5 Novel Ways Malaysians are Preparing for Chinese ‘Niu’ Year in 2021

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3M™ Command™ brand takes a closer look at how families are getting ready to welcome the Year of the Ox amidst a global pandemic!

We are fast approaching that time of the year when festivities come to life. It is time for reunion dinners, virtual family gatherings, mandarin oranges, ang pow packets and the customary tossing of yee sang as we gear up to welcome the Year of the Ox.

However, unlike past years, Chinese New Year (CNY) in 2021 might be shaping up quite differently with travel restrictions and social distancing in play. But traditions and customs still need to be honoured. To understand how Malaysians are preparing for CNY in 2021, the 3M™ Command™ team spoke to a couple of netizens to see what they are doing differently this year and to find out what are the traditional customaries that they just can’t do without.

The freshness appeal
Klang Valley based graphic designer, Ivan Tan says that for 2021, his family CNY mantra is going fresh! While there is no conservative tradition associated with this, his family believes that bringing freshness into the house will allow everyone to have a fresh start in the New Year. To bring freshness to their home, Ivan says they are all about decorating the house with fresh flowers and adding new plants to their home garden on the first day of CNY. The family is also planning to bake a huge batch of pineapple tarts (something they would normally order) to allow the fresh smell of baking to permeate their home and wipe out any traces of fatigue and anxiety from their home.

Home organising, no room spared
Spring cleaning before CNY is not unheard of. In fact, traditional beliefs state that cleaning drives bad luck away from the house and family. Sepang resident, Trisha Leong, has started on her home organising, beginning first with her bathroom as her family believes that sloppy and humid bathrooms harbour bad luck. The digital marketing executive has been shopping for her favourite 3M™ Command™ products such as the water resistant 3M™ Command™ Broom/Mop Gripper. These nifty organising tools are water resistant, can withstand humid conditions and attach easily to multiple surfaces without any drilling. The 3M™ Command™ Broom/Mop Gripper can hold all your cleaning equipment like mops, scrubbers, etc with up to 1.8kg of weight, making your bathroom look clean and organised. 

3M™ Command™ Broom/Mop Gripper

CNY goes digital, and so do ang pows
Technology has changed lives in 2020, so why not rely on technology to add fun to remote CNY celebrations. Communications and Media graduate, Stephanie Chew says her family is not one to shy away from technology and that they have been shopping online for fun red outfits to attend virtual reunion gatherings. She even confesses that she has been sending her bank account details to married cousins, aunts and uncles for her e-angpow collection.

Newly weds, Jason and Sarah Dong are also following a similar trend and have ordered big meals to be sent out to close family members so that they can have a huge virtual reunion meal and keep the tradition alive.

CNY home decorations, the feng-shui way
“Every year before CNY, our family will consult with a feng-shui master to get tips on arranging and decorating our home to achieve harmony and balance in the New Year,” says beauty consultant Jasmine Low. The 26-year old Klang resident has started shopping for red paper lanterns, duilian (New Year couplets), décor ornaments with ox drawn on it and paper cuttings of the Chinese character fu which translates to good fortune.

However, instead of using nails and double sided tapes to hang her décor, this year, Jasmine is relying on 3M™ Command™ Utility Hooks and 3M™ Command™ Picture Hanging Strips, that are easy to use, hold strongly and can be easily removed after use, without damaging the walls. One reason why Jasmine has decided to rely on 3M™ Command™ products this year is also to avoid using nails and drills on her home walls, which often destroy carefully laid feng- shui arrangement. “Glad to have found that solution with 3M™ Command™ products.” 

CNY décor with 3M™ Command™ Utility Hooks and 3M™ Command™ Picture Hanging Strips

Cooking up a storm
For entrepreneur and design enthusiast Greg Lee, one of his biggest challenges this year is to keep his grandmother engaged - lest she insists on a huge family get together. To keep his grandmother occupied, Greg has set her up with a challenge to prepare traditional CNY sweets like tanghulu and kuih kapit which they will then send to relatives and friends along with mandarin oranges. He has even created a special nook in their kitchen for his Ah Mah to cook her delicacies. With 3M™ Command™ Wire Hooks where he can hang items like whisk, ladles and even smaller pots, this will make it easy for his Ah Mah to access her favourite kitchen untensils. These multipurpose hooks are easy to install and can be easily removed for repositioning in case you change your mind. Greg has also created a similar hanging stand with 3M™ Command™ Wire Hooks by the sink to free up more countertop space and to organise the kitchen more efficiently for the New Year. 

3M™ Command™ Wire Hooks

To make sure you have fun organizing your home this festive season, 3M™ Command™ brand is offering a wide range of offers and promotions on their products that will make your CNY home projects come to life. This includes a limited edition Command™ Broom Gripper Twin Pack and Command™ Utility Hooks Extra Value Pack.

You can look for your favourite 3M™ Command™ products at any of these popular shopping destinations like Ace Hardware, Aeon, Aeon Big, HomePro, Jaya Grocer, Mydin, Parkson, Popular, Tesco and Village Grocer. You can also shop online for 3M™ Command™ products from 3M Official stores on Shopee and Lazada.

3M™ Command™ brand has also put together a special Buy, Snap and Win contest this CNY where consumers will stand a chance to win total prizes worth RM5,000. To participate, consumers can simply snap a picture of their Command™ products purchase receipt worth RM20 and above, in single receipt and share it via WhatsApp on (+6 011 1261 8412). Lucky consumers will stand a chance to win exclusive prizes every bi-weekly or even a grand monthly prize of home decoration gift packs worth RM1,000.

50% of Malaysians cite high costs of remittances a challenge during COVID-19

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  • 48% had to reduce remittance amount sent
  • 35% completely gave up on sending remittances
  • Not being able to make transfers at physical bank branches, long wait times to set up transfers and for remittances to reach recipients were other top challenges for Malaysians

A whopping 50% of Malaysians find the high cost associated with remittances to be a challenge, with almost half (48%) reducing the amount sent and more than one-third (35%) completely giving up on sending a remittance. These findings were from a survey [1] commissioned by global technology company TransferWise to better understand how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the remittance habits of those living in Malaysia.

The survey also revealed these four biggest challenges faced by Malaysians in the past 12 months:
  • Time needed for remittances to reach the intended recipients (57%)
  • Not being able to travel to a physical branch to make a remittance order (54%)
  • Time needed to set up their transfer (51%)
  • High cost of remittances (50%)

With many Malaysians affected by the pandemic, this further highlights the growing need for consumers to have access to remittance services that are cheaper, faster, and more convenient.

Instant and convenient transfers lessens anxiety
The speed of transfers is a key consideration for many Malaysian consumers, with 61% of those surveyed saying it was an important factor when choosing an online remittance service. Another huge concern for 57% of Malaysians is the long time spent waiting for their overseas remittances to reach its intended recipient, the ability to track the status of their transfers in real-time — which they can do with TransferWise — would help to lessen their anxiety.

Fully-online experience
With more than one-third (32%) of Malaysians opting to set up their remittance order in person at a bank, 54% of the survey respondents found not being able to visit a physical branch during the past 12 months a challenge due to the Movement Control Order (MCO) measure implemented. The long time needed to set up their remittance order was also an issue for 51% of them.

TransferWise’s completely online remittance service should help with this, where customers can get verified and set up their transfer money quickly. Users can also make instant pay-ins to fund their remittance, further shortening the time taken.

Low and transparent costings
37% of Malaysians said that cost and trust was an important factor when choosing a remittance provider. With four in 10 noticing an increase in the cost of sending remittances over the past year and half of them citing high costs as a challenge, it resulted in lesser amounts of remittances being sent by 48% of the survey respondents.

In an effort to keep remittances low-cost, TransferWise uses only the mid-market exchange rate (that can be seen on Google) with no mark-up. Coupled with low fees, which are shown upfront, this makes the service up to 4x cheaper compared to other providers.

