With the rapid growth of emerging technologies in today’s competitive landscape, Malaysia Airports continues to drive operational and service efficiency through innovation and improvement activities at its network of airports. This commitment was showcased at the organisation’s Innovation Day 2019 held earlier today that also witnessed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the aspiring service leader and the National Applied Research and Development Centre (MIMOS) in the aim to drive technological excellence further. Present at the event were the chairman of Malaysia Airports, Tan Sri Zainun Ali; group chief executive officer of Malaysia Airports, Raja Azmi Raja Nazuddin; the interim president and chief executive officer of MIMOS Berhad Puan Emelia Matrahah; senior general manager of Information Technolgy of Malaysia Airports, Mr. Lee Yiang Ming; and chief technology officer MIMOS Berhad, Mr. Thillai Raj T Ramanathan.

According to Raja Azmi, “We have been intensifying our efforts to improve operational efficiency and service quality at our airports to ultimately transform into a service leader. In fact, our Service Culture Transformation Programme is currently ongoing and I truly hope that our employees are fully embracing the concept of creating happy guests by becoming caring hosts. While a superior service culture is core to this transformation, another intrinsic element would be the spirit of innovation. Innovation is the cornerstone to our organisation’s sustained growth and prosperity.”

In 2018, Malaysia Airports identified 192 innovative initiatives to improve the passenger journey at its airports of which, 90% have been implemented. These initiatives included improving wayfinding, reducing queue time and congestion, as well as providing helpful information to passengers at critical touchpoints. Many of these service improvements resulted from passenger feedback and requests.

Throughout the years, the organisation has been keeping up with various prestigious accolades and recognitions for its innovations both at the national and international levels. For example, the three teams that drove operational efficiencies for Building Services; Electrical Power System; and Baggage Handling System received awards respectively during the National Team Excellence Convention 2017 and went on to win gold awards at the International Quality & Productivity Convention held in Batam, Indonesia last year.

As for the National Team Excellence Convention 2018, the initiative by the Aeronautical Ground Lighting (AGL) Team 1 was listed among the top 20 best projects. The other initiatives by the Baggage Handling System (BHS), Utilities and Environment, and AGL 2 teams secured the 4-star awards.

As a matter of fact, the AGL Team 1 did so well that they have been chosen to represent Malaysia Airports at the International Convention on Quality Control Circle 2019 in Japan later this year.

Thillai said in 4IR, transportation and customer experience are among areas that would see disruptions, and his team of researchers and engineers have been working on Smart Transportation solutions for the past few years. “MIMOS will work closely with MAHB in supporting Industry4WRD (the national policy on Industry 4.0) by rendering expertise in relevant advanced technologies, focusing on enhancing Malaysia Airports’ predictive maintenance capabilities,” he said.

“To improve overall operational efficiency and enhance airport experience, it is crucial to employ technologies that are able to detect operational anomalies. Combining the power of IoT, machine-learned model and edge computing, our solutions will strengthen Malaysia Airports’ predictive maintenance capabilities, hence support in more precise decision-making,” he said.

The MoU between Malaysia Airports and MIMOS will act as a strategic digital and technology driven catalyst in providing technical advisory for the development of Malaysia Airports’ Unified IoT Technology Platform with Machine Learning (ML) capabilities for Predictive Maintenance (PdM) for its network of airports’ facilities and systems in alignment of the National IoT Roadmap.  The new platform can also be extended for the benefits of Big Data Analytics (BDA) and Airport 4.0.

Malaysia Airports Continues To Drive Operational Efficiency Through Series Of Rapid Transformations Showcased During Its Innovation Day