i-City mampu jadi segi tiga emas Selangor

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Pembangunana pesat kawasan sekitar pacu potensi pertumbuhan Pembangunan pesat di i-City yang bakal menempatkan pusat beli-belah dengan keluasan 940,000 kaki persegi, Central i-City, mampu menjadikannya salah satu pusat kawasan segi tiga emas di Selangor.

Menteri Besar Selangor, Amirudin Shari, berkata pembangunan di i-City serta kawasan sekitar seperti Klang dan Shah Alam dilihat mempunyai potensi yang baik. “Ia adalah satu ruang ekonomi yang baik kepada rakyat Selangor dan penduduk Shah Alam dan Malaysia,” katanya pada Majlis Ramah Mesra Tahun Baharu China bersama Persekutuan Persatuan-persatuan Hokkien Malaysia di Hotel Concorde Shah Alam, baru-baru ini.

Sebelum ini media melaporkan, I-Bhd dan Central Pattana, pemaju rangkaian pusat beli-belah terbesar di Thailand menandatangani perjanjian pada Mei 2013, bagi penubuhansyarikat usaha sama membangunkan pusat beli-belah di i-City, di Shah Alam.

Menerusi perjanjian itu, I-Bhd dan CPN Global Company Limited (CPN Global), anak syarikat milik penuh Central Pattana Plc menubuhkan syarikat usaha sama bagi membangunkan pusat beli-belah yang bernilai RM580 juta.

Ditanya adakah kerajaan Selangor menyaksikan lebih banyak pelabur asing memasuki pasaran negeri itu dengan kehadiran Central Pattana, Amirudin berkata, kerajaan negeri sangat mengalu-alukan kehadiran mereka selain pentadbiran negeri mempunyai dasar yang mesra pelabur selain ia memberikan layanan terbaik sama ada terhadap pelabur tempatan mahupun antarabangsa.

“Atas sebab itu kita mendapat pemain industri seperti Toyota, Ikea dan Daiso baru-baru ini dan reputasi itu kita akan kekalkan secara berterusan,” katanya.

Selangor dijangka mencatatkan jumlah pelaburan tahun lalu iaitu pada RM14 bilion, kedua tertinggi dalam tempoh 10 tahun ini. Amirudin berkata, jumlah itu dua kali ganda melepasi sasaran RM7 bilion yang diletakkan kerajaan Selangor. Bagaimanapun, katanya pengumuman rasmi mengenainya akan dibuat oleh Lembaga Pembangunan Pelaburan Malaysia (MIDA).

“Perkara ini akan diumumkan secara rasmi oleh MIDA. MIDA ada menyebut kepada saya ia mungkin mencapai RM14 bilion. Ia adalah pencapaian yang baik kerana melebihi RM11 bilion hingga RM12 bilion. “Kalau ikutkan rekod selama 10 tahun, ini pencapaian kedua tertinggi. Kali terakhir pada 2014 apabila kita mendapat lebih RM15 bilion pelaburan. “Ini menunjukkan ada kepercayaan komuniti perniagaan antarabangsa kepada Malaysia dan Selangor mendapat limpahan daripadanya kerana sedikit sebanyak Selangor mempunyai pintu masuk dan infrastruktur seperti jalan raya,” katanya.

“Ia adalah satu ruang ekonomi yang baik kepada rakyat Selangor dan penduduk Shah Alam dan Malaysia” Amirudin Shari, Menteri Besar Selangor.

Ambank Collaborates With Wechat Pay My

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As part of AmBank Group’s transformation agenda, the Group is focused on enhancing its digital capabilities through strategic partnerships.

Leveraging on the increase in e-wallet penetration in the market place, AmBank collaborates with WeChat Pay in 2018 to offer cross-border merchant acquiring services. Today, that partnership has extended to include its local wallet, WeChat Pay MY.

“AmBank is pleased to be one of the only two local banks in Malaysia to be collaborated on both cross-border and local wallets,” said Dato’ Sulaiman, Group Chief Executive Officer of AmBank Group.

“Since the launch of our WeChat Pay for cross border transactions, we have seen encouraging numbers in terms of transaction volume, resulting from the convenience experienced by users on this payment platform,” added Sulaiman.

The bank has launched several gamification campaigns via its WeChat official account since last year and has gathered a substantial number of followers in the span of a year.

