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Home F&B FnB Starbucks Malaysia Starbucks Partners With Dato’ Fazley To Celebrate Malaysia’s Rich Food Traditions

Starbucks Partners With Dato’ Fazley To Celebrate Malaysia’s Rich Food Traditions

Starbucks Malaysia worked alongside local celebrity chef to curate a brand-new menu that combines the best of the east and the west.

L-R - Zakiah Hanim, Director of Marketing Category, Berjaya Starbucks Coffee Company, Dato Fazley Yaakob and Alexis Ong, Senior Manager of Food Development, Berjaya Starbucks Coffee Company

Starbucks Malaysia has partnered once again with Dato’ Fazley Yaakob to introduce the second iteration of a newly curated menu that includes familiar classics and renowned local street food favorites. The new menu was officially launched on 29th August 2022, with further roll outs to East Malaysia later in the year. The limited-edition menu offers a vibrant variety of innovative creations inspired by the food traditions that Chef Dato’ Fazley grew up with, combined with high-quality ingredients and a western spin.

“We are excited to be working with Dato’ Fazley again to bring something truly unique to our stores, a menu that represents the comforting, wholesome food that most of us would have enjoyed while growing up in Malaysia,” said Dato’ Sydney Quays, Group CEO of Berjaya Food Berhad and managing director of Starbucks Malaysia & Brunei. “The dishes in this new menu really speaks to our sense of place here, as a brand so well-loved by Malaysians, especially with the upcoming Malaysia Day ahead. It is not just a celebration of unity, but also a celebration of the different cultures and traditions of our country.”

  • New! Pau Sambal Malaysia – Pau Sambal has always been a uniquely Malaysian dish. At Starbucks, this traditional dish has been reimagined with our signature donut2, which is filled with Chili sambal, eggs, cucumber and fried anchovies.
  • New! Croissant Roti John – The popular street food is now available in Starbucks with a French twist! Featuring our signature croissant buns, baked with spiced chicken, omelet and fresh coleslaw.
  • New! Brioche Murtabak Ayam – Crispy on the edges but fleshy in the middle, the delectable meat foldovers that are frequently found in street hawker stalls across Malaysia has made its way to Starbucks. This traditional square pancake is filled with chicken and herb curry filling and rempah (Malaysian four spice).
  • New! Ayam Percik Linguine – An icon of Ramadan Bazaars across Malaysia will make its appearance at Starbucks, but this time in the form of an Italian pasta dish. The marinated chicken is sliced and placed atop a freshly tossed linguine with delicious sweet and spicy sauce.
  • New! Kuih Bakar Cheesecake – The cornerstone of traditional Malaysian dessert is its Kuih Bakar. At Starbucks, the familiar pandan-flavored cake with its custard-like texture is reimagined as a cheesecake, maintaining its rich, soft and eggy texture with a cheesy undertone.

Aside from extraordinary coffee experiences, Starbucks has always made a business out of human connections, community involvement and the celebration of cultures. Wherever Starbucks is in the world, it is always committed to honor the colorful culture that a certain country has to offer. Creating a specially curated menu with local talents, such as Chef Dato’ Fazley Yaakob, highlights Starbucks Malaysia’s continuous support for uplifting local business and brands and sharing them with the communities around where its store operates.

The scrumptious delicacies from Starbucks and Dato’ Fazley are priced from RM11.90 onwards, and are now available in all Starbucks stores in Peninsular Malaysia with rollouts to East Malaysia later in the year.

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