TransferWise Malaysia Country Manager, Ms. Lim Paik Wan, said: “The findings of the survey tell us that due to the pandemic and current Movement Control Order measures, the need for cheaper, faster, and more convenient remittance services have never been more necessary for Malaysians. Many surveyed said that not having access to a physical bank counter and the high costs of remittances were a challenge during the past 12 months.”

“At TransferWise, we want to offer customers in Malaysia a remittance service that is low-cost, instant and convenient, and we hope to enable them to continue to do what they need to during their daily life, whether that includes sending money to support their loved ones or to pay bills.”

[1] Independent survey conducted by Ipsos from 27 Nov to 3 Dec 2020, collecting 1,000 respondents targeting both citizens and expatriates living in Malaysia who have sent an overseas remittance in the past 12 months.

Sensormatic Solutions Launches Sensormatic IQ

Unify diverse data and insights with the new intelligent operating platform designed to drive improved shopper experiences and retail outcomes

Johnson Controls, the global leader for smart and sustainable buildings and the architect of OpenBlue connected solutions, today announced that Sensormatic Solutions, its leading global retail solutions portfolio, launched Sensormatic IQ. This intelligent operating platform for retail, backed by Sensormatic Solutions industry expertise and robust technology partner ecosystem, delivers tangible value across the enterprise.

Amidst Malaysia’s gradual recovery from the effects of COVID-19 and stimulus packages to encourage spending, Malaysian retailers can expect a rebound in consumer spending in the coming months.

Daren Ng
Daren Ng, General Manager, Sensormatic Loss Prevention Asia Pacific, said the shifting retail landscape calls for an acceleration in digital transformation, or retailers risk falling behind.

Consumer spending patterns are drastically changing in Malaysia, with search interest in e-commerce sites recording a 32 percent growth [1], and online expenditure for the average consumer increasing by 33 percent [2] in the past year.

“As retailers recover and reopen operations amid the pandemic, it is critical to create a safe environment to restore consumer confidence both online and in stores. Sensormatic IQ leverages data and meaningful and prescriptive insights that help retailers elevate shopper experiences, deliver efficient unified commerce execution, and protect their employees, customers, and assets during the pandemic and beyond,” said Ng.

Focus on Innovation
The open, secure and agile platform integrates the full Sensormatic Solutions portfolio, retailer, and third-party data sources, along with advanced technology such as artificial intelligence(AI) and machine learning (ML), to offer unparalleled visibility into operations and shopper insights. This combination drives prescriptive, data-driven outcomes for retailers, creating value and growth opportunities as retailers move into the future.

“In today’s hyper-connected world, the customer experience is about how, where, when, and why engagement happens. That's Why our commitment to enabling customers to harness diverse insights to drive positive outcomes and informed business decisions is more important than ever,”said Bjoern Petersen, President, Sensormatic Solutions. “The launch of Sensormatic IQ reflects our forward-looking business strategy. Through Collaborating with our technology partners and leveraging the global reach and scalability of the Google Cloud coupled with smart sensors and advanced analytics, our platform is designed to evolve with the industry and our customer’s needs.”

Fast Forward Retail
As the retail industry goes through significant changes, Sensormatic IQ helps retailers improve both their top and bottom line and brand value by:

  • Powering the digital transformation within the evolving retail market
  • Accelerating integration between new and existing solutions and data sets
  • Enabling agile innovation via a secure, scalable, and managed enterprise-grade platform
  • Amplifying value by deriving new insights and outcomes from complex data streams
  • Streamlining execution across retailer functions

Future-Focused Expertise
“This open platform represents years of investment and innovation moving to outcome-based operations in order to meet the shifting needs of retailers,” said Petersen. “The addition of the Sensormatic IQ platform is just one more way Sensormatic is providing the foundation for a digital journey that allows retailers to run atan enterprise scale.”

As the industry continues to evolve, Sensormatic Solutions is ensuring retailers have access to the advanced solutions they need to connect people, merchandise, and data in new and innovative ways. Sensormatic IQ’s flexible, open platform can incorporate insights from edge devices, such as POS, sensors, EAS, RFID, Computer Vision, and more, capable of delivering AI predictive and prescriptive models to support operations in retail environments from grocery and apparel to home improvement and malls.

Island King, a casual mobile game has entered Malaysia, you can play with your friends during MCO 2.0!

Island King users have exceeded 10 million! Malaysians such as Alieff Irfan, Isa Isarb and Zukie Muhammad are also players of the game.

Recently, you are not sure how to interact with family and friends during the pandemic period? Perhaps you can try out Island King, an exquisite animated design casual mobile game. Since the game was launched last year, it has maintained at the Top 3 rankings in Southeast Asia countries such as Thailand and Taiwan for more than two months. This game was also recommended by Google in its official selection four times in a row.

Island King is not only popular in other parts of Southeast Asia, but has also attracted Malaysians such as Alieff Irfan, Isa Isarb and Zukie Muhammad to start their journey with this game during MCO 2.0. Curious how Island King become a popular game in Southeast Asia? Here are four reasons why you should download and play this game:

Experience being an island owner with your friends at home
Social tools have become essential to communicate between you and your friends during MCO 2.0. Island King makes it easier for you to connect to Facebook and interact with your friends in real-time. You are allowed to attack each other among friends, steal their gold coins to upgrade your island, and also have the opportunity to become the master of islands among your friends.

If you don’t want to destroy your friendship because of the game? Perhaps you can try to help your friends by collecting cards, trading items, and forming a tribe to achieve a win-win situation. This group of reliable friends can help you to fight in the game, and become the best defence to respond to attack. Most importantly, this will help you to protect your fortune in the game.

Spin and build islands to spice up your life
This game uses the magical wheel as the main tool to earn your fortune, attack, raid, or steal coins from other island owners. You can also grab your friends' gold coins to upgrade or unlock new destination islands when you are lucky enough to spin the steal or raid options on the magical wheel!

When you are spinning the wheel, you can also choose x3, x5 or larger bet at one time, so that you can turn once and get several times of gold coins to become the leader in the adventure. The gold coins in the game can be used to upgrade or unlock new islands. While conquering the islands, you can also see different types of designs, allowing you to be inspired with new ideas while working at home. You can also share pictures of the islands with your friends to have new excitement and joyful moments.

Exquisite animated design and attractive storyline
This story design allows you to appear in a heroic way. In this storyline, Luna, a little girl and her friend have decided to embark on a thrilling journey to look for her missing father. However, the only way to access is to cross over an ocean, so Luna needs your help to travel through unique villages and overcome the difficulties together to have her father back.

In the journey, you will be able to explore a variety of sceneries with different themes through Island King such as Viking Settlements, Indian Palaces, Mystic Temples and many more unique world-inspired destinations. Although you are experiencing MCO 2.0 at home, you can enjoy the scenery in animated design to slightly satisfy your urge to travel around.

Seasonal activities to accelerate the process of upgrading your island
When you are playing mobile games, you want to level up faster than others. You can always participate in in-game operational activities and seasonal events to expand your islands. Try out the recent 2021 New Year event or smash golden eggs to give you more chances to quickly get gold coins. You can also collect seasonal cards in the game, just like the New Year's limited card set that was launched on 19 January 2021. Each card has its special blessing!

Sharing your happiness is much better than enjoying your happiness on your own. Invite your friends to become one of the island owners! With that, you will receive extra opportunities to spin the magical wheel, and also speed up your journey. If you don't want to trouble your friends, you can also watch reward advertisements to get extra chances.

Download now and start your adventure in Island King! You can download Island King through Google Play Store and iOS Store.

Be Extra Vigilant in Protecting Your Online Security and Safety

With the implementation of the current Movement Control Order (MCO), the Communications and Multimedia Consumer Forum of Malaysia (CFM) would like to remind consumers to be extra vigilant in protecting their online security and safety. 

