Malaysians can get the most updated scam phone numbers from Whoscall’s proprietary database with over 1.6 billion phone number entries in real-time globally

‘Be Smart Stay Alert’ by downloading the Whoscall application now for FREE

Whoscall powered by Gogolook, 100 million download caller ID application with the largest database in East Asia and Southeast Asia, has been appointed by the Royal Police Malaysia (PDRM) as the strategic partner to fight against serious fraud crime in Malaysia. This collaboration involves fraud number database sharing from PDRM CCID portal to Whoscall data system making it the most updated and reliable caller ID application for Malaysians to protect themselves against fraud crimes.

Commenting on the appointment at the launch ceremony of PDRM’s new theme song ‘Be Smart Stay Alert’, Manwoo Joo, Chief Operating Officer of Gogolook said, “It is Gogolook’s fifth partnership with global police departments to strengthen the anti-fraud alliance against scammers. We are committed to support PDRM CCID in protecting Malaysians against scammers and frauds, through our AI technology and proprietary database of over 1.6 billion phone number entries including those used by fraudsters. Additionally, with the database sharing between PDRM CCID portal and Whoscall number data system, we ensure Malaysia users get the most updated fraud number database by simply installing the Whoscall application on their mobile phones.”

A group photo of the Be Smart Stay Alert Anti-Scam campaign working team, ambassadors and partners

Malaysia saw a decrease in commercial crime cases for last year. According to the latest statistics provided by CCID, a total of 30,560 cases were reported between January and December 2022 compared to 2021 with 31,490 cases. In 2021, Malaysians losses amounted to more than RM2.2 billion and in 2022, it reduced to RM1.7 billion. The partnership between Whoscall and PDRM ramps up the on-going PDRM Anti-Scam Campaign, offering an actionable step to protect against scammers by leveraging Whoscall's unknown call identification technology, with an aim to further decrease commercial crime cases in Malaysia.

“Specifically developed to act as the first line of defense, Whoscall users are equipped with a powerful anti-fraud technology application that updates fraud numbers from our system to help users avoid scam calls and stay alert all the time. With Whoscall’s growing list of potential scam-related numbers being added into our database, Whoscall aims to build a trustworthy communication network for the world. Our service has extended to fraud prevention and detection for businesses and individuals to further contribute to a safer community,” Liew Voon Chang, Malaysia Representative of Gogolook added.

Whoscall was previously endorsed by the Selangor State Government, and has now become the first and only caller ID application endorsed by PDRM with acknowledgement and recognition for the personal data protection system in the application. Whoscall users are also able to search phone numbers from unsolicited messages and calls against Whoscall’s growing list of potential scam-related numbers and reveal unknown caller IDs using their free app. As harmful numbers are continuously added to their database, users can manually update and also add numbers to the block list.

Attending the launch were Directors of Royal Police Malaysia and Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) YDH CP Dato’ Sri Mohd Kamarudin Bin Md Din, Deputy Director of CCID DCP, Dato Muhammed Hasbullah Bin Ali and DCP Dato’ Dr. Mustafa Khan Bin Abdul Samat, together with the partners, Manwoo Joo, Chief Operating Officer of Gogolook and Gilbert Pang, President of Worldwide Wellness Club (WWC).

Other than data sharing, Whoscall and PDRM CCID is also joining forces to organise a nationwide tour to schools and universities to educate the public about scam prevention and introduce Whoscall applications to block the spam calls. ‘Be Smart Stay Alert’ by downloading the Whoscall application now for FREE,