Home Samsung Technology Staying Cool and Healthy as You Work, Live, and Play at Home
Home Samsung Technology Staying Cool and Healthy as You Work, Live, and Play at Home

Staying Cool and Healthy as You Work, Live, and Play at Home

Samsung shares advice on how to keep you comfortable and healthy for maximum satisfaction 

It can be almost unbearable at certain times of the year where we have to deal with the scorching heat and high humidity levels, often leaving us feeling sticky and uncomfortable. When traveling to cooler climates or even hiding out the entire day in a mall are not available options to consider, we tend to find ourselves stuck at home battling the stifling heat.

Here are some tips to help you and your family stay comfortable and healthy at home:

Cool your house naturally
Take note of which part of your house is hotter at different times of the day. For example, a West-facing window may attract too much sunlight and heat from the setting sun. In these instances, you can consider closing the window, or even cover it with blinds or curtains during this time of the day.

While you might not feel the effects of it, appliances that are switched on but not in use can generate a surprising amount of heat. Common culprits that often go unnoticed include TVs, personal computers, as well as lights in vacant rooms. Turn these appliances off when they are not in use, rather than leaving them on standby.

Optimize Your Air Conditioner
The easiest way to cool down a room is to turn on the air conditioner. To make sure that the air conditioner is optimally used, do close all windows and doors so that cool air does not leak out unnecessarily. Often, people do not pay attention to the temperature and direction settings of their air conditioners. This will result in uncomfortable situations where rooms are too cold or air conditioners blowing cool air directly at people.


Invest in a Next-gen Smart Air-conditioner
The Samsung Wind-Free™ Air Conditioner features Wind-Free™ Cooling technology that gently and disperses air through 23,000 micro air holes, eliminating the unpleasant feeling of harsh cold wind hitting the skin directly. If you need the room to be cooled down fast, switch to the Fast Cooling mode that cools the air 43% faster [1].

Removing the guesswork from choosing the perfect settings, the Wind-Free™ Air Conditioner has an AI Auto Cooling function that automatically adjusts the temperature to optimize the room’s climate conditions, guaranteeing total comfort for you and your loved ones at all times.

If you’re worried about rising electricity bills, you’ll be glad to know that the Samsung Wind-Free™ Air Conditioner consumes minimal power while operating in its Wind-Free™ Cooling mode, using up to 77% less energy [2] compared to the Fast Cooling Mode. Furthermore, the SmartThings app allows you to turn the air conditioner on and off remotely, or even set a schedule to turn off during the cooler parts of the day.

Clean and Maintain Your Air Conditioners
Air conditioner maintenance and servicing is often neglected in most homes, which could pose a bigger machinery or even health problems in the future. As time passes, dust and even micro-organisms get accumulated into the components of the air conditioner, impeding proper airflow and forces the unit to work harder to cool the room, leading to increased energy consumption and higher energy bills. Therefore, it is advisable to consider arranging an air-conditioner servicing company to do scheduled quarterly maintenance to ensure that it runs in tip-top condition.

In between this regular servicing, homeowners should also perform simple maintenance and cleaning of the air conditioner once every two weeks, especially if it is used daily. The Samsung Wind-Free™ Air Conditioner comes with easily detachable filters and a removable front panel that allows for cleaning with water or a vacuum. With a 3-Step Auto Clean function, the Samsung Wind-Free™ Air Conditioner also ensures the purity of air in the home by preventing the growth of harmful micro-organisms by eliminating the moisture within the indoor unit, thus providing you and your loved ones with cleaner and healthier air.

Ensure That Your Refrigerator Is In A Strategic Spot At Home
Grab a ruler and head to your kitchen! As a guide, your home refrigerator needs to be situated at least 5 cm from walls on both sides and 10 cm from the wall at the rear. If it is not well-ventilated, the freezer temperature could rise and food may start to defrost when the overall room temperature starts to rise, as it does in hotter months. In addition, ensure your fridge-freezer is not placed in a conservatory or direct sunlight during the summer months. Such locations are likely to exceed 40°C on warm sunny days which could cause the internal temperature of your appliance to rise too.

Maximize The Features Of Your House Refrigerator To Its Fullest Potential
A well-stocked fridge can make a world of difference as you spend more time at home, drastically improving you and your family’s quality of life. However, making sure that your fridge is well-stocked requires discipline and is often a bane for busy families.
Featuring the Shopping List app, the Side by Side with Family Hub refrigerator allows you to manage your groceries more efficiently by adding any items that need replenishing into the app and have it synced right to your smartphone, allowing you to view it conveniently as you make your grocery runs [3]. Furthermore, the View Inside function provides you with a quick glance into what’s in the fridge remotely3, ensuring that you never run out of your favourite snacks. Side by Side with Family Hub is the ideal smart home appliance for busy families because it provides smarter food management, streamlined family communication and home entertainment, and single-point control of your Samsung’s smart devices, all from the refrigerator itself.

Reward Yourself with Icy Treats on Demand
If you have performed the above tips, it is time to reward yourself with some icy treats. You could have just bought ice cream which may have turned soft after a 30-minute journey home from the warm temperature outside. With the Power Freeze feature, the Side by Side with Family Hub refrigerator cools your frozen foods and treats down in a flash within the freezer. For the main refrigerator, the Power Cool feature is especially useful after a large grocery haul as it keeps your foods perfectly chilled and fresh.

Relax and unwind at the end of the day with some light entertainment from the music playlist of the Side by Side with Family Hub refrigerator entertainment system. Our home is where we spend the majority of our time living, playing, and now working as well, thus making perfect sense to understand how your daily appliances can be smart enough to help you achieve the ideal living environment and lifestyle for you and your loved ones.

Samsung Wind-Free Air Conditioner (1 HP) is available at RRP RM2,399, while Samsung Side by Side with Family Hub is available at RRP RM8,999.

[1] Tested on the AR12TXCAAWKEU model compared with the Samsung conventional model AQ12EASER, under certain defined test conditions. According to accredited test results, individual results may vary.
[2] Tested on the AR07T9170HA3 model, based on the power consumption of Fast Cooling mode vs. Wind-Free™ Cooling mode, under certain defined test conditions. According to accredited test results, individual results may vary.
[3] Compatible with phones with Android 4.0 and higher or iOS 7.0 and higher. Requires download of Smart Home app.

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