CFM Chairman Datin Mohana Mohariff

“With the implementation of the MCO, it has become a norm for us to socialise and stay in touch with friends and family virtually to seek a bit of respite from being stuck at home. However, we are also aware of the reports and statistics from PDRM highlighting the rise in number of people falling victim to cybercrime such as scams, hacking, and identity theft almost every day in the news. In mitigating this issue from becoming more widespread, CFM would like to encourage all online consumers to be proactive in protecting our online security for our own safety.” said CFM Chairman Datin Mohana Mohariff.

Therefore, it is important for consumers to practice safety measures online. Here are CFM’s 6 important tips for staying safe online:

Update all your software and firmware
Vulnerabilities in outdated software and firmware may allow hackers to gain access to your systems. This applies to all your devices, including your mobile, your tablet and your home router. Do not only depend on an office-managed IT network to do this, you should proactively update to ensure security holes have been repaired. Consider turning on automatic updates.

Password security
For all your devices and work-related accounts, you should change any default passwords and use strong passwords instead. Ensure that these passwords are hard to guess and do not contain birthday variations, home address, family and/or pet names. Also change/update your passwords regularly.

Be wary
Do not open mail or messages from strangers, do not click on strange-looking links and be very careful with your personal and financial information. Your email or messages might be loaded with viruses and malware even if the message is coming from someone known to you. If there are typos in the mail or you just are not sure, check with your contact. Before purchasing on a website, ensure that the URL starts with https://. The ‘s’ indicates that the connection is encrypted.

Use Two-Factor Authentication
Wherever possible, enforce two-factor authentication (2FA). This is a further step in proving your identity beyond a single-use password or token device for access. If hackers manage to steal your password, they will still have to overcome another level of identity authentication.

Use an Antivirus Solution
A powerful antivirus solution for your device will afford you peace of mind when it comes to malware.

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service that sets up an encrypted and secure private network of its own across a public network to prevent your data traffic from spying or tampering.

Further tips can be found on CFM’s consumer portal, consumerinfo.my.

CFM wishes everyone to stay safe, stay home and practice SOP during MCO, and take one step further in staying safe online as well when doing work, communicating with your families and in getting our daily fix of entertainment online.

MAGGI® Rallies Malaysians to Bring CNY Cheer to 11 Elderly Care Homes

  • MAGGI® supports eleven elderly care homes across Malaysia as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative this Chinese New Year.
  • Aims to channel proceeds from “Sajian Dikongsi, Kebahagiaan Dirai” campaign to upgrade the living facilities for senior citizens and improve their overall welfare.

Elderly in En Yuan Old Folks Home

The Chinese New Year celebration symbolises new beginnings, as well as a time to rekindle relationships and to foster a spirit of togetherness. With the aim to spread not only joy and happiness but more importantly, to uplift the lives of the senior citizens during this festive period, MAGGI® is rolling out its “Sajian Dikongsi, Kebahagiaan Dirai” campaign in January and February where proceeds from the campaign will be channelled towards a senior home welfare fund. The funds will then be utilised to support the welfare needs of eleven elderly care homes across Malaysia.

Geetha Balakrishna, Business Executive Officer of MAGGI®, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad said, “During this difficult period, we want reach out and help raise the spirits of a very important community – our senior citizens in elderly care homes who are deeply impacted due to the restrictions on visitation to the homes. Through MAGGI®’s "Sajian Dikongsi, Kebahagiaan Dirai” campaign, we aim to channel funds to upgrade facilities in elderly care homes and improve their overall welfare. We are rallying all Malaysians to come together, so that all of us would be able to help make their Chinese New Year celebration just a little bit more special this year and uplift their spirits during this asupicious ocassion.”

En Yuan Old Folks Home, Rumah Kebajikan Orang-orang Tua Seri Permai, Perkampungan Rumah Sejahtera Warga Emas Islam, Pusat Jagaan Insan Emas Nur Hidayah and Persatuan Rumah Caring Kajang are among the eleven beneficiaries that will receive the contributions from this campaign. The funds will be used to help upgrade and repair the living facilities for the senior citizens, improve their overall welfare with the provision of beddings, furniture and household items and raise their spirits through food supplies, in preparation of the upcoming festive season.

According to Stanley Yap, Home Secretary of the En Yuan Old Folks Home, “A common issue that we’re facing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic is that some of our residents have felt increasingly isolated and lonely. Like any other year, they look forward to celebrate Chinese New Year with their families, friends and visitors with much joy and anticipation. Our funds have also been impacted throughout the duration of the pandemic, thus, in such challenging times, I am very grateful that companies such as MAGGI® paid attention to the needs of this segment of society, who are often overlooked. Thanks to the support we’ve receive, we would be able to organise a small celebration amongst our residents as well as give out ang pows to help raise their spirits, while ensuring that the living facilities of the home remain sustainable.”

Elderly in Rumah Sri Permai

“There has been a decline in donations and funds ever since the pandemic hit the country. Most of our residents are living with various health complications such as diabetes, stroke or cancer, rendering them bed-ridden. The cost of care for acutely ill residents has been on the rise while we are struggling to secure enough donations and funds. I am grateful that with the support from MAGGI®, we will be able to improve the facilities for the elderly and ensure that their medical needs are met,” said Mohammad Fauzi Ramli, Manager for Rumah Kebajikan Orang-orang Tua Seri Permai, which will benefit from the funds collected from MAGGI®‘s Chinese New Year 2021 campaign.

In line with MAGGI®’s plans to bring to light the needs of underserved communities, MAGGI® also aims to empower Malaysians in the kitchen and inspire them to cook traditonal festive dishes for their loved ones through this campaign.

According to Geetha, “With the reimplementation of the various Movement Control Order (MCO) throughout Malaysia, pushing people back into isolation, it is a good time to integrate a few simple habits that can improve the wellbeing of the family. Staying true to MAGGI®‘s brand promise of helping people to Cook the Difference, we are committed in empowering people to cook tasty and balanced homemade meals for their loved ones this coming Chinese New Year celebration, which can results in many health benefits."

In conjunction with the “Sajian Dikongsi, Kebahagiaan Dirai” campaign, MAGGI® has also introduced seven “ONG”, delicious yet healthy recipes such as the Prosperity Pot, Special Fish Stomach Sliced Soup, Wealth Noodle Dish, Harmonious Vegetable Dish, Stir-fry Cheerful Shrimp, Traditional Pottery Chicken Rice and Steam Grouper Fish.

The "Sajian Dikongsi, Kebahagiaan Dirai” campaign by MAGGI® will run until 28 February 2021, with a total of RM350,000 in prizes. Malaysians will be eligible to participate in the contest, where RM0.10 contribution will then be donated to the senior home welfare fund for every contest entry submitted. Malaysians can submit their contest entries via WhatsApp or mail when they purchase any MAGGI® products.

AirAsia Foundation organises book drive to benefit children in shelter

AirAsia Foundation is launching a book donation drive titled ‘Books for Good’ in conjunction with the International Day of Education today.

The two-week long campaign starting 24 January 2021, invites donors to purchase a local children’s titles at RM25.00 each from DestinationGOOD.com, AirAsia Foundation’s social enterprise retail outlet. Featuring books on the themes of culture and nature, the campaign would not only benefit their intended recipients but also Malaysian authors and illustrators.

All book donations will be channelled to three homes under the SHELTER Home for Children, which provides care to underprivileged children between the ages of four to twelve years old.

AirAsia Foundation Executive Director Yap Mun Ching said: “We are organising this drive o support children care homes in these challenging times when they are unable to attend school. Children in shelter often lack access to educational tools so we hope this drive will help refresh their libraries with resources that will imbue in the children a love of wildlife and appreciation of Malaysia’s diversity.

