Malaysia ranks 7th in the world for most Tweets about K-Content in 2022

From K-Pop to K-Dramas, K-Movies, webtoons and more, Twitter is where the K-Content conversations are happening. Having grown from its traditional Asian base of popularity, K-Content is now global with countries in Europe, North America and even Peru being amongst the top 20 countries Tweeting the most about K-Content so far this year. Showing a similar path of exponential growth to K-Pop, over the past 10 years the number of Tweets about K-Content have increased 546%[1].

YeonJeong Kim, Head of Global K-Pop & K-Content Partnerships at Twitter, said “K-Pop communities on Twitter are passionate and we’re now seeing that strong culture of fandom growing and including a wide variety of K-Content. Fans from around the world are leading the globalisation of K-Content by joining in related conversations on Twitter in real-time. Wherever you are, whatever you're watching, people are able to talk about it on Twitter.”

While seven of the top 10 countries Tweeting the most about K-Content are from Asia - including Malaysia which is ranked 7th in the world - countries such as the US, Brazil, UK Mexico, Canada, France, Vietnam, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Germany, and Peru are joining in K-Content-related conversations globally[2].

Helping to drive global interest in K-Content has been the cross-over of K-Pop stars. For example, the appearance of K-Pop stars Kim Se-Jeong of “Business Proposal”, Lee Jun-Ho of “The Red Sleeve”, Lee Ji-Eun (IU) of “Broker” and Ok Taec-Yeon of “Hansan: Rising Dragon” led a surge in related Tweets among fans around the world. K-Drama “Our Beloved Summer” recorded the most Tweets on the day the soundtrack, “Christmas Tree'', was released by BTS’s V. K-Dramas based on webtoons, such as “All of Us Are Dead” and “Our Beloved Summer”, led to conversations about both the dramas and original webtoons.

In Malaysia, “Snowdrop” is the most Tweeted about K-Dramas in 2022, followed by Twenty Five Twenty One and Business Proposal at third place. Globally, the most Tweeted about K-Movie in the world so far this year is “Broker”. The movie drew attention with the performance of Song Kangho, who won the best actor award at the Cannes Film Festival. K-Movies “HUNT” and “The Witch: Part2: The Other One” were the second and third most Tweeted about K-Movies in the world[3].

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