Island King users have exceeded 10 million! Malaysians such as Alieff Irfan, Isa Isarb and Zukie Muhammad are also players of the game.

Recently, you are not sure how to interact with family and friends during the pandemic period? Perhaps you can try out Island King, an exquisite animated design casual mobile game. Since the game was launched last year, it has maintained at the Top 3 rankings in Southeast Asia countries such as Thailand and Taiwan for more than two months. This game was also recommended by Google in its official selection four times in a row.

Island King is not only popular in other parts of Southeast Asia, but has also attracted Malaysians such as Alieff Irfan, Isa Isarb and Zukie Muhammad to start their journey with this game during MCO 2.0. Curious how Island King become a popular game in Southeast Asia? Here are four reasons why you should download and play this game:

Experience being an island owner with your friends at home
Social tools have become essential to communicate between you and your friends during MCO 2.0. Island King makes it easier for you to connect to Facebook and interact with your friends in real-time. You are allowed to attack each other among friends, steal their gold coins to upgrade your island, and also have the opportunity to become the master of islands among your friends.

If you don’t want to destroy your friendship because of the game? Perhaps you can try to help your friends by collecting cards, trading items, and forming a tribe to achieve a win-win situation. This group of reliable friends can help you to fight in the game, and become the best defence to respond to attack. Most importantly, this will help you to protect your fortune in the game.

Spin and build islands to spice up your life
This game uses the magical wheel as the main tool to earn your fortune, attack, raid, or steal coins from other island owners. You can also grab your friends' gold coins to upgrade or unlock new destination islands when you are lucky enough to spin the steal or raid options on the magical wheel!

When you are spinning the wheel, you can also choose x3, x5 or larger bet at one time, so that you can turn once and get several times of gold coins to become the leader in the adventure. The gold coins in the game can be used to upgrade or unlock new islands. While conquering the islands, you can also see different types of designs, allowing you to be inspired with new ideas while working at home. You can also share pictures of the islands with your friends to have new excitement and joyful moments.

Exquisite animated design and attractive storyline
This story design allows you to appear in a heroic way. In this storyline, Luna, a little girl and her friend have decided to embark on a thrilling journey to look for her missing father. However, the only way to access is to cross over an ocean, so Luna needs your help to travel through unique villages and overcome the difficulties together to have her father back.

In the journey, you will be able to explore a variety of sceneries with different themes through Island King such as Viking Settlements, Indian Palaces, Mystic Temples and many more unique world-inspired destinations. Although you are experiencing MCO 2.0 at home, you can enjoy the scenery in animated design to slightly satisfy your urge to travel around.

Seasonal activities to accelerate the process of upgrading your island
When you are playing mobile games, you want to level up faster than others. You can always participate in in-game operational activities and seasonal events to expand your islands. Try out the recent 2021 New Year event or smash golden eggs to give you more chances to quickly get gold coins. You can also collect seasonal cards in the game, just like the New Year's limited card set that was launched on 19 January 2021. Each card has its special blessing!

Sharing your happiness is much better than enjoying your happiness on your own. Invite your friends to become one of the island owners! With that, you will receive extra opportunities to spin the magical wheel, and also speed up your journey. If you don't want to trouble your friends, you can also watch reward advertisements to get extra chances.

Download now and start your adventure in Island King! You can download Island King through Google Play Store and iOS Store.