Home Samsung Galaxy Technology Be Bold, Be You with Galaxy Z Flip4 Bespoke Edition
Home Samsung Galaxy Technology Be Bold, Be You with Galaxy Z Flip4 Bespoke Edition

Be Bold, Be You with Galaxy Z Flip4 Bespoke Edition

The Galaxy Z Flip4 Bespoke Edition is here to add more colours to your everyday life! With this chic device, you can now have a vast selection of colours that speak for you. In the world of personalization, you can choose the colours that represent your unique style and creativity.

Have Fun Building What’s Uniquely Yours
Here's how it works: Whether you choose to mix and match the phone frame options of Silver, Gold or Black, and the front and back colour options of Yellow, White, Navy, Khaki or Red, you have multiple color combinations to play around with—all with the goal of making your device uniquely yours. You can express yourself creatively with these colours that genuinely represent you—and explore different colour combinations until you find something that makes your heart sing!

Getting Your Color Defined
Every colour has its meaning and with a variety of combinations to choose from, find out below which represents you:
  • Yellow is arguably the most uplifting of all colours, reflecting a lively and happy-go-lucky personality. This colour is associated with happiness and could give your device a sunny, summery vibe.
  • White often goes by a perfection and optimistic personality that represents brilliance. This clean and easily matched colour can be worn with any other colour in your day-to-day wardrobe, making it a great go-to especially if you’re looking for something that is timeless.
  • For the outdoorsy and adventurous individuals, Khaki may be your colour because of its strong association with nature and the presence of greens. This colour represents a person with responsibilities as well as a trustworthy demeanor.
  • Calming colours such as navy often give individuals a sense of security and confidence. If you want to show off your device in a less striking colour while showing your bold side, this Navy Bespoke Edition would be the right choice.
  • Red often has a strong personality of being confident and represents someone that’s passionate. For someone who is ambitious and determined, Red could be a source of inspiration for them as it often gives a sense of power.

So, if you are someone who is cheerful and passionate, then showcase your true personality by combining the colours red and yellow from the Galaxy Z Flip4 Bespoke Edition. Head right to Bespoke Studio that’s exclusively on samsung.com.my to begin your personalization journey. Experience the interactive 360° preview of the colour combination you selected and match them to your heart’s content. Moreover, the 256GB model is the only one which this special Bespoke Edition can be made-to-order, giving you enough room for all your priceless photographs and documents.

So, which colour matches you the most?

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