The AmBank WeChat official account serves to provide valued customers with added convenience and ease in connecting and conversing with the bank. Apart from showcasing AmBank’s latest promotions, events and announcements, this touch-point leverages on gamification and campaigns to reach out to WeChat’s large base of digital users.

Other features, which are made available on the AmBank WeChat official account include branch locators, application for credit cards, loans, private retirement schemes and unit trusts as well as quick reference to the latest foreign exchange rates offered by the bank.

“Follow us on WeChat and link your Debit Card to the WeChat Pay MY to start enjoying the convenience of mobile payment,” added Sulaiman.

“Moving forward, we are looking at extending the wallet capability of WeChat to our SME base, revolutionising the way SME businesses can capitalise and leverage on e-wallet. Moreover, it also allows AmBank to lead the way in the digital-wallet ecosystem particularly for SMEs,” concluded Sulaiman.

A.S. Watson Group Opens Its Worldwide 15,000th Store in Malaysia

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The grand launch also marks the company’s 500th store in Malaysia located at newly-launched Central i-City

Growth Continues at Record Rate
For the fourth year in a row, A.S. Watson’s new store opening continues to be at an average speed of one store every seven hours across its 25 markets in Asia and Europe.

The worldwide 15,000th store opening of A.S. Watson coincides with its 500th store opening of Watsons in Malaysia, one of the fastest growing countries for beauty and wellness products. Watsons is the flagship retail brand of A.S. Watson with over 7,200 stores in 13 markets in Asia and Eastern Europe.

The new store is located in Central i-City, a new shopping mall in Malaysia, and it uses technology to enhance customer experience and connect offline and online. The 4,200 square-feet G8 design store is equipped with 2 StyleMe, AR (Augmented Reality) technology, to showcase the latest fashionable product, in a fun and engaging way for customers.

Watsons’ Hi Mirror skin analysis device is also available for customers to assess their skin conditions at the store. G8 represents the 8th Generation of the Watsons store design incorporating extensive customer and store team feedback, as well as market research of latest trends on shopping experience.

It will roll out across the region in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Turkey later this year. Watsons Malaysia has already rolled out its Self-Check Out and Click & Collect services in the new store – the latest Click & Collect Express services enable online shoppers to collect their purchases within just four hours at the store.

This gives a more convenient experience to our customers where they can skip the long queues in the payment process and have a more efficient alternative of paying quickly with electronic payment.

With the trend of digitization, the launch of the Watsons digital membership card enables our customers to carry the card on their phone, making it easier for members to earn points right away and keep track of their account and transaction anytime, anywhere. While social media platforms and mobile apps have become the key channels to engage with our customers.

O+O Strategy - Strengthening Customer Connectivity Online and Offline
Mr Dominic Lai, Group Managing Director of A.S. Watson Group is very excited at the celebration event of this important milestone, “The continued success of our business is about customer connectivity – our ability to connect customers with products, trends and experience they want in beauty, personal care, health and wellness.

Our O+O (Online and Offline) strategy focuses on providing an extensive store network, excellent in-store customer service, most relevant health and beauty assortment, combined with seamless digital experience and loyalty schemes that help to put smiles on customers’ faces.”

Globally A.S. Watson has over 135 million loyalty members and has been investing HK$1 billion (approx.US$128 million) in digital since 2012 to enhance customer experience and enable the business to build data-driven approach to stay closer to customers’ needs.

A Thankful Celebration
Mr Lai continues, “We are one of the longest standing companies in the world with 178 years of history. To be able to reach yet another critical milestone, this is only possible with the love from our customers, passion and commitment from our 140,000 colleagues around the world, and the unfailing support from our business partners.”

From one dispensary in Hong Kong to 15,000 stores worldwide, A.S. Watson has built close relationship with customers and a strong team of 140,000 colleagues. The celebration activities in every market will be about thanking customers and showing appreciation to colleagues. There will be campaigns in every market to celebrate, including member-exclusive benefits and special offers, both offline and online.

The vibrant launch of Watsons’ newest store saw some 300 guests in attendance. From the shopping aisle to the catwalk, the launch showcased the Watsons Fashion Aisle concept to highlight Watsons as a lifestyle brand that struts its way into the lives of Malaysians.

This included opening performance featuring the ‘Colours of Malaysia’ that comprised a Muhibbah Dance accompanied by different cultural music that celebrated Malaysia’s rich diversity. This was followed by a video presentation of a Watsons’ new store in Central i-City, before ending with a fashion showcase of a Special Edition T-Shirt by Watsons Celebrity Friends commemorating A.S. Watsons’ 15,000th Store.

