Home PUBG Mobile Technology Find Love, Friendship And More Through Valentines Event In PUBG Mobile
Home PUBG Mobile Technology Find Love, Friendship And More Through Valentines Event In PUBG Mobile

Find Love, Friendship And More Through Valentines Event In PUBG Mobile

A “Dream Team” campaign, sharing player’s stories - including marriage proposal via PUBG MOBILE in-game surprise

Set in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, PUBG MOBILE encourages the community members to express their feelings for the special one through in-game surprises. Debuting a heartfelt video about love and friendship between squad mates, this exclusive recap showcases several instances of PUBG MOBILE players expressing their gratitude towards one another, including multiple guest appearances from popular content creators in Malaysia and around the world.

Earlier this month, PUBG MOBILE united players around the world to create unique in-game surprises for their cherished teammates. As part of the content update Version 1.2 “Dream Team: My Heartfelt Message” event, players can collaborate with PUBG MOBILE for confessions of love, birthday wishes, and expressions of gratitude to squad mates - even marriage proposals! By sending a request form and writing their short story, players with the best messages will have the chance to implement customized pop-up banners, advertisements and aircraft cards for their friends, team mates or loved one to see in-game.

This is also the first of its kind in mobile games to express the hearts of players in such a special way. During this event, PUBG MOBILE expressed its care, attention, and respect to its players. Players also expressed their appreciation, support and trust in their teammates through this event. Check out each “Dream Team Surprise” and even see how popular influencers such as ManParang from Malaysia, Bennymoza and Bangpen from Indonesia, Powerbang and ZooTay, United States and more expressed their gratitude to those closest to them. Below are some of the surprise stories that players can tune into:

Story from ManParang, a Malaysian PUBG MOBILE pro player and a loving husband. He prepares an in-game surprise and invites his beloved wife, Umara, to play PUBG MOBILE together on Valentine's Day. In this surprise, ManParang expressed his love and gratitude for Umara support in his Esports career. A romantic yet emotional moment for both of them. “On this occasion, I’d like to say thank you to my wife who always accompanies me during tournaments and streaming. We also really appreciate PUBG MOBILE support and involvement which help make my husband what he is today, a professional esports player.”

Lucas and Natalia's surprise story from South America who met during a PUBG MOBILE live stream and gradually became a couple. On the eve of Valentine's Day, when they were in-game as usual, Lucas gave a heartfelt confession to his love, Natalia, and surprised her with a marriage proposal. With PUBG MOBILE as a witness, they had a successful engagement and spent a very meaningful Valentine's Day. "I just want to say that I love you, and you are the most special person I have nowadays in my life. I thank God for you showing up on my PUBG MOBILE live stream. Since then, you have become my partner in duo games and also my partner in life. Bringing you from Rio Grande do Sul to Minas was the best choice I've made. I want to thank you for everything that you have done for me and what you are still doing, and say that you are an amazing woman. I have this special surprise for you. I hope you like it!"

Additionally, there are more and more stories from fans which can be watched on the official PUBG MOBILE YouTube channel here. For instance, Powerbang, a popular streamer in PUBG MOBILE and his wife Courtney that have been together for over thirteen years. Rami and Rima are a pair of siblings from the Middle East. Asad and Nimra, a young couple from Pakistan and a popular streamer couple in the Pakistani community. Egoist and Kızıl, a Turkish couple who met and got to know each other in PUBG MOBILE, and the game is an important bond for them from which they build their understanding and trust. ZooTay and Sakuma from North America that plan to pursue gaming and Esports together and many more!

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