“Our goal is to raise donations for 100 books so that we are able to provide the homes with a broad selection of titles. We urge as many people as possible to support this cause for deserving children.”

January 24 is proclaimed as the International Day of Education by the United Nations to celebrate the role of education for peace and development. Its message promotes inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong opportunities for all, so as to achieve gender equality and poverty eradication goals. Destination GOOD is AirAsia Foundation’s flagship social enterprise shop in Kuala Lumpur which retails over 400 responsibly and ethically produced goods sourced from over 50 social enterprises in Asean. More than just a shop, Destination GOOD is a movement for mindful travelling and shopping and serves as an avenue for Asean social entrepreneurs and community-based enterprises to connect and collaborate.

Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: What's Inside the Box?

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11 years. Yes, it has been 11th incredible year since Samsung has entered the smartphone market through its Galaxy S series. Earlier this year, Samsung has introduced its latest smartphone, the  Galaxy S21 series, equipped with state-of-the-art technology for its users. With the fast-paced world and the digitalization efforts often advertised by the government, smart device users now need to have devices capable of meeting their daily needs no matter whether they are company employees, students, teachers, nurses, or anyone. In line with the demand of today's smart device users, the Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 + and S21 Ultra are the latest devices that empower you to express yourself and at the same time give you more satisfaction than other smart devices.

During their virtual event, Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021: Welcome to the Everyday Epic, Samsung has introduced three models under these new Galaxy S series to the public. The three new models are Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, the largest model in the Galaxy S21 series with a 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display. Compared to the Galaxy S20, Samsung claimed that the S21 Ultra offers a 25% brighter display and delivers more precise and richer images. The Galaxy S21 Ultra come with a quad rear camera with an upgraded 108MP pro sensor with 100 times the zooming space.

Thank you to Samsung Malaysia, we at ZulYusmar.com are fortunate to get a set of Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in our hand to share our first glimpse of the device to our readers.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra comes with a black box finishing that looks elegant and premium. If you are a Samsung user or used to be Samsung user, the most significant change that you can see is how thin the box for S21 series compared to the previous series. This change is due to Samsung's decision not to include headphones & chargers due to its initiative to reduce the environment's impact.

Patrick Chomet, EVP and Head of Customer Experience Office, Mobile Communications Business said that Samsung chose to remove wired headphones and in-box chargers for Galaxy S21 because they believe that the gradual removal of charger plugs and earphones from their in-box device packaging can help address sustainable consumption issues. It also one of their initiative to remove any pressure that consumers may feel towards continually receiving unnecessary charger accessories with new phones. But worry not because Samsung been implementing standardized USB-C type charging ports since 2017, so older chargers can still be compatible with their latest Galaxy models.

When you open the box, the first thing you'll see is, of course, is your device. In term of colour, Samsung Galaxy S21 5G is available in Phantom Violet, Phantom Gray, Phantom White and Phantom Pink. As for the Galaxy S21+ 5G, the colours available for Malaysian consumer would be in Phantom Violet, Phantom Black and Phantom Silver. However, Samsung S21 Ultra 5G is only available in two colours: Phantom Black and Phantom Silver.

Compared to the previous S series with 2 or 3 more small boxes, the entire Galaxy S21 series now comes with only one box containing all the remaining items on the box.

Behind this little box, you can find ejection pin that you use to insert your sim card.

For those who are not familiar with eSIM, the eSIM allows you to activate a mobile network plan without a nano-SIM. If your Galaxy smartphone has an eSIM, you can add and remove your mobile network plan to the smartphone.

Inside the box, you may find 1 unit of USB-C to C data cable alongside several documents such as the Quick Start Guide, The Regional Lock Guide and Warranty Card in several languages.

And that's all. As we become more concerned about our environment nowadays, we at ZulYusmar.com are quite pleased with how Samsung and other phone manufacturers are now trying their best to reduce the environmental impact.

Now let's take a closer look at the state-of-the-art Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G itself. My first impression is I love on how they integrate the camera housing to phone itself. Samsung called this a Contour Cut Camera, all-new, iconic housing that seamlessly blends into the device's metal frame for a sleek, yet striking, aesthetic look. Personally, the design of the camera itself looks more bold and brave. While some prefer to have a simple old camera design levelled with the device body, I am amazed at how unique the camera housing is on this S21 Ultra.

Galaxy S21 Ultra comes with a quad rear camera that features an upgraded 108MP pro wide sensor, 12MP Ultra-wide lenses, 10M Telephoto (3x), 10M Telephoto (10x) with a maximum zoom scope up to 100x. You can also now shoot in 4K at 60fps across all lenses including front and rear four lenses. In their releases, Samsung said that this new flagship series debuts a head-turning, iconic design, an epic pro-grade camera for users of any skill level and the most advanced processor ever in a Galaxy device.

There is no more button on the left side of the device. The side key and the volume key are on the right side of the device.

There is a dual-microphone on top of the device and another microphone on the bottom of the device alongside the sim card tray, speaker, and earphone/ multipurpose jack (USB Type-C).

Galaxy S21 Ultra offered 6.8" screen size with edge-to-edge Dynamic AMOLED 2X Infinity-O display with adaptive 120Hz refresh rate for smoother scrolling and viewing experience. For the front glass, S21 Ultra are using Gorilla Glass Victus and Gorilla Glass for the back.

In their website, Corning claimed that their Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus™ are the most rigid Gorilla® Glass yet, with significant improvement in both drop and scratch performance, for the first time in the Gorilla Glass family. In their lab tests, Gorilla Glass Victus survived drops onto hard, rough surfaces from up to 2 meters, which mean that you are now getting the best protection for your front glass.

Now, let's see some of the questions you might have after unboxing your new Samsung Galaxy S21 series.

While you still can use your existing charger that uses USB Type C, you may also purchase Super Fast Charge Travel Adapter (25W) directly from Samsung for RM129.00 here.

Unlike in previous S20 series that bundles with AKG wired earphone, Samsung Galaxy S21 series doesn't come with any headphone bundled in the box. But, worry not as for Limited Time Only, you can Pre-order the new Galaxy S21 5G with free Buds Pro and Galaxy SmartTag from 15 January 2021 until 28 January 2021 here.

All Samsung Galaxy S21 series is also not bundled with the basic silicone case. But, in case you need one for your new Samsung Galaxy S21, you can purchase it from the official Samsung website here or any 3rd party casing supplier.

We want to share some more with you on how Samsung has made the S21 series the best smartphone this year. But, to do that, we will need to try it ourselves in a few weeks. Stay tuned for the future article about our experience with S21 Ultra as we try it in our daily lives to give you a more in-depth review.

LG Display Unveils Next-Generation OLED TV Display with Improved Picture Quality

LG Display, the world’s leading innovator of display technologies, unveiled the next-generation OLED TV display with improved picture quality at CES 2021 to demonstrate the evolution of OLED technology.

LG Display’s new 77-inch OLED display shows significant progress in picture quality through newly developed and highly efficient materials as well as the addition of a layer to the display, thereby improving its efficiency by around 20%. Higher efficiency means that the display improves its brightness to realize more vivid images.

OLED displays are self-emissive as their pixels emit light and colour on their own, controlling themselves individually in a process called ‘pixel dimming’. In terms of an 8K OLED display, 33 million pixels self-emit in this way. Thanks to pixel dimming, OLED displays can realize brighter or darker images with extreme accuracy, resulting in superior picture quality. This is also why OLED can offer perfect black, considered the base for all colours, and can therefore provide realistic and natural picture quality without any distortions.

On the other hand, even premium LCD TVs, such as Mini-LEDs, are limited in how far they can improve contrast ratio through ‘local dimming’, a method to control a screen by dividing it into around 2,500 areas.

In addition, the company’s OLED displays have been recognized and certified by leading global certification organizations in the U.S and Germany as comfortable for viewers’ eyes in that they are flicker-free and emit low levels of blue light, which can be detrimental to eye health.