Supporting the runway fashion show were international supermodel Amber Chia, popular Malay band, Elite Group, Asia’s Next Top Model finalist, Rubini Sambathan, with other hosts of local celebrities such as John Tan, Fiqrie Dahari, Thanuja Ananthan, Anuja Ananthan, and Vivienne Oon.

Anmum™ Essential with Dates supports Malaysian mothers with #BuildingGoodness in children

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Thanks to Anmum™ Essential, Malaysian mothers can now provide their children with dairy goodness and real dates in a new and delicious way. Anmum™ Essential with Dates is a formulated milk powder for children aged one and above and three and above with real dates.

Together with real dates, this unique formulation with Mind-Q Connect™ contains DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) and 2x more GA® (Gangliosides), as well as prebiotic, Inulin. Inulin helps to maintain a good intestinal environment to support a good digestive system. A good intestinal environment is important for absorption of nutrients.

“It is every mother’s wish to nurture and nourish her child so that they may live a healthy and blessed life.” said Karen Ong, Marketing Director of Fonterra Brands Malaysia, the dairy giant behind the brand Anmum™ Essential. “As a brand, Anmum™ Essential believes in supporting mums through their motherhood journey in nurturing their child by instilling good values, so that their child becomes the best that they can be. We also believe that mums can nourish their children by providing good nutrition, so that they are able to develop well mentally and physically. These are the two priorities in parenting that we aim to support Malaysian mothers with Anmum™ Essential with Dates.”

Dates are amongst the longest-cultivated fruit in the world, and is well-known and prized for their health benefits for centuries. Irene Cheah, Marketing Manager at Fonterra Brands Malaysia, said, “Dates are known to provide dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals and energy.”

Anmum™ Essential with Dates is now available at all major retailers such as Tesco, Mydin, Aeon, Aeon Big, and other key baby centres and Chinese Medical Halls. With a well-rounded and delicious formulation to help them grow happy and healthy, this new formulated milk powder for children is going to become a daily enjoyment for many Malaysian children.

Back to school: Fonterra distributes school supplies to Orang Asli children in Kampung Pertak

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Last month, Fonterra Brands Malaysia (Fonterra) and non-profit organisation Yayasan Salam held its flagship Back to School event with the Orang Asli children in Kampung Pertak, giving out school supplies and holding a graduation ceremony for students.

At the event, Fonterra distributed school essentials, including school bags, stationery sets and books, to more than 30 students, and also celebrated the graduation of students who had completed their course of studies at the ENHANCE learning centre.

Established by Fonterra and Yayasan Salam in 2013, the ENHANCE (Enhancing Health, Nutrition and Education for Children) centre was created to improve the Orang Asli children’s education, health and nutrition in the Kampung Pertak community.

Manisya Ismail, Co-operative Affairs Manager, Fonterra Brands Malaysia, said the annual Back to School event has been a key part of Fonterra’s programme to uplift the well-being of the Orang Asli community in Kampung Pertak, and provide children with educational opportunities.

“Education is key to creating opportunities in life and employment, and we believe every child should have access to good education. Through the Back to School event, we have been able to help reduce families’ financial burden and more importantly, help lay a strong foundation in education for the children.

Cikgu Atiq, who has been teaching at the ENHANCE centre since it was established, said the school supplies have been essential to the students’ development and have provided greater access to education for the Orang Asli children in the Kampung Pertak community.

“Over the years we’ve seen more children join the ENHANCE learning centre, and this couldn’t have been possible if they didn’t have the basics such as textbooks, stationery and school bags.

“We’ve seen tremendous progress in the children’s learning abilities and personal development. Some of them couldn’t even recognise numbers, shapes and colours before they had joined the programme. We are grateful to Fonterra and Yayasan Salam for all their help and support, which have provided these children with so many more opportunities.”

Celebrate Sajian Nusantara with a Culinary Journey at Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur

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Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur presents a culinary journey across Asia, curated by celebrity Chef Dato’ Fazley Yaakob with Executive Chef Junious Dickerson. From May 6 to June 4, 2019, the Chefs will take centrestage at the show kitchen of CurATE, the Hotel’s lively all-day restaurant.

