Haris Rashid, one of Malaysia’s fastest rising visual artist has launched his solo exhibition ‘3:33’ at art gallery ZHAN Art | Space. Rashid’s current exhibition, which is featured online, probes into a form of escapism resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, runs from now to 7th March 2021.

Rashid’s exhibition aims to transport his audiences to exotic realms through his striking artworks that depict an idyllic fantasy world to ignite their wildest imagination. His subjects often retreat into the galaxy and are infused with symbols, numerology, myths and metaphors.

‘3:33’ represents one of Rashid’s most personal and spiritual works as he discovers fantastical surreal motifs from merman to flower visions as well as local and international folklore. Rashid is known to use mixed media in his artworks comprising wood, paper, glass, corals, a rattan mat and sarong to recreate unworldly narratives. The series of work began in February 2020, which also marked the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia.

“During the last lockdown, I was at home and I started using things around me, taking things apart and applied different shapes and texture to my pieces – this was my new reality, escapism. With 3:33, I aimed to capture surrealism and fantasy art in a way that allows us to seek transformative experiences in the unexpected,” said Haris Rashid.

Among the works, ‘Astral Travel 2’ in particular highlighted the depths of Rashid’s mind and imagination using blues and pastels to demonstrate absolute magnitude and sheer luminosity. The round artwork represents the infinite worlds and realities, which mirrors the galaxy, a vast unknown reflecting a contrast between our present world.

“Haris Rashid current exhibition ‘3:33’ is the perfect stimulant to our senses and to kick start 2021 positively. Through his works, the audience will be able to experience and escape momentarily to a world without the Covid-19 pandemic. Each artwork is produced in an unconventional and meditative way, reflecting the colourful and complex mind of an artist,” said Desmond Tong, founder of ZHAN Art | Space.

The exhibition features over 40 artworks and are ranged between RM88 to RM7,888. To experience and dive deeper into Haris Rashid’s make-believe fantasy, visit @zhanartmy on Instagram.