LG Display is planning to apply its advanced next-generation OLED technology to high-end TV models that will be launched this year and gradually expand its adoption. In addition, the company is set to strengthen its line-up by producing 83-inch and 42-inch OLED TV displays starting this year, adding to the existing 88-inch, 77-inch, 65-inch, 55-inch, and 48-inch OLED TV displays. It also plans to significantly expand its mid-range TV display line-up down to the 20-30-inch range, enhancing not only TV, but also gaming, mobility, and personal display options.

It will also introduce differentiated products such as Film Cinematic Sound OLED (Film CSO), which is able to feature an even slimmer design and to generate sound directly from the screen without separate speakers.

LG Display has been making rapid progress with OLED’s evolution by surpassing technological limitations through continuous research and development. Starting with a 55-inch full HD display, its line-up has grown to encompass medium- and large-size displays ranging from 48-inch 4K to 88-inch 8K. In particular, LG Display is leading innovations in form factors that only OLED can achieve, such as transparent, rollable, and bendable.

While 200,000 displays were shipped during the first year of OLED TV production in 2013, the number of units shipped reached 4.5 million last year, and LG Display plans to expand that to between 7 and 8 million displays this year to solidify its competitive advantage in the next-generation TV market and accelerate the OLED trend.

“Through the evolution of OLED, LG Display will expand its differentiated competitiveness and market dominance in premium TV markets,” said Dr. Chang-ho Oh, Executive Vice President & Head of the TV Business Unit at LG Display.

A new gender balance: SEA’s women in tech face lockdown barriers to career progression

Almost half of women in Southeast Asia (SEA) working in technology believe the effects of COVID-19 have delayed their career progression, despite 64% of women believing that much needed gender equality is more likely to be achieved through remote working structures. While lockdown life was earmarked as a possible accelerator towards equal gender opportunity in IT positions, lingering social biases have hindered this potential breakthrough period. 

Lockdown life was generally predicted to bring about a positive industry shift in the fight for gender equality. By levelling the playing fields from a social and family planning perspective, traditional stereotypes around availability and longevity when it comes to women’s careers would be removed. The impact of COVID meant that companies were accelerated or even forced into this new norm overnight, and to an extent, this prediction has yielded positive steps forward in terms of the overall industry mindset.

Kaspersky’s new Women in Tech report, Where are we now? Understanding the evolution of women in technology, found that almost a third of women (25%) from the region working in the tech industry do indeed prefer working at home to working in the office. A similar number report they work most efficiently when working from home, and as many as 28% revealed they have more autonomy when not working in an office, a tad lower than the global results at 33%.

However, more concerning statistics from this report highlight how the potential of remote working for women in tech isn’t quite being matched by social progression in this ‘working from home’ dynamic. Almost half of Southeast Asian women (46%) working in technology have struggled to juggle work and family life since March 2020. This trend is at its most prominent in North America, but is a consistent worldwide trend. 

Delving deeper, and the reasons for this imbalance become clearer. When female respondents were asked about the day-to-day functions that are detracting from productivity or work progression, 66% said they had done the majority of cleaning in the home, 68% had been in charge of home schooling and 56% of women have had to adapt their working hours in order to look after the family. As a result, 48% of women believe that the effects of COVID-19 have actually delayed, rather than enhanced, their overall career progression.

“The effect of the pandemic broadly differed for women. Some appreciated the greater flexibility and lack of commute from working at home, whilst others shared that they were on the verge of burnout. It’s paramount that companies ensure their managers are aligned with their strategy to support employees with caregiving responsibilities.

“The other significant trend that the pandemic has accelerated is the co-existence of remote and hybrid employees within the same organization. This can be a challenge for women working remotely as they may experience less access to top management working from offices. This may decrease their chances to be considered for the kind of stretch assignments that lead to promotions. Employers need to be conscious of those disadvantages and plan accordingly to minimize them,” comments Dr Patricia Gestoso, Head of Scientific Customer Support at BIOVIA, 2020 Women in Software Changemakers winner, and prominent member of professional women’s network, Ada’s List.

While these examples of social disparity aren’t tech specific, they do point towards a barrier that is preventing women from capitalising on the past year’s shift to remote working. As many as 46% of women in tech from SEA (compared to 39% of men) believe an equal working environment would be best for career progression, and 64% think that remote working is an optimum way to achieve that equality. The tech sector must now leverage its own encouraging momentum in the hope that social stereotypes enable this chain of events in the months and years to come.

Merici Vinton, Co-Founder and CEO at Ada’s List adds: "Companies need to signal, both through culture and policy, that they will give working parents of both genders the flexibility they need during COVID (and beyond). Companies need to understand that representation does matter and having women in leadership, majority-women teams and women in interviews demonstrates that there's space for women in their company. Finally, we see lots of successful companies partner with external women's organisations who can challenge you, push you forward, and also provide external inspiration for your employees.”

“If the tech realm takes the lead and ensures a more flexible and balanced environment for women, then it will become the norm more quickly, which is more likely to trigger a change in social dynamics too. As always, it won’t change overnight, but there are signs that women are feeling more empowered to rightly demand this way of working. Moving forward, we as an industry must build on this momentum, extract the positives from the past year’s transition to flexible working, and be a catalyst for wider social change as a result,” concludes Evgeniya Naumova, Vice President of the Global Sales Network at Kaspersky.

More details are available in the full Where are we now? Understanding the evolution of women in technology report and can be downloaded from the Kaspersky website.

foodpanda Malaysia strengthens commitment to support Malaysians through the latest MCO

As COVID-19 evolves, foodpanda Malaysia has implemented measures to protect the health and safety of its community of riders, restaurant- and retail-partners and consumers across Malaysia. In addition to ensuring that its operations comply with the latest laws and health mandates, foodpanda has rolled out the following initiatives in its operations across Malaysia:

For our community
Throughout the MCO, CMCO & RMCO period, foodpanda continues to play an essential role in delivering food, groceries and daily necessities to encourage Malaysians to stay home and stay safe.

As a company that operates across Malaysia, we are actively monitoring the situation to ensure that foodpanda complies with the latest governmental advice, and taking all the necessary steps to safeguard our communities. As the situation develops, foodpanda will update guidelines in line with recommendations.

Below are some of the immediate initiatives we’re continuously focusing on in standing with all Malaysians in the fight against COVID-19.

For our customers
Contactless Delivery: Both customers and riders can feel comfortable with the contactless delivery option. When an order is placed, the platform opts-in for contactless delivery, the customer can then contact the rider with specific instructions on the preferred delivery drop-off spot.

Online Payment or Card Payment: To minimise contact between riders and customers, foodpanda encourages customers to use online payment or card payment on all orders. Credit and Debit cards that are accepted include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB and Union Pay. Online banking via FPX is also available.

Promotions: In addition to free delivery from select restaurants, foodpanda is also investing more than RM12 million into running various promotions to provide more savings for customers while making it easier for them to support local businesses through these difficult times. The full list of promotions can be found via this link: http://bit.do/fpContentDeals.

For our riders
Hygiene Practices: Through our rider web portal, rider partners are given frequent updates on the latest measures and hygiene practices to ensure a safe ride. All riders are consistently briefed and reminded to adopt safe practices such as frequent use of hand sanitizers, wearing their masks at all times and washing their hands regularly.

Riders are also encouraged to have their bags sanitised once a week. Free sanitisation of rider bags is also made available for all riders. Please refer here for more information: https://www.pandariders.my/servis-sanitasi-beg-percuma

Additional Financial Support for Riders: foodpanda announced the provision of additional financial support to delivery partners impacted by Covid-19. If, in the event, a rider tests positive for COVID-19, the rider will receive an additional RM1,000 from this additional financial help.

Health and Safety Measures: If a rider feels unwell, foodpanda encourages them to stay home until the symptoms subside. If a rider tests positive for COVID-19, foodpanda has a support structure in place to support their recovery and well-being. It is also critical that we work together to curb the spread of the virus.

