Home BloomThis Lifestyle BloomThis releases the world’s first Valentine’s Day gifting NFT
Home BloomThis Lifestyle BloomThis releases the world’s first Valentine’s Day gifting NFT

BloomThis releases the world’s first Valentine’s Day gifting NFT

Homegrown e-commerce gifting company brings age-old tradition into the modern world

What if we could preserve and immortalise our special moments like Valentine’s Day? This coming Valentine’s Day, celebrate by gifting your special someone flowers and take it up a notch with BloomThis’ first Valentine’s Day NFT. During the month of February when love is in the air, the on-demand gifting e-commerce platform - BloomThis will be launching its own limited NFT collection, Love Blooms, inspired by the season of expressing love.

Giden Lim

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are cryptographic assets on a blockchain platform with unique properties that distinguish them from each other. In the simplest way, they are completely unique digital assets, kind of like how each of BloomThis’ flower boxes are different from one another.

They are tokenised digital files that bestows its owner with the rights of ownership. Formats that qualify to be NFTs include digital art pieces, sports cards, memes, videos, and audio, which can be bought and sold online after being tokenised.

Around the world, people have been gifting each other NFTs as a ‘convenient’ gift. You won’t need to wrap it or even have to entertain the thought of losing it. It is something that can last forever, as much as one human is able to love another for the rest of their lives.

Just as no love is the same, each Love Blooms is a unique work of art, that comes with its own perks and benefits, which includes:
  • Personalised Recipient NFT
  • BloomThis RM500 Gift Card
  • BloomRewards Bloom tier membership
  • Exclusive pass to future BloomThis event
  • Priority access to future BloomThis NFT launches

To further prove how special your Valentine is to you, let them know that each NFT is unique with different permutations. While each of the Love Blooms are already gorgeous on its own, some are rarer than others, just like the love that you share. Through support from the BloomThis community, the funds will be used for future development of the BloomVerse, including various utilities for the NFT holders.

Penny Choo

Alas, the Love Blooms are not easy to ‘grow’, hence there will only be a limited amount of them being put on the market. However, they will be made available starting February 2023, so keep your eyes peeled!

Being a moments company, BloomThis continues to organise in-house events that are planned throughout the year in order to further promote the growth of its community. If you’re interested to join this bunch, you are welcome to be part of the BloomThis Discord channel where you can stay updated with the latest news and events at https://discord.gg/bloomthis. Once the Love Blooms are ready to hit the digital shelves, you can check them out at bloomthis.co to see what is up for grabs!

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