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Home Samsung Galaxy Technology All Snap, No Bend #UpgradetoS24

All Snap, No Bend #UpgradetoS24

After Hours Aesthetics
Ever been all the way at the back of the crowd at a nighttime concert and tried to snap a picture of the lead singer, only to end up with a blurry mess? Yeah, we've all been there. Not getting a good shot to post can be frustrating – your Instagram followers just have to see what you’re seeing. But fear not, because with the Galaxy S24 Ultra's Nightography Zoom, those blurry concert shots are a thing of the past. The Galaxy S24 Ultra has stepped up its game by offering the ability to capture high-resolution 8K videos. Yeah, you heard that right – 8K. This isn't just in standard mode either, but also in 1x and 5x optical zoom modes. This nifty feature is like always having a front seat ticket for your camera – it enhances distant subjects even in low light, so you’ll always get crystal-clear shots of your favourite band's performance. With Nightography Zoom, every concert becomes a photo op waiting to happen – the only problem you’ll have is choosing which picture to post.

Credit to Arinna

Megapixels for Mega-Moments
The Galaxy S24 Ultra camera setup is seriously impressive. On the back, there’s a quad-lens setup that’s basically a photographer's dream come true. First up, there's the mind-blowing 200-megapixel ultra high-resolution camera, which is like having a professional-grade DSLR in your pocket, ready to capture every detail with stunning clarity. Then, you've got the 12-megapixel ultra-wide lens. It's perfect for ensuring no one gets cut out of the frame in those large family gathering photos, from grandma's beaming smile to the little ones goofing around at the edges. But wait, there's more. The Galaxy S24 Ultra also comes equipped with a 10-megapixel 3x telephoto lens, giving you the power to zoom in on distant subjects without losing any detail. Whether you're at a beach or trying to snap a photo of wildlife, this lens has got you covered. And if that wasn't enough, there's also a 50-megapixel 5x periscope camera. It's like having a whole set of zoom lenses at your disposal, allowing you to get up close and personal with your subject no matter how far away they are. You can rest assured that the Galaxy S24 Ultra has all your photography needs covered.

Get ready to show the world your perspective like never before. The Galaxy S24 Ultra is all about helping you snap and share those unforgettable moments with style. Whether you're clicking away at breathtaking landscapes or catching candid shots of your crew, this phone brings out all the vibrant colours and tiny details, near or far, making every moment pop like it's right in front of you.

Upgrade to Galaxy S24 Series Today!
  • Users upgrading their device to the Galaxy S24 series before 30th of April 2024 will enjoy a slew of deals[1] including
  • Up to additional RM650[2] enhanced trade in[3]
  • Free Galaxy Watch6[4] (44mm) worth RM1,199
  • Up to RM800 PWP on selected Galaxy Wearables, Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Buds[5]
  • Up to 45% off on Samsung Care+ & Accessories[6]

To purchase Galaxy S24 devices, please click the respective links below:

[1] On a first come first served basis. Terms and conditions apply. While stocks last.
[2] Applicable to selected devices only
[3] Any device condition is accepted. Only available for selected postcodes.
[4] With every purchase of Galaxy S24 series. Limited units, first come first served basis. Terms and conditions apply. While stocks lasts.
[5] With every purchase of Galaxy S24 Series. Limited to selected Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Watch only. RM200 discount on first PWP item, and additional RM500 on second PWP item. PWP promotion not applicable to products in the same category. RM100 discount for PWP of selected Galaxy Buds.
[6] 30% off PWP for Samsung Care+. Up to 45% off PWP for selected Samsung accessories. Samsung account login is required for certain AI features. Galaxy AI features will be provided for free until the end of 2025 on supported Samsung Galaxy devices. Different terms may apply for AI features provided by third parties. Promotion is valid while stocks last. Terms and conditions apply.

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