Flexible Earning Opportunities: We welcome anyone who may need temporary earning opportunities to contact foodpanda via our rider recruitment site.

For our restaurant and retail partners
Supporting Local Partners: foodpanda has introduced a micro-financing scheme to help cushion the impact on small business partners. Together with Aspirasi and Funding Societies, foodpanda is providing financial aid in the form of microfinancing to eligible partners who need additional financial support during these tough times for amounts up to RM100,000. Partners that are eligible for this will be contacted via email.

Health and Safety Protocol: If any staff member from our restaurant or retail partners tests positive for COVID-19, foodpanda will work closely with the Ministry of Health under their guidance and advice to take the necessary steps.

Expedited Onboarding of New Vendors: foodpanda has set up a self-sign up for new vendors to join the platform. This includes micro-SMEs and SMEs. Self-sign up links are available in both English and Bahasa Malaysia. The onboarding process has also been expedited to as quickly as 2 working days, whenever possible.

Partner Marketing: foodpanda is driving awareness and promotions in the link stated above across various marketing and digital channels to further support its partners as much as possible.

Teleport is on the search for Community Entrepreneur in 7 Cities

Teleport, the logistics venture of airasia digital, is launching its very own Community Entrepreneur Program. This two-month program is curated for aspiring Malaysian entrepreneurs to join in and build Teleport’s delivery business in seven cities across Malaysia. These cities are: Ipoh, Seremban, Johor Bahru, Penang, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching and Miri.

Enterprising individuals who join this program can earn up to RM3,000 per month and stand a chance at a full time job offer in Teleport Malaysia. They will be trained and tasked with selling Teleport’s delivery services and managing its delivery operations. Entrepreneurs will also be given a list of potential merchants to start approaching and access to various technologies from Teleport to help them throughout this program.

Teleport CEO Pete Chareonwongsak said, “We are very excited to roll out this Community Entrepreneur Program in the seven cities across Malaysia. We are growing and right now in 2021, through the uncertainties, we see great opportunity. This program is open to all, Malaysians all around are welcome to join in - even current and former AirAsia Allstars!”

“We were very lucky to have one of our very own pilots in AirAsia X, Captain Lim Kok Hooi, be part of the team driving huge success in Malacca during the early pilot phases of the program. With the program, we hope to not only pave the way in providing the best delivery services but also create jobs and a source of income to the community”, continued Pete.

“There are so many merchants out there who need our help and services. There is so much to learn when you meet different people from different businesses and it is truly eye opening. Malacca’s success could not be done without the help of Team Teleport and the determined Allstars that helped make things happen”, said Captain Lim.

Application process for this program is made easy. Apply as an individual or as a team of two. All that is needed is a 3-minute video, where the applicants explain how they would enter a city and sign up 100 merchants in one week. The Community Entrepreneur Program will begin February 2021. Interested individuals may apply at teleport.asia/TheNextTony by 29 January 2021.

Attract Better Qi Through Fashion with Oxwhite

Collaborates with Feng Shui consultant to provide tips on how to benefit from the “renewals” and “regrowths” year of the Ox brings

Oxwhite, a popular Malaysian e-commerce lifestyle brand that offers a wide array of products for the modern Asians collaborated with Feng Shui Consultant Jane Hor to provide customers with metaphysic remedies through fashion in 2021.

Through the collaboration, Oxwhite produced a video in which Hor provided Feng Shui outlook on 2021 as well as tips on how individuals can attract better qi in the year of the Ox through fashion.

“Those who believe in Chinese metaphysics believe that 2021 is the year of regrowth and renewal. Hence, we decided to collaborate with renowned Feng Shui book author and consultant Jane Hor to provide Malaysians an avenue to turn to metaphysic remedies through fashion,” said Oxwhite founder CK Chang.

Chang elaborated that with the number of COVID-19 cases rising to six digits this month, there is a high chance of a stay-at-home Chinese New Year this year.

He said, “as a lifestyle brand in which clothing being our fastest moving products, we felt that a way to thank our customers for their support all these while is to provide them with insights on how they optimise their luck in the year of the Ox through fashion,” said Oxwhite founder CK Chang. The video can be viewed here.

Meanwhile, Feng Shui consultant Jane Hor explained, in metaphysics, it is very important to identify the date and time of beginning of spring in the lunar calendar in order to determine the Bazi outlook for the year.

“This year, the beginning of spring falls on 3 February 2021 at 11.08 pm. This will officially mark the transition from rat to ox.

“Through the comparison of Bazi chart, Annual Flying Star and Nine Palaces Flying Star Diagram, it is concluded that the year of the Ox signifies a renewal and regrowth as this year will be dominated by a star called Wu Qu, she said adding that 2020 was the year of Qi Sha (warfare).

She said that with Wu Qu being the dominating star this year, individuals will have opportunities to make small wins and take a breather as they have the potential to be unwavering and firm in whatever they want to do.

“Hence, in order to attract positive qi this year, do start the beginning of spring by wearing auspicious colours recommended for their Chinese zodiac,” she said adding that individuals should also wear their lucky colours to work when they start work on their auspicious start work dates.

Given that the year of the Ox will be a year of renewal and regrowth, Oxwhite will be expanding the offerings of its fastest moving product during pandemic season -- crew neck t-shirts and breatheasy masks -- to cover the entire family (parents and children). The products will be launched on 19 January 2021 on its website https://oxwhite.com/pages/cny-campaign-2021 and official store on Shopee https://shopee.com.my/oxwhite.os.

Powerful Runes And Elevated Gameplay Adorn Massive PUBG Mobile Version 1.2 Update

New gameplay, weapon, Metro Royale content and more begin to drop into PUBG MOBILE

Malaysian players and communities can now experience a new gameplay as part of the latest Version 1.2 content update. In this version, a mystical power has descended on the hit mobile game PUBG MOBILE. The popular Erangel map has received ancient runes from another world which bestow players with three special powers. Players can also tout the new FAMAS variable-fire assault rifle, boasting 5.56mm ammo with reduced recoil. Furthermore, there will be much more excitement brought by the content update which is available now for free via the App Store and Google Play.

In the new Runic Power Theme Gameplay, players can queue for a unique version of Erangel, where they will have the choice between one of three rune energies. After selecting their rune, each player will be granted a summon and a boost skill, which both can be consumed to provide strategic advantages on the battlefield. All rune skills can be reobtained by looting Erangel’s vast terrain. Similarly, runes can be experienced in PUBG MOBILE’s Cheer Park, where players can complete daily rune missions to earn fresh rewards.

Runic Power has 3 rune and each will grant players an element power with two different skills. First, Flame Rune where players can summon a wheel of flame that rolls slowly forwards, dealing burn damage to afflicted players. An additional boost skill adds a burning enhancement to ammo for a brief period. Arctic Rune, giving boost skill that adds a freezing enhancement to ammo, reducing healing effectiveness, players that receive Arctic Rune power can also summon a 3x3 grid of ice wall for mid-battle protection. Lastly, Wind Rune, granted with wind power, players can summon a semi-transparent shield of wind that reduces bullet damage from weapons shot outside of it. Besides, the boost skill increases movement speed and reduces reload time for a short time

In addition to the new features in Classic Mode, PUBG MOBILE’s ongoing collaboration with popular first-person shooter Metro Exodus intensifies with a fresh chapter. In the new Metro Royale: Honor chapter, players can obtain Honor by defeating enemies and collecting in-game items, which both increase Honor levels. Honor can be accumulated to unlock special voice packs, outfits and other permanent rewards.