Chef Fazley, known for his exceptional culinary talent since his student days at Le Cordon Bleu (Paris), began his star-studded career when he won MasterChef Celebrity Malaysia in 2012. He has followed this up with numerous other milestones, including the Most Distinguished Le Cordon Bleu Alumni (Paris) and the Golden Chef Award at the Malaysia International Gastronomy Awards 2018.

Chef Fazley’s signature menu promises guests a celebration to remember, bringing together flavours from Thailand, Indonesia, China, India and of course Malaysia.

Hosted in the bright, airy interiors of CurATE, this dining experience is a wonderful way for family and friends to celebrate a special time of the year together. It also opens a window into cherished food customs in different Asian cultures.

“We are very excited to have Chef Dato’ Fazley Yaakob on board, and to introduce his secret recipes and distinctive cooking style to our guests. Since CurATE overlooks Kuala Lumpur’s impressive skyline, our feast will also offer some incredible sunset colours,” says General Manager Tom Roelens.

For corporate groups or guests seeking a more exclusive setting, the Hotel team would be delighted to arrange a private and personalised celebration, combining the true essence of Sajian Nusantara with renowned Four Seasons hospitality.

Chef Fazley’s signature menu will be available every evening during this time. It is priced at MYR 178 nett per person May 6-12 and May 31 - June 4; and at MYR 208 nett from May 13-30, 2019. Early bird savings of 20 percent is available for bookings made before April 21 with 50 percent deposits for May 6-12 and May 31 – June 4, 2019.

For reservations call +603 2382 8630.

Hackathon winners announced at LIMA 2019

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AirAsia and the Ministry of International Trade and Industry’s Aviatar 2019 aerospace hackathon winners have been announced at the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA) today.

Announced by AirAsia Deputy Group CEO (Technology and Digital) Aireen Omar and Ministry of International Trade and Industry Secretary General Dato’ Lokman Hakim Ali, team BringFly from University of Malaya emerged as grand prize winners for their best solution to the challenge of aviation in the future.

Team BringFly’s robot is the ultimate cabin and cleaning check solution. Complete with image recognition, the robot is able to identify and check life jackets are correctly stowed, perform vacuum and general cabin cleaning duties, as well as pin-point such issues to cabin crew. This solution will help to minimise the time it takes for aircraft cabin checks, ultimately helping to reduce impacts to the airline’s on time performance (OTP).

Team BringFly will travel to France later this year supported by GIFAS, where they will visit a number of aerospace companies including Airbus, Air France Industries, Daher, Safran, Thales, WeAre Group and SEMIA to further develop their idea. Runners up; team Deltas and 5G will also be provided the opportunity to expand on their ideas with leading aerospace companies in Malaysia and Japan.

AirAsia Deputy Group CEO (Technology & Digital) Aireen Omar said, “We are extremely impressed by the creative problem-solving and technical capability of these group of students. They have demonstrated some truly innovative thinking, and we look forward to seeing how these ideas can transform our industry.”

Ministry of International Trade and Industry Secretary General Dato’ Lokman Hakim Ali said, “Aviatar 2019 provides the best platform for university and secondary students to express their ideas, creativity and innovation in developing smart solutions for the aerospace industry. This effort is in line with the initiatives of the Malaysian Aerospace Industry Blueprint 2030 that emphasised on industry-led Research and Technology in order to develop new competencies.”

The hackathon was designed to foster aerospace innovation and creative thinking, bringing together more than 300 college and university students to explore and unlock digital-centric thinking around the future of aviation.

Aviatar 2019 is co-organised by AirAsia, the Education Ministry, Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Aerospace Malaysia Innovation Centre and French Aerospace Industries Association (GIFAS), in collaboration with the University of Nottingham Malaysia, Invest Selangor, the Higher Education Department, and the National Aerospace Industry Coordinating Office.

Malindo Air Spread Its Wing To The Land of the Rising Sun

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Malindo Air OD0888 has touched down in Sapporo, Japan today at 6:20p.m. (local time) with 145 passengers on-board its inaugural flight. The flight departed from Kuala Lumpur at 7:40a.m., and stopover at Taipei, Taiwan for an hour before heading to Sapporo.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held at the departure gate of New Chitose International Airport before sending off the passengers of OD0889 from Sapporo to Kuala Lumpur.

Chandran Rama Muthy, CEO of Malindo Air said, “Today is a new milestone to Malindo Air as we spread our wings to the land of the rising sun, Japan, which also represents the 17th country that we service in our network.”

