda, noted, “While Malaysia's bustling metropolitan areas have traditionally garnered significant attention, we have observed a notable surge in searches for charming smaller towns and cities and other destinations over the past year.”




Kuala Terengganu






Alor Setar


Leading the charge are coastal paradises, with Pangkor Island claiming a 45% increase in search traffic. Nestled within Perak, about 70 km away from tourist hotspot Ipoh, Pangkor Island offers pristine beaches and diverse accommodations for both low-budget and luxury travelers. This tranquil sanctuary has become an irresistible draw for those seeking a serene and nature-centric destination.

Closely following is Kuala Terengganu, experiencing a significant 40% rise in search volume. A gateway to the East Coast’s finest islands and a cultural haven, Kuala Terengganu enhances its appeal to those in search of tropical idylls. The city's rich cultural heritage, diverse culinary offerings, and vibrant markets complement its role as a starting point for exploring the breathtaking beauty of the nearby islands.

Sharing the third position with 33% search growth are Kuantan and Miri. Travelers are drawn to Kuantan for its laid-back charm and the opportunity to explore the lesser-known wonders of Malaysia's east coast. Miri, on the other hand, captivates visitors with unique offerings, such as untouched nature reserves, lush rainforests, and the stunning Niah Caves. Miri's natural beauty and diverse ecosystems make it an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts seeking immersive and awe-inspiring experiences.

Rounding out the top five with a notable 31% growth in search traffic, Alor Setar, the capital city of Kedah, unveils a rich historical tapestry through landmarks like the Alor Setar Tower and the grandeur of the Zahir Mosque. Beyond its cultural gems, Alor Setar's allure extends to vibrant markets like Pekan Rabu, offering a taste of local life and an array of traditional delicacies. This makes it the preferred destination for culture and tranquility seekers alike.

Casals remarked, “It's interesting to see destinations like Pangkor and Kuala Terengganu gaining traction among travelers. These findings show more travelers are looking to expand their horizons and explore hidden gems beyond Malaysia’s key cities. We are committed to making these wonderful Malaysian destinations more accessible to both local and global audiences, offering some of the best deals to capture the imagination of today's experience seeking travelers."

Agoda’s platform, which offers over 3.9 million holiday properties, along with flights and activities, provides travelers with the convenience of planning and booking a comprehensive Malaysian adventure. These emerging destinations present an exciting opportunity for travelers to discover new facets of Malaysia and see more of the world for less.

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