“We are happy to announce our new version 1.2 patch that features a new thrill and more excitement. The update brought Runic Power Mode with a Cheer Park Runic Power Themed Event, Honor building in Metro Royale into the new weapon, FAMAS rifle. In giving the best gaming experience for all communities and players, upcoming content also has been scheduled, including Royale Pass Season 17 and the new EvoGround additions,” said Jenny Zhuang, PUBG MOBILE Marketing Manager.

The highly anticipated Royale Pass Season 17 is also set to arrive in PUBG MOBILE, boasting a RUNIC POWER theme. Besides, a new game variant of PUBG MOBILE’s popular EvoGround Mode is also set to touch down in February, delivering high-tech Power Armor and Matrix Events on the condensed Livik map.

The Society of Publishers in Asia elects Coconuts Media CEO Byron Perry as new Chairman and announces 2021 Board

The Society of Publishers in Asia (SOPA), a Hong Kong- based not-for-profit organization dedicated to pursuing excellence in journalism, has announced the election of Byron Perry, the founder and CEO of Coconuts Media, as its new Chairman at its 38th Annual General Meeting.

Perry, based in Singapore, is the first SOPA Chairperson to be based outside of Hong Kong. He will aim to drive more regional membership and presence for the organization in Southeast Asia.

"I am honored to be the new Chairman of SOPA and look forward to helping promote quality and best-practices in journalism and a thriving media industry across Asia," said Mr. Perry. “I also look forward to working with SOPA’s Board and members to achieve our goals for the coming year, including organizing successful awards and driving membership growth.”

Other new appointments include Jasper Chung of The New York Times as the new Honorary Treasurer, Christine Wong of Bloomberg Media as Honorary Secretary. Newly- elected board members include Ling Sze Gan of Thomson Reuters and Jean Locufier of the Financial Times. An executive to be determined from Dow Jones will also serve on the 2021 board. The full list of SOPA’s 2021-2022 Board can be found below.

In addition, the list of Editorial Committee members helping to oversee the SOPA 2021 Awards can be found here. The Editorial Committee is led by Madeleine Lim, Senior Executive Editor, Asia Pacific Bloomberg News.

SOPA highlights during the past year include:
The SOPA Awards for Editorial Excellence presented 91 awards for outstanding journalism at its annual ceremony and was livestreamed for the first time since it was established in 1999. It received over 750 entries across 17 wide ranging categories.

SOPA continued to deliver in-depth panel sessions and discussions through a series of Media Insider webinars, focusing on exclusive interviews with the winners of the SOPA 2020 Editorial Awards. This included winning entries in the Excellence in BusinessReporting category and journalists who explored South East Asian Stories and Collaborative Journalism.

SOPA’s 2021-2022 Board

Mr. Byron Perry (Founder & CEO, Coconuts Media)
Honorary Treasurer
Mr. Jasper Chung (Head of Corporate Development, APAC, The New York Times)
Honorary Secretary
Ms. Christine Wong (Bloomberg Media)
Desiree Au (Publisher, Vogue Hong Kong)
Barrett Bingley (Director, Media Sales, North Asia and Asia Initiatives The Economist Group)
Ling Sze Gan (Vice President, Head of Sales & Revenue of Editorial Content & Data Solutions, Thomson Reuters)
Adrian Lee (SVP, Group Marketing & Events, South China Morning Post Publishers Ltd) Jean Locufier (Regional Head of Customer Success, Asia Pacific, Financial Times)

The SOPA 2021 Editorial Awards has begun their call for submissions. Deadline is Thursday Feb 25, 2021. More info can be found at www.sopawards.com.

Galaxy Buds Pro: Earbud untuk Setiap Momen Epik Anda

Earbud terbaik Samsung dilengkapi dengan kualiti bunyi yang tiada tandingannya, ANC pintar dan sambungan yang lebih lancar, semuanya dalam satu reka bentuk yang sempurna

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. baru-baru ini mengumumkan pelancaran earbud dalam generasi mereka seterusnya: Galaxy Buds Pro. Earbud ini mempunyai bunyi yang mengasyikkan, kualiti panggilan yang unggul, ANC pintar dan sambungan yang lebih baik di semua peranti anda - semuanya dikemaskan dalam reka bentuk moden dan ramping. Galaxy Buds Pro adalah earbud paling premium yang ditawarkan dari Samsung buat masa ini, dibina untuk membantu anda memanfaatkan sepenuhnya pekerjaan, hiburan, dan segala yang anda perlukan.

"Ketika orang mencari teknologi yang menolong mereka menyesuaikan diri dengan rutin dan gaya hidup baru, pasaran untuk earbud tanpa wayar telah berkembang dengan pesat, dan harapan pengguna juga telah meningkat," kata TM Roh, Presiden dan Ketua Perniagaan & Komunikasi Mudah Alih Samsung Electronics. "Dengan Galaxy Buds Pro, kami ingin menawarkan pengguna pengalaman audio yang sangat berbeza sehingga mampu menjadikan tugas sehari-hari mereka benar-benar epik."

Kualiti Bunyi & Panggilan yang tiada tandingannya
Pengalaman earbud premium selalu bermula dengan bunyi. Sama ada anda menggunakan earbud anda untuk memainkan muzik semasa berjalan atau mendengar podcast dalam perjalanan ke tempat kerja, kualiti audio adalah perkara yang paling penting. Galaxy Buds Pro menawarkan suara yang lebih komprehensif, menggunakan woofer 11 milimeter untuk bass yang lebih dalam dan tweeter 6.5 milimeter untuk treble yang tajam dengan distorsi minimum. Ini memberikan pengalaman audio terbaik Samsung - suara dinamik dan seimbang. Oleh itu, sama ada alur hip hop berirama atau melodi klasik yang rumit, anda dapat menikmati muzik anda seperti yang dikehendaki oleh artis, bila-bila masa dan di mana sahaja.

Tetapi earbud kini bukan hanya untuk hiburan - ia menjadi peranti penting untuk komunikasi kerja, dan kualiti panggilan kini lebih penting daripada sebelumnya. Galaxy Buds Pro memisahkan suara anda dari bunyi yang tidak diingini dengan tiga mikrofon dan Voice Pickup Unit (VPU), memastikan suara anda didengar dengan jelas. Salah satu mikrofon luar juga mempunyai nisbah signal-to-noise (SNR) yang tinggi, yang berfungsi untuk membantu menghilangkan suara latar. Sebagai tambahan, Samsung telah mengintegrasikan teknologi Wind Shield barunya ke dalam Galaxy Buds Pro. Panggilan telefon anda kini tidak pernah lebih jelas, walaupun anda mengalami cuaca berangin.

ANC Paling Pintar pada Earbud Tanpa Wayar
Pengalaman Galaxy Buds Pro adalah tentang mendengar lebih banyak perkara yang anda sukai, dan lebih sedikit perkara yang tidak anda gemari. Itulah sebabnya Galaxy Buds Pro mempunyai keupayaan ANC yang paling pintar daripada sebarang earbud tanpa wayar yang lain [1]. Apabila anda perlu fokus pada pekerjaan - atau berehat dari dunia luar untuk bersantai - anda dapat mengurangkan kebisingan latar hingga 99 peratus [2], menyesuaikan ke tahap pilihan anda. Dengan Ambient Sound, anda boleh memilih untuk memperkuatkan bunyi berdekatan dengan lebih daripada 20 desibel, yang bermaksud anda dapat menyesuaikan dan memperibadikan earbud anda mengikut keperluan anda sendiri. Ciri ini sesuai untuk orang yang sibuk seperti mereka yang bekerja dari rumah sambil menjaga anak atau mereka yang ingin berjalan ke bandar sambil berhati-hati untuk menghadapi lalu lintas. 