“Japan has always been close to Malaysia, as we share strong ties through the economy trade, education, as well as food and cultural exchange. Our first link to Sapporo brings travellers to a city with cooling weather throughout the year, unspoiled nature and attractions such as volcanoes and natural hot springs,” he continued.

“We would also like to bring in more international traffic to Malaysia, in support of boosting local tourism and airport arrivals. Moreover, we will continue to explore flying into other cities in Japan,” he added.

There are 3 weekly flights to and from Kuala Lumpur. Booking is now available at a promotional fare of RM799 for Economy Class and RM1,999 for Business Class, on Malindo Air website www.malindoair.com, ticketing offices, customer care centre and its preferred travel agents.

Zouk Genting Revolutionises Night Life Entertainment In Malaysia

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Zouk Genting has got the party started, 6,000 feet above sea level at Resorts World Genting comprising two clubs, three entertainment establishments and a restaurant, Zouk Genting is the culmination of meticulous planning that will raise the nightlife bar in Malaysia and in the region. The escalator leading down to the Zouk Atrium is the entrance to a whole new world that our guests never have to leave with Zouk Genting, RedTail by Zouk, RedTail Karaoke and the upcoming vibe dining restaurant FuHu.

"Zouk Genting will be more than just a club. We are a total experience, a space where our visitors can leave their troubles behind, and for a few hours you can live your dreams," says Joseph Ryan, the project director of Zouk Genting. "This is the most technologically advanced nightlife offering ever to be seen in Malaysia. With a stage fit the world's greatest DJs as well as the industry's biggest live performers, Zouk Genting will be the epicentre for musical entertainment in Malaysia and in Southeast Asia."

The club is powered by the team behind the Zouk Singapore -- a clubbing powerhouse that was recently voted as the third best club in the world in the DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs DJ Ranking. At the heart of Zouk Genting are two clubs -- Empire by Zouk and the titular Zouk Genting main room. Designed in homage to the global cultural reach of hip-hop culture, Empire showcases the genres best music, art and fashion -- all from Bronx-inspired graffiti to Compton-infused flows. Empire by Zouk is 5,000 square feet in size, housing a bar and 20 tables with space for 600 revelers.

Up to 1200 party-goers can be housed at the main spac, a visual extravaganza, with lighting designed by global leader LEDs Control, who have channeled their experience with massive nightclub brands like Amnesia to create a dazzling space topped with 'spaceships' decorating the roof.

Zouk, at 8,000 square feet -- equal in size to Zouk Singapore -- has three bars, 30 tables and two private rooms that expands to fit 1800 if the partition in between Empire is opened up. Over the course of its 25 years, Zouk Singapore has welcomed every single big name DJ in the world -- household names like Tiesto and Hardwell -- and that roster will be equalled in intensity and frequency by Zouk Genting.

More than just a dance floor, the Zouk Genting stage will also showcase live performances and acrobatic aerialists, accompanied by a state- of-the-art The Void sound system and cutting-edge audio/visual equipment. Besides technology, Zouk Genting will also be a showcase for urban art -- the space is decorated by an arresting series of street-flavoured artwork by Southeast Asian artists curated by Singaporean art consultants The Artling.

Visit Malaysia 2020 Campaign Logo Design Competition: 586 Entries Received

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The Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture through Tourism Malaysia received a total of 586 submissions for the Visit Malaysia 2020 logo design competition after the last day of submission.

The competition which ended on 24 March, was open to Malaysians aged 18 years and above.

Now, the task to select a suitable winner has begun with a panel of judges reviewing all submissions. A winner is expected to be announced by end of April.

The winner of the competition will walk away with a cash prize of RM3,000 along with a certificate while the first runner-up will receive RM2,000 in cash and a certificate, second runner-up will receive RM1,000 and a certificate and five consolation prize winners will each receive RM250 and a certificate.

The competition is part of the Ministry’s efforts to encourage Malaysian citizens to participate in the VM2020 campaign by contributing their creative ideas to the logo creation. The chosen logo design will then be used in the local and international promotion of VM2020.

The Visit Malaysia 2020 campaign is founded on Vision 2020 and focuses on promoting the sustainability of tourism, arts and culture.

