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Home LADA Langkawi Development Authority Travel Langkawi Welcomes The World, Residences At Sea, And Celebrates Tourism Resurgence

Langkawi Welcomes The World, Residences At Sea, And Celebrates Tourism Resurgence

Langkawi, the pristine and serene island destination, is brimming with anticipation as it prepares to extend a warm welcome to The World, Residences at Sea, for its inaugural docking on May 15th. This highly anticipated arrival marks a significant milestone as The World becomes the 32nd cruise ship to grace Langkawi's enchanting waters, contributing to the island's reputation as a premier luxury travel destination. A little welcoming ceremony is planned to commemorate this special occasion, adding a touch of celebration to the event.

The World, Residence at Sea

In 2023, Langkawi experienced a remarkable resurgence in tourism, witnessing a substantial increase in visitors flocking to its shores. Enhanced connectivity, including improved air and ferry services, has made Langkawi easily accessible, with three ports facilitating travel: Telaga Terminal at Telaga Harbour Marina, Pantai Kok, Kuah Jetty, and Langkawi Cruise Terminal, catering to super yachts and large cruise ships alike.

For cruise ships capable of accommodating super yachts and large vessels, Langkawi saw a significant hike in visitors aboard cruise ships in 2023. The total number of cruise visitors reached 31,456, with December contributing to 21,727 visitors and November at 6,969, marking a substantial increase compared to 2022's 3,261 cruise visitors.

The Langkawi Cruise Terminal, recognized for hosting major cruise lines, serves as a gateway to Langkawi's wonders. While public transport options remain limited, five-star hotels extend chauffeur services to their guests, ensuring seamless transitions from cruise ship to shore.

LADA CEO, Dato’ Haslina Hamid with The World Resident

Gracing Langkawi's docks on May 15th is The World, renowned for its super luxury experiences. What sets The World apart is its unique offering-a lifestyle, a community, and an adventure seamlessly integrated into one luxurious voyage. Residents aboard The World will awaken to breathtaking views of Langkawi's 99 magical islands and its UNESCO Global Geopark.

Since its maiden voyage in 2002, The World has redefined luxury travel with its continuous worldwide itinerary, spanning over 1,000 ports of call in more than 120 countries. Each journey aboard The World is not just about reaching destinations but also about the enriching experiences and lasting memories created along the way.

The World is committed to sustainability, leading the way in eco-conscious travel with advanced wastewater treatment systems and initiatives to reduce single-use plastics. Preserving the planet's beauty is a core value embedded in every aspect of The World's operations.

With 165 Residences offering spacious living tailored to Residents' preferences, and onboard facilities including a spa, fitness center, and multiple dining options, The World ensures that every need is meticulously catered to.

The World Resident arriving at the Langkawi Cruise Terminal

Langkawi's allure extends beyond luxury; it boasts ultra-cheap duty-free shopping, fascinating legends, and captivating natural wonders. From eagle viewpoints to pristine beaches, every stop promises a unique experience, whether indulging in local cuisine or seeking familiar comforts.

As The World makes its prestigious stop in Langkawi, it reaffirms the island's status as a must-visit destination for luxury travelers. Langkawi eagerly awaits The World, Residences at Sea, for an unforgettable experience in paradise.

Langkawi cultural welcome for the inaugural The World arrival

While Langkawi celebrates The World's visit, it remains welcoming to all cruise ships, offering a warm embrace to travelers seeking extraordinary experiences. The resurgence of tourism in Langkawi is evident, with statistics showcasing a significant increase in visitors, reaffirming the island's appeal as a premier destination.

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