Terlebih lagi, ANC dan Ambient Sound berfungsi secara automatik, menyesuaikan diri dengan persekitaran anda, untuk mengoptimumkan pengalaman audio anda. Galaxy Buds Pro mengenali ketika anda bercakap, dan mereka boleh menukar antara membatalkan bunyi berdekatan dan menguatkannya secara automatik [3]. Mereka juga akan mematikan muzik anda semasa anda mahu bercakap, walaupun anda menggunakan Suara Ambient atau ANC anda dilumpuhkan. Teknologi ini membolehkan anda mendengar dan berkomunikasi dengan lebih berkesan dan menjadikan Galaxy Buds Pro sebagai alat yang sempurna untuk kegunaan harian anda.

Pengalaman Galaxy yang Lebih lancar
Galaxy Buds Pro adalah lanjutan penting dari ekosistem Galaxy - earbud dari Samsung yang paling lancar buat masa ini. Sekarang, anda boleh menukar sambungan earbud anda secara automatik antara telefon pintar dan tablet Galaxy anda berdasarkan penggunaan anda. Tidak diperlukan penyesuaian manual lagi [4]. Contohnya, jika anda menonton video di Galaxy Tab S7 anda dan kemudian menerima panggilan di Galaxy S21 anda, ciri Auto Switch yang baru akan menjeda video dan membiarkan anda menjawab telefon menggunakan Galaxy Buds Pro. Setelah panggilan selesai, earbud anda akan beralih kembali ke tablet anda dengan serta-merta; video dimainkan semula, dan anda dapat mendengar audio melalui earbud anda lagi.

Galaxy Buds Pro juga memperluaskan pengalaman audio anda dengan keupayaan untuk berhubung dengan peranti Galaxy lain - terutamanya Galaxy S21. Anda boleh menikmati suara yang realistik dan mengasyikkan di Galaxy Buds Pro anda, ke mana sahaja anda pergi dengan Audio 360 yang menampilkan teknologi Dolby Head TrackingTM [5]. Untuk vlogger, anda dapat menangkap suara anda dan suara sekitar anda dengan jelas dengan memasang mikrofon pada Galaxy Buds Pro dan Galaxy S21 anda.

Tidak kira bagaimana anda menggunakan Galaxy Buds Pro anda, anda boleh melakukannya tanpa perlu risau tentang hayat bateri. Apabila dicas sepenuhnya, anda mendapat keupayaan bateri sehingga 8 jam, dengan tambahan kuasa simpanan 20 jam dalam cas pengecasan tanpa wayar. Walaupun menggunakan ANC, anda masih dapat menikmati 5 jam dengan 13 jam lebih banyak yang tersedia dalam kes ini [6]. Sekiranya anda kehabisan bateri, anda dapat memperoleh masa bermain selama satu jam setelah pengecasan pantas hanya dalam masa lima minit [7].

Reka Bentuk Bergaya & Tujuan Baru
Galaxy Buds Pro tidak hanya hebat untuk digunakan, ia juga kelihatan hebat. Dengan mengambil inspirasi dari bentuk inovatif dan ikonik Galaxy Buds Live, Galaxy Buds Pro menampilkan faktor bentuk yang lebih kemas dan lebih ergonomik. Bentuk earbud ini meningkatkan kualiti suara, dan ia kelihatan kurang menonjol dan lebih semula jadi ketika di telinga anda. 

Di samping itu, Galaxy Buds Pro direka untuk memberi anda ketenangan fikiran. Mereka dilindungi dengan peringkat ketahanan air IPX7 [8], standard ketahanan air tertinggi di garis Galaxy Buds. Dan sekarang, anda tidak perlu lagi bimbang akan kehilangan earbud. SmartThings Find dapat dengan mudah mencari salah satu earbud anda, walaupun mereka berada di luar jangkauan Bluetooth® atau tidak dapat dilihat sepenuhnya, atau tercicir di lokasi yang jauh [9]. Galaxy Buds Pro juga dibina untuk membantu mengurangkan sisa impak pada alam sekitar- menggunakan 20 peratus Bahan Pasca Pengguna (PCM) yang peka terhadap alam sekitar.

Ketersediaan Galaxy Buds Pro di Malaysia
Harga pasaran bagi Galaxy Buds Pro adalah RM799 dan terdapat dalam tiga warna yang menakjubkan: Phantom Violet, Phantom Black, dan Phantom Silver untuk dipadankan dengan Galaxy S21 anda. Praorder akan tersedia di Malaysia dari jam 1:00 pagi, 15 Januari hingga 28 Januari 2021. Terma dan syarat terpakai.

Pelanggan yang melakukan pra-pesanan dalam tempoh ini akan menerima Wireless Charger Pad percuma bernilai harga pasaran RM239, sementara stok masih ada dan berdasarkan first-come, first-served basis. Pra-pesanan boleh didapati di Samsung Experience Stores, Samsung Authorized Partners dan Samsung Malaysia Online Store. Praorder pesanan anda melalui pautan: https://www.samsung.com/my/audio-sound/galaxy-buds/galaxy-buds-pro-violet-sm-r190nzvaxme/ 

Dapatkan speficikasi Galaxy Buds Pro di sini

[1] Galaxy Buds Pro dapat membezakan antara bunyi dan suara manusia. Tukar sementara ke Suara Ambient dan kurangkan kelantangan media semasa anda bercakap sehingga anda dapat mendengar perbualan tanpa mengeluarkan earbud anda. 
[2] ANC pada Galaxy Buds Pro menerima Pengesahan UL untuk mengurangkan kebisingan latar luaran hingga 99 peratus pada 118.43Hz. Ciri-ciri termasuk ANC diaktifkan melalui sambungan Bluetooth® atau aplikasi Galaxy Wearable di Android, tersedia melalui Galaxy Store atau Google Play Store. 
[3] Ciri ANC pintar seperti ANC, Ambient Sound dan Voice Detect dapat diatur melalui aplikasi Galaxy Wearable. 
[4] Fungsi ini tersedia di telefon pintar atau tablet Galaxy dengan One UI 3.1 atau lebih tinggi, yang dapat dihidupkan dan dimatikan dalam tetapan Bluetooth®. Memerlukan akaun Samsung yang sama untuk didaftarkan pada peranti. Ketersediaan mungkin berbeza mengikut aplikasi. 
[5] Ciri ini tersedia pada telefon pintar atau tablet Galaxy dengan One UI 3.1 atau lebih tinggi, yang terdapat di tab Advanced pada aplikasi Galaxy Wearable. Ketersediaan mungkin berbeza mengikut peranti, aplikasi dan kandungan. Apabila dipasangkan dengan Dolby Atmos, suara ditingkatkan lebih jauh dengan lebih jelas dan mendalam. 
[6] Berdasarkan tetapan lalai dengan panggilan suara Bixby dan Voice Detect dimatikan. Hayat bateri sebenar mungkin berbeza dan bergantung pada keadaan penggunaan seperti tetapan fungsi, jenis fail main balik, dan kekuatan isyarat Bluetooth®. 
[7] Masa pengecasan didasarkan pada bateri earbud kurang dari 30 peratus ketika mereka mula mengecas. Masa pengecasan sebenar mungkin berbeza-beza dan bergantung pada faktor seperti keadaan penggunaan dan berapa kali dicas. 
[8] IPX7 berdasarkan keadaan ujian makmal untuk tenggelam dalam air tawar hingga 1 meter sehingga 30 minit. Tidak dinasihatkan untuk penggunaan pantai atau kolam renang. Sarung pengecasan tidak tahan air. Sekiranya earbud rosak, tidak dijamin tahan air. Sekiranya penutup telinga atau tangan anda basah, ia mesti dikeringkan dengan teliti sebelum mengendalikan atau memasukkan ke dalam cas pengisian. 
[9] Lokasi peranti hilang yang ditemui dengan SmartThings Find adalah lokasi perkiraan di mana isyarat peranti yang hilang dikesan. SmartThings Find boleh didapati di telefon pintar atau tablet Galaxy yang menjalankan Android 8 ke atas. Ketersediaan mungkin berbeza mengikut pasaran dan syarikat penerbangan.