Petronas Awards Two Offshore Blocks In Peninsular Malaysia

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Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS) has awarded Block PM407 and Block PM415, approximately 160km offshore Peninsular Malaysia, to PTT Exploration and Production Hong Kong Offshore Limited (PTTEP HKO), a wholly-owned subsidiary of PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited (PTTEP) and PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd (PETRONAS Carigali), a wholly-owned subsidiary of PETRONAS.

A signing ceremony for the Production Sharing Contracts (PSC) and Joint Operating Agreement (JoA) for the Blocks, awarded as part of the 2018 Malaysia Bidding Round, was held here yesterday.

PTTEP HKO is the operator for both Blocks, with a participating interest of 55 percent for Block PM407 and 70 percent for Block PM415, while PETRONAS Carigali owns the remaining 45 percent and 30 percent in the respective Blocks.

Signing respectively on behalf of PETRONAS, PETRONAS Carigali and PTTEP HKO were the Vice President of Malaysia Petroleum Management (MPM), PETRONAS, Muhammad Zamri Jusoh; Vice President of Exploration, Upstream, PETRONAS, Emeliana Rice-Oxley; and Executive Vice President, Geosciences, Subsurface and Exploration Group, PTTEP, Kanok Intharawijitr.

Witness for the signing were Senior Vice President, Business Development 1 Division, PTTEP, Chalongrut Ya-anan; Head of Legal, MPM, PETRONAS, M Ilhami Idris; and Head of Legal, PETRONAS Carigali, Azizi Md Ali.

Malaysia Bidding Round is an event organised by PETRONAS to market Malaysia’s acreages to existing and new companies who are interested in conducting exploration and production in Malaysia.

Malindo Air Announces Flights To Adelaide

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Malindo Air will begin its new service to Adelaide from 16 April 2019. Booking is now available at a promotional one way fare of RM679 for Economy Class and RM2,399 for Business Class, on the Malindo Air website www.malindoair.com, ticketing offices, customer care centre and preferred travel agents.

There are 4 flights from Kuala Lumpur weekly, on every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Flight OD173 will depart from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) at 7:55p.m. and arrive at Ngurah Rai International Airport (Bali) at 11:05p.m. At 12:05a.m. the following day, the flight will continue and arrive in Adelaide Airport at 6:40a.m.

Flight OD0174 from Adelaide Airport will depart at 7:40a.m. and arrive in Ngurah Rai International Airport (Bali) at 11:45a.m. At 12:45p.m. the flight will continue and arrive in KLIA at 3:50p.m.

A narrow-body Boeing 737-800/900 aircraft, comprising 12 Business Class and 150 /168 Economy Class seats will be deployed for the flight.

Chandran Rama Muthy, CEO of Malindo Air said, “We are thrilled to have Adelaide as the 4th addition to our Australia network, after Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne. It is also the 56th destination in our network across 17 countries that we fly to. Passengers who have flown with us enjoy the comfort and the business class option that we offer.

“As for Adelaide, we anticipate business, leisure and VFR (Visit Family and Relative) travellers, and will certainly explore on more frequencies in the near future. With this, we hope to boost passengers’ traffic at the airports and promote local tourism,” he added.

Adelaide Airport Managing Director, Mark Young, said, “We are excited to welcome Malindo Air to Adelaide, offering a full-service product to Bali and on to Kuala Lumpur. It further opens up domestic Indonesian connections via Bali through Malindo Air’s sister entity, Batik Air.”

“Malindo Air will also be the first carrier since 2006 to offer a Business Class product directly between Adelaide and Bali.

“This service provides South Australian passengers with more choice when heading to two of our most popular destinations, and also creates opportunities to attract South East Asian visitors to our city and local attractions.”

Adelaide is a coastal capital located in South Australia. The city offers an experience bursting with culture, flavours, events and entertainment. Travellers will often enjoy soaking up the sun at one of their Instagrammable metropolitan beaches, strolling in the lush parklands and sprawling botanic gardens, or using it as a gateway to Australia’s outback or the spectacular wildlife on world-renowned Kangaroo Island.

For updates on Malindo Air’s latest activities and promotions, please connect with us via Twitter (https://twitter.com/malindoair), Facebook (facebook.com/MalindoAirMalaysia) or Instagram (instagram.com/malindoair).

*All timings stated are local time in 24-hour format.

Tourism Malaysia “Ekspresi Media – Kenyir 2019” Programme To Uncover Hidden Gems Of Terengganu

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A total of 22 media representatives from various newspapers, magazines and social media platforms, are taking part in the Ekspresi Media - Kenyir 2019 programme from 18 to 21 March. This initiative by Tourism Malaysia is to engage with local media and encourage them to promote tourist destinations in Terengganu, especially as a build-up to the Visit Malaysia 2020 promotion campaign.

Organised for the first time, the programme has elements of sightseeing and product inspections, hands-on experiences and product briefings by professionals in the industry to provide a well-rounded experience of Terengganu and showcase some of the state’s hidden touristic gems. Moreover, the programme also aims to forge closer relations between the tourism promotion board, the tourism private sector players and the media.

The media will gain some fascinating experiences including feasting on local cuisine such as nasi dagang at popular establishments that have gone “viral” on social media; praying at the beautiful Tuanku Nur Zahirah Mosque which is also known as Masjid Terapung; trekking to explore the Bewah Cave; staying the night on a houseboat on Kenyir Lake; swimming with the kelah species of fish; and feeding elephants.

They will also have opportunities to get photography tips from Canon Malaysia and learn from the experience of famous Malaysian comic artist, Ujang. Several Terengganu tourism industry players will also come forward to explain about their development plans for the state’s tourism growth.

Tourism Malaysia hopes that the media will share stories of their Terengganu explorations with their readers and audience in their respective publications or social media platforms and in turn create the interest for them to visit Terengganu.

It is expected that some 40 to 50 stories will be generated by this group of participants, consisting of feature articles and postings and stories on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and blogs. From the sharing and re-posting of these entries, Tourism Malaysia looks forward to gain between 2 million and 4 million audience reach as the outcome of the Ekspresi Media – Kenyir 2019 programme.

Fully utilizing the power of social media, hashtags such as #tourismmalaysia, #malaysiatrulyasia, #cuticutimalaysia, #vm2020 and #ekspresimedia2019 will be used throughout the programme to gain more traction for the publicity.

For this inaugural edition, Tourism Malaysia has partnered with Terengganu Tourism Department, KETENGAH, PERHILITAN, Kuala Terengganu Police Department and Canon Malaysia.

AirAsia adds Sony noise-cancelling headphones to Premium Flatbed

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AirAsia continues its partnership with Sony, with the introduction of new noise-cancelling headphones to its award-winning Premium Flatbed cabin*.

The new WH-1000XM3 noise-cancelling headphones are fitted with adaptive sound control, meaning they can detect and adjust to the aircraft environment, providing an overall enhanced experience for guests.

AirAsia Group Head of Ancillary Barry Klipp said, “Following customer feedback and the successful trial of the noise cancelling headphones on our Kuala Lumpur - Tokyo route, we are delighted to extend and introduce this new partnership with Sony. Our Premium Flatbed is award-winning, and the best value premium product in the sky. We are thrilled to once again raise the bar to provide an even better premium cabin experience.”

Sony Malaysia Managing Director Satoru Arai said, “We are delighted to deliver our Sony WH-1000XM3 wireless noise-cancelling headphones to all AirAsia Premium Flatbed guests, which will take the inflight experience to the next level with Sony's innovative QN1 processor and deliver a great audio experience 35,000 feet above the ground.”

To celebrate this announcement, AirAsia is offering fares on Premium Flatbed from only RM 799** for flights from Kuala Lumpur to Jeju, Tianjin, Taipei, Fukuoka, Perth and others. Book on airasia.com and the AirAsia mobile app from 18 March 2019 to 24 March 2019 for immediate travel until 31 August 2019.

In addition to the new noise-cancelling headphones, Premium Flatbed guests will enjoy Xcite inflight entertainment tablets, universal power sockets, adjustable headrests, built-in personal utilities, a pillow and duvet, as well as priority check-in, priority boarding, priority baggage, 40kg baggage allowance, complimentary meals and access to the AirAsia Premium Red Lounge at klia2.

To commemorate the launch of the new noise cancelling headphones, AirAsia and Sony have unveiled a special Airbus A330 livery. This follows the success of its joint #ThroughTheLens ambassadorship and campaign which ran in 2018. Keep up-to-date with AirAsia's latest promotions and activities via Twitter (twitter.com/AirAsia), Facebook (facebook.com/AirAsia) and Instagram (instagram.com/AirAsia).

* Available in Premium Flatbed Cabins of all scheduled AirAsia X Malaysia (D7) flights greater than 5 hours.
** All-in fares including taxes and fees. Refer to Terms and Conditions here.