Local website, KitaJaga.co provides convenient and safe setup for public who want to help people who have put up White Flags

Going purple – Malaysians proudly flying purple flags to encourage others to step forward to give 

When Malaysia went into an extended lockdown, many Malaysians struggled to get by. Many families who did not have the means to cover their basic necessities such as food, baby formula and rent resorted to putting up a white flag outside their homes, as a desperate call for help. The white flag movement captured the attention of the world with many Malaysians eager to help and donate but were unable to, citing concerns of their own health safety especially during the strict lockdowns. Now, despite the restrictions being eased up gradually, people are still wary of stepping outside unnecessarily.

KitaJaga.co is aimed at making an immediate and real difference to the lives of struggling Malaysians by bridging the gap between those who need help and those who want help.

To support those who had put up white flags, the Purple Flag Movement was introduced. If a White Flag represents those who need help, what if a Purple Flag could represent the generous spirit of Malaysians who want to help?

According to Reza Razali, founder of Kita Jaga, “At a time where sentiments around the country were at an all-time low, we wanted to create a solution that demonstrates the positive and generous spirit that lives within all Malaysians by bringing people from all walks of life together to help one another through a simple flag. It is an ongoing problem that’s already affected thousands of Malaysians and rather than just create awareness around it, we have created a platform for Malaysians to actually do something about it – a solution for Malaysians by Malaysians.”

It’s so easy to join the Purple Flag movement:
  • Register at KitaJaga.co
  • Simply pin a virtual purple flag to your location
  • Prepare your donation (e.g. daily necessities such as dry groceries, baby products, stationery, etc)
  • Let Kita Jaga know you want to help and are ready with your donation

The Purple Flag team will then arrange to collect and pass donations to homes with white flags, with no charge, ensuring the safety of both donor and receiver.

White flags far outnumber purple flags on Kita Jaga website

Currently, the number of white flags on KitaJaga.co far outnumber purple flags at a ratio of 17:1 and the purple flags are declining progressively. This shows the pressing need for more donors to come forward and help those in need by ensuring that their pleas do not go unnoticed.

Everyone is welcome to join the Purple Flag movement. It was launched early September in selected states. To understand the Purple Flag movement, watch below on how others are doing their bit and how you can help those in need. Quoted in the video is Reza Razali, founder of KitaJaga.co.