Home Lifestyle Twitter #OnlyOnTwitter 2021: Memorable Conversations that Connect Malaysians on Twitter
Home Lifestyle Twitter #OnlyOnTwitter 2021: Memorable Conversations that Connect Malaysians on Twitter

#OnlyOnTwitter 2021: Memorable Conversations that Connect Malaysians on Twitter

Twitter reveals conversations that bring Malaysians together on Twitter

Without a doubt, 2021 is another challenging year for everybody, as there are so many things that have happened. However, 2021 is also a year where Malaysians discover and reconnect with communities that share the same passions as them. From sharing new takes on local delicacies, a heartfelt message on spending time with your loved ones, excitement over childhood favourites,coming together to support a disabled man's business, or just cracking some jokes, Malaysians come to Twitter to connect and create more memories despite facing intense challenges this year.

Be it to stay updated on global events or to spread joy, Twitter has truly been the place for Malaysians to come together. We have compiled conversations that captured the magic that happened #OnlyOnTwitter in 2021. We relive the moments that made you laugh, touch your heart, shed a tear, and most importantly, remind you that we’re all in this together. Read on as we revisit some of the top moments of the year, based on conversations on Twitter in Malaysia between 1 January - 15 November 2021.

The Tweets that connected Malaysians on Twitter[1]
2021 has really brought out the best in Malaysians, especially in reconnecting with their loved ones and those who are in need. One of the most engaged Tweets in 2021 comes from actor and musician, Naim Daniel (@naimdanielx) who reminded us all to spend time with our loved ones while we are still able to do so.

Twitter is also the place where people share their compassion with others during the hard times shown in this Tweet shared by Shykynn (@shykinn) who urged support for a disabled man’s online business. This light-hearted Tweet reminds us of the meaning of small acts of kindness and the power of rallying support which can have a big impact. Another popular Tweet in 2021 that struck the chord with Malaysians on Twitter is by a popular chef in social media, Khairul Amin (@khairulaming), who uses Twitter to share his takes on various local dishes.

The hashtags that sparked conversations in Malaysia[2]

The most Tweeted hashtags in 2021 showcase the different sides of Malaysians that happens #OnlyOnTwitter. Conversations range from digital assets, K-Culture, gaming, movies, and sports. Unsurprisingly, #covid19 is Malaysia’s top hashtag, with the country facing a lockdown in the middle of the year and many people turned to Twitter for timely updates on developments and to share their thoughts on the situation. Interestingly, newcomers for this year’s Most Tweeted hashtags reflects Malaysians growing desire for alternative investments or fascination with cryptocurrencies in general (#bitcoin) and interest on an upcoming Tamil-language action thriller (#valimai) which sparked lively conversations among Malaysian Indians.

  • #Ateez - The K-pop industry never fails to entertain our fellow Malaysians. Ateez, a rising Korean boy-band, swooned the Malaysian K-pop fans with their hit album comeback, Zero: Fever Part 3.
  • #bitcoin - From price speculations to Elon Musk’s Tweet, Malaysians Tweet everything cryptocurrency related and there’s tremendous focus and attention being paid to Bitcoin.
  • #bts - Whenever we mention BTS, it’s no longer ‘behind the scenes’. It is now known as the Best-K-pop-Group in-The-World. BTS had swept almost every award they have been nominated for and became the first Asian artist to reach global recognition.
  • #Covid19 - When we talk about 2021, it’s impossible not to mention this hashtag. Malaysians rely on Twitter to get timely announcements on lockdown regulations, vaccination news, and standard operating procedure (SOP) updates. The nationwide lockdown at the end of May further fueled the conversation surrounding the never ending pandemic.
  • #genshinimpact - As one of the best gacha games, Genshin Impact makes 2021 a year full of patchwork and innovative updates. Introducing new regions like Inazuma and its’ Archon, new quests, and new playable characters, had piqued the interest of many online gamers worldwide.

From offline to online; these doctors are sharing their perspectives through Twitter[3]
It’s also truly unique to observe that this year that doctors and medical experts are becoming more active on Twitter to share credible health-related information, and to clarify COVID-19 vaccine-related misleading or fake news to the public. Malaysians are paying attention to the doctors who are sharing their perspectives in real time as new developments unfold or to just get health tips and insights.

From Dr. Samhan (@DoktorSamhan) Dr. Amalina (@DrAmalinaBakri), Dr. Beni Rusani (@DrBeniRusani), Dr. Mahyuddin (@DrMahyuddin), and Dr. Redza Zainol (@Redza Zainol), doctors have been actively using Twitter to discuss many issues related to health issues, tips, and positive messages to help those who are in need.

Accounts that show diverse conversations in Malaysia[4]
Conversations in Malaysians Twitter are increasingly diverse in 2021. From conversations about entertainment to the emergence of health and content creators accounts that evolved from niched conversations to mainstream, as Malaysians connect with what matters to them.

Previously, conversations around medical and health might have been a niche topic in previous years. But, in 2021, it has grown to be one of the most talked about topics in the country. Malaysians come to Twitter to find information from Dr. Nimelesh (@HausofHilton) and Khairul Hafidz (@khairul_hafidz).

Emojis speak louder than words[5]
Malaysians use emojis to communicate and express themselves with one another on Twitter. This year's popular emojis include crying, laughing, emoji which shows how this year has been a roller coaster for everyone in the country. Emoji is more than an avenue to communicate sadness. It is also a way to showcase happiness and pride. The 🥇 and 🏁 (finish line) emojis were used by Malaysians to celebrate athletes’ achievements in global sports.

The gold medal emoji 🥇 made the list as the Malaysian rising badminton star, Lee Zii Jia won his first match during the All England Triumph alongside with the finish line emoji 🏁 when the track cyclist Azizulhasni Awang (@azizulawang) made the country proud by winning Malaysia’s first ever silver medal for the men's keirin at the biggest sporting event in Tokyo.

[1] Source: Twitter internal data, 1 Jan - 15 Nov 15 2021. Measures the combined metrics of RT, QT, Likes from people within Malaysia that engaged with the Tweets. Twitter only features one Tweet per account and doesn't consider Tweets that offer rewards in exchange for followers or Retweets.
[2] Source: Twitter internal data, 1 Jan - 15 Nov 2021. Tweets that include the given hashtags from Malaysia.
[3] Source: Twitter internal data, 1 Jan - 15 Nov 2021. Tweets that include the given accounts from Malaysia.
[4] Source: Twitter internal data, 1 Jan - 15 Nov 2021. Tweets that include the given accounts from Malaysia.
[5] Source: Twitter internal data, 1 Jan - 15 Nov, 2021. Ranked by number of original Tweets (excluding Retweets) from Malaysia that contained the emoji.

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