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Home Agoda Travel For The Love Of The Job: Agoda Salutes Hospitality Champions

For The Love Of The Job: Agoda Salutes Hospitality Champions

Nominate your “Hospitality Champ” to win a well-deserved break for your nominee and yourself.

Hot on the heels of Valentine’s Day and leading up to the upcoming Chap Goh Mei celebrations (often regarded as the Chinese Valentine’s Day), love is certainly in the air! To get into the spirit, Agoda is celebrating love of a different kind – the love for the job, specifically for those in the tourism, travel and hospitality industries.

As a global digital travel platform, Agoda, presents travellers with easy access to a global network of over 2 million properties across the world, and is saluting the tens of thousands of “Hospitality Champs” in Malaysia - those who go over and beyond their call of duty, to make your stay, meal or trip extra memorable, and all for the love of their job. You know who they are, it might be the concierge that found you the perfect romantic dining spot, the housekeeping staff that laid out extra treats or helped with extra amenities to make your family stay more enjoyable, or the chef who created the perfect breakfast omelette or the hotel General Manager, who adds that extra level of service that makes your experience sublime – the ones who make us feel like a million bucks; like we are the most important people in the world.

“There is a notable maxim among those in the hospitality and tourism sectors, that it’s not necessarily the big things, but rather the little things that hospitality staff do to make their guests’ day, that really make them stand out and get noticed. These staff champion our industry through good and bad times by going above and beyond their roles and responsibilities, with one mission in their minds – to make their guests happy and their stay memorable,” said Mr. Errol Cooke, Vice President of Partner Services, Agoda.

“At Agoda we want to pay tribute to these Hospitality Champions, who display this zeal and passion, all for the love of their job and their guests via the #AgodaHospitalityChamps campaign, which invites travellers and industry patrons to nominate their Hospitality Champ, outlining what they did to make their stay so memorable, so we can send them on a well-deserved getaway,” he explained.

The #AgodaHospitalityChamps campaign launches on 18 February 2020, inviting Malaysia residents to nominate their hospitality champions and share their story. The Agoda Hospitality Champ nominee could be anyone working within the hospitality industry, be that in hotels or holiday accommodation, transportation including airlines, buses, car rental or tour guides.

Visit https://bit.ly/3dgEFjd and share your nominations now for the chance to win a break ($750 AgodaCash) for each of the top three nominees, plus $250 AgodaCash each for the nominators.

Nominations and entries will be judged on the inspirational power, with a clear demonstration of how the nominated Hospitality Champ has excelled in their service or gone above and beyond to showcase exceptional standards in hospitality, plus clarity of story - the ability to convey the story in an interesting and engaging manner.

Each participant is only entitled to submit one entry. However, the nominated Hospitality Champion can be nominated by more than one entrant.

Here’s what’s up for grabs. The three best heart-warming stories will win the respective Agoda Hospitality Champ a getaway in the form of RM3000 (USD 750) in AgodaCash, which is valid for accommodation bookings on Agoda.. Meanwhile, the winning entrants will themselves win RM1000 (USD 250) in AgodaCash.

So what are you waiting for, Malaysia? Reciprocate your love this season for our Hospitality Champs. This is essentially your platform to pay tribute to our Hospitality Champs all across the country. Do it soon, however, because entries will only be accepted until 4 March 2021. Make your voice count!

More information about the #AgodaHospitalityChamps campaign can be obtained in the Google entry form link: ttps://bit.ly/3